Darya Dugina
Now they're saying that it was the underside of the car. Unless something big comes up, I'll end the updates now and revisit the topic later when the dust settles.
  • The bomb was under the driver's seat.
  • Therefore the assassin managed to get into the car.
  • The cameras in the parking lot were turned off.
  • Dugin was driving behind his daughter and saw it all unfold before his eyes.
  • Dugin is in the hospital now
The daughter of a close ally of Russia's President Vladimir Putin has been killed on a highway near Moscow.

Darya Dugina died after her car exploded while she was driving home, Russia's investigative committee said.

It is thought that her father, the Russian philosopher Alexander Dugin who is known as "Putin's brain," may have been the intended target of the attack.

Mr Dugin is a prominent ultra-nationalist ideologue who is believed to be close to the Russian president.

Alexander Dugin and his daughter had been invited as guests of honour at a festival at an estate near Moscow, where the philosopher gave a lecture.
We don't know much about what happened. But, from the information that we have now on Telegram, we know that Dugin and his daughter switched cars at the last moment, for reasons unknown. The bomb was meant for him.

Alexander Dugin
Who is Alexander Dugin really?

"Putin's brain" is what the BBC says, but this is simply not true. Dugin did, however, use to give lectures at the war college to serving high-ranking officers in the Russian army. He was well-received. But like many thinkers, (Evola comes to mind) he got his best reception abroad from people who believed that he was the architect for policy and was the eminence gris to high-placed officials in the Russian government. If anything, Dugin had his best reception at home among military people and esoteric-enthusiasts.
Aleksandr Dugin Tweet
That which does not kill me, kills someone else

The origin story goes that Dugin had access to banned literature in the Soviet Union and was the only one acquainted with the works of Rene Guenon and Julius Evola and the Ahnenerbe society in Soviet Russia. So, when the 90s came around, he was uniquely placed to start promoting these ideas and reworking them to apply better to Russia.

Dugin became a regular on 90s Russian TV and would often appear on programs dedicated to the paranormal and alternative history and so on. In the 80s, Dugin was an anti-Communist, but by the 00s, he was promoting "National-Bolshevism". The Naz-Bols were never a serious political movement, but more of an art project run by Edward Limonov who staged provocative protests and focused on creating transgressive art.

Alexander Dugin
Naz-Bolism is basically an attempt to create a left-right political ideology that takes into account Russia's modern history. It's comparable to Strasserism of the Weimar period in Germany. National-Socialism is more of a right-left political ideology - the emphasis being on nationalism and socialism to a lesser degree, whereas the opposite is the case for Naz-Bolism. Limonov was, frankly, a freak who wrote a bizarre book in which the main character, who many believed was clearly a stand-in for the author himself, ends up in Chicago paying a negro to eat his arsehole. I don't remember all the fun details, but the book was quite transgressive and clearly based on the period of Limonov's life that he spent wage-slaving in America. Also, to be fair, I'm not a good modern-art critic, so, maybe his work had artistic merits and was filled with hidden meaning, I really don't know. I'm a diehard social conservative myself and don't have any tolerance left in me for Libertine themes and proclivities, sorry.

What I do know for a fact is that Limonov's message wasn't well-received by the patriotic community in Russia, which was aghast at his antics. In fact, I would compare Limonov and his antics to Palahniuk and his writings and Limonov comes closer than any real person I've heard of to being a real-life version of Tyler Durden. Here is what Limonov thought about Fight Club - it's worth a read to understand the mentality of the Naz-Bol movement. Limonov died a few years back and with it, the remnants of his art project masquerading as a political movement. There is no more Naz-Bolism in Russia to speak of at the time of my writing this article.

As for Dugin, it is clear that he believed that a merger of Nazi aesthetics and the hammer and sickle would be an effective aesthetic for a modern Russian reactionary movement.

Alexander Dugin
He ended up distancing himself from the project though.

Instead, Dugin became well-known for his ideas advocating for Eurasianism, but few understood exactly what he was proposing beyond a kind of super-state "from Lisbon to Vladivostok". I believe that the more interesting ideas that Dugin proposed were the more esoteric ones. He tried to pick up where Oswald Spengler left off and explain the nature of the enigmatic Russian soul. Spengler famously compared the Russian soul to wildfire - smoldering in the underbrush at first and then, unexpectedly, rising up to become a conflagration that destroys everything in its path. Like Evola, Dugin believed that biological racism was too crass and materialistic and focused more on the "soul-qualities" of race. Dugin chose to symbolize the Russian soul with the Chaos symbol, which was a derivation, I believe, of the wildfire metaphor.

Dugin o symbolize the Russian soul with the Chaos symbol, which was a derivation of the wildfire metaphor.
Obviously, with the migrant problem in places like Moscow and the southern territories, race-blind "Eurasianism" wasn't that popular among the youth, who preferred Western-style White Nationalist symbology and thinking. Dugin was frequently criticized for not talking about the biological realities of race by the right in Russia and abroad as well.

In recent months however, Dugin appears to have embraced unabashed ethnic Russian nationalism, moving away from his previous positions and has even started openly talking about the Jewish problem in the West. In that sense, Dugin has returned to his roots and the ideas that he was promoting in the early stages of his career.

Furthermore, Dugin has always done a good job of trying to reach out to Western dissident thinkers and this has always been something praise-worthy on his part. No other Russian has tried to start a dialogue with the West in the same way that Dugin has. No one has tried to popularize Russian right-wing thinking to the same extent as Dugin. Even though there are right-wingers who disagree with the man, he has been a rallying point for the right-wing community in Russia nonetheless. Dugin has become a symbol, in that sense - he is the living symbol of the Russian right.

Who tried to kill Alexander Dugin?

All the usual Liberal, non-White and Ukrainian trash is gloating over the death of his daughter on social media right now.
Liberal, non-White and Ukrainian trash is gloating over the death of Dugin's daughter on social media
Liberal, non-White and Ukrainian trash is gloating over the death of Dugin's daughter on social media
Liberal, non-White and Ukrainian trash is gloating over the death of Dugin's daughter on social media
But who actually tried to kill Dugin?

Well, no doubt Dugin himself will share his thoughts in the coming days and weeks.

The prime suspects are, of course, Ukrainian spooks. Again, Dugin is a symbol of Russian nationalism. It makes sense that he would be targeted. A bomb was planted in his vehicle while he was giving a talk at a meeting called "Tradition". And Dugin is a promoter of re-integrating Ukraine into Russia.

But this happened in Moscow.

Moscow is spook-central and absolutely crawling with FSB agents. How could this be allowed to occur? So far the FSB has been claiming that its stopped hundreds of terrorist attacks in Moscow. But this attack, targeted at the living symbol of Russian nationalism ...

News about Dugin's daughter murder.
... well, that one slipped through the net, did it? Curious.

No, seriously, is that not suspicious?

There has been a string of assassinations in Russia since the special operation started, true. But it's mostly been minor oligarchs being killed. The question is: who is doing these killings?

Are we to believe that the Ukrainian intelligence has penetrated Russia to this extent? If this is true, what does it say about the counter-intelligence capabilities of the FSB? They are either incompetent or, well, I'll say no more for now.

Either way, the Ukrainians are saying that Russia will revenge kill or do a terrorism to ruin their Independence Day celebrations:
News titles after Dugin's daughter murder
I seriously doubt that.

Russian spooks have been very hands-off and there are no assassinations of Ukrainian writers, politicians or thinkers to speak of. Sure, the Russian military has dropped bombs on officers, but that's about it. Russia has not used terrorism to achieve its aims in Ukraine. There have been no assassinations in Europe or the US either.

The best that we can hope for is a missile strike as revenge, but I'm not holding my breath. It would be something though.

Say a prayer for Alexander Dugin and his daughter though, please. Being a public-figure Nationalist is the most dangerous occupation in the world by far. Friends are few and far between. We all know the risks that we are taking when we start speaking truth to power. Dugin has just lost his daughter, a woman who by all accounts was very close to her father and supported him in his work.

People I know knew her and had nothing but good things to say about her. Rest in peace, Darya.

Darya Dugina
The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the nationalist cause.