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Putin's brain, they call him. Putin's spiritual advisor, they also call him. If so, then it looks like Ukrainian 'special forces' almost left the Russian government rudderless last night when Aleksandr Dugin's 30-year-old daughter Darya Dugin was killed in a car-bomb (which was apparently targeting her father).

Of course, in reality, Dugin has nowhere near the influence in Kremlin circles that Western 'intellectuals' ascribe to Russia's Eurasianist philosopher. But decades of lies take their toll on certain types of people - not least ultra-nationalist Ukrainians - spurring them to commit malicious crimes they believe will 'help' their cause.

This week on NewsReal, Joe and Niall take stock of the major recent uptick in military attacks and sabotage (likely of Ukrainian origin) inside Russian-occupied Ukraine and the Russian Federation proper - not least the hare-brained scheme to provoke a meltdown at Zaporozhye's nuclear plant. In the second hour they express shock at the 'news' that excess death rates are up sharply across the Western world. Whatever could have caused that?!...

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