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For many years, the term 'New World Order' was used by US and some other Western officials to refer to the post-USSR world of unbridled Western dominance, in which the 'End of History' would see the whole Earth subsumed within Western civilization. In the meantime, an overlapping conception of the 'NWO' saw Western dissidents warn of a coming 'New World Order' in which globalist technocrats would control all governments and turn the entire global population into slaves. Both of these conceptions of our shared future were 'true', depending on the point of view of the person using them.

But now a different, non-Western conception of the 'new world order' is emerging, one that Western leaders are loathe to publicly recognize, but which they tacitly acknowledge because they are doing all they can to prevent its occurrence by setting off fires of war and want in a giant 'arc of instability' from the Middle East and Eastern Europe to Central Asia and the Far East.

This week on NewsReal, Joe and Niall look at the rise of the 'multi-polar world' headed by the strategic alliance of Russia and China, and the desperate - indeed, reckless to the point of suicidal - attempts of the Western powers to 'contain' it.

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