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Welcome to a special Bumper Edition of Monday Morning MemesTM. Living through the birth of a new human paradigm is thirsty work for the soul. The 'New Normal' continues to emerge, like the slow unfurling of a particularly obnoxious corpse plant.

Yes, we in England were granted our 'freedom day', but mask-wearing has lingered like an all-pervading silent fart. We now apparently need proof of vaccination to enter nightclubs and football stadiums and Macron has introduced fascism across the English Channel (although the French people have found a thing or two to say about that).

It can all feel relentless but never let the bastards grind you down! It's always darkest before the dawn! People around the world really are rising up like never before. We mustn't forget these things. Keep on at it, fellow heretics!

We need a special big dose of meme-based mirth today. Wry smiles-despite being the most energy-efficient of smiles-still need propping up from time to time!

1. Sometimes a photo speaks a thousand words...

covid meme 1
2. Forcing square kids into round hoops...

covid meme 2
3. Will they realise before it's too late?

covid meme 3
4. Perhaps we need a bit of fairy dust...

covid meme 4
5. Once the scales fall from your eyes, this is how all the propaganda reads...

covid meme 5
6. This logic gate could be someone's lightbulb moment...

covid meme 6

Q: Globalist neo-feudalism anyone?
A: I'm a frayed knot!

covid meme 7
8. We shall stand on the shoulders of comedic giants...

covid meme 8
9. It remains to be seen how much hyperbole this meme employs...

covid meme 9
10. We need to Watch-outski, brothers.

covid meme 11
11. Another classic from the 90s...

covid meme 10
12. And on that note...

covid meme 12
13. But you have to respect your ears...

covid meme 13
14. The 90s really is coming to our rescue today.

covid meme 14
15. Talking of overwhelming urges to run for the hills...

covid meme 15
16. Do they know what they're afraid of anymore?

covid meme 16
17. Does it matter, as long as they can give the narrative a tasteful prune?

covid meme 17
18. And would that be possible without this man?

covid meme 18
19. We've all developed a sensitive cog-dis-dar...

covid meme 19
20. And here's a woman using a party hat as a mask...

covid meme 20
21. Nice photoshop job

covid meme 21
22. "Life's a wheel of fortune and y'all can't buy a vowel" — Lil' Kim

covid meme 22
23. But wherever the wheel lands...

covid meme 23
24. RIP Robin Williams, at least we were spared the chance you might have gone full mask Nazi like Sean Penn.

covid meme 24
25. Doctor, Doctor...

covid meme 25
26. "Obey. Get vaccinated!" from the French Resistance...

covid meme 26
27. This one's done the rounds since early on. Breaks my heart that it's more relevant now than ever...

covid meme 27
Conclusion: We need to hoof it out of this recurring nightmare... before it's too late...!

Bonus Meme

covid meme 28
Have a lovely week!