georgia vote tally
The Georgia Record was contacted earlier this month by Kevin Moncla, an independent analyst in Dallas, TX who has been submitting open records requests to Fulton County, GA regarding the 2020 election.

Moncla recently filed a complaint with the Georgia State Election Board highlighting inconsistencies found in vote totals on the night of November 8th, 2020 and the following recount in December.

You can read the entire complaint on the PDF below.

Essentially, the vote totals from the general to the recount didn't match. The recount tally was off by approximately 17,000 votes. After being ordered to 'reconcile' the data by Secretary of State Raffensperger, Fulton 'found' the 17k votes. However, no paper trail exists for these ballots. No ballot images exist.

"Fulton County's election director emailed the recount's vote totals as 511,543 on December 3rd — but Fulton County reported the official results as 527,925 a few hours later," wrote Emerald Robinson on Substack on Monday.

"Where did Fulton County officials find the extra 16,382 votes in a few hours?

Nobody knows."

Biden won the election by approximately 12,000 votes.
official complaint
"There is one-person one-vote in this country, and that means duplicates, copies and missing/imaginary ballots are not supposed to count- We have evidenced in this complaint that they were in-fact counted and in determinative quantities.
It may not be election fraud, but it certainly is unacceptable"
-Kevin Moncla
In addition, Fulton County used data in 2020 from 10 vote tabulators THAT DO NOT EXIST.

"Ten tabulators with no poll open tapes, no daily status tapes, and no poll closing tapes. Ten tabulators with more than 20,000 votes with no records at all," added Robinson.

The 2020 general election in Georgia should immediately be decertified.