Antifa denver conservative conference
© Andy Ngรด/TwitterAn Antifa mob took to Denver streets to disrupt the Western Conservative Conference on June 19, 2021
Antifa and Denver Communists attacked and threatened pedestrians while trying to block traffic outside of the Western Conservatives Conference on Friday night.

The streets of Denver saw violence Friday as Antifa and Denver Communists attempted to shut down traffic and proceeded to assault individuals outside of the Western Conservative Conference. One woman was seen getting out of her car to confront Antifa who threw projectiles at her vehicle and was subsequently threatened with a mob-style beatdown if she proceeded.

Another onlooker offered to help the one woman find the culprit who damaged her car, to which someone in the crowd yells: "If you touch one, you're gonna get touched by every last one of these motherf โ€” ers!" The crowd implied that she was at risk for a brutal beating if she proceeded.

Antifa positioned themselves in the streets surrounding the Hyatt Regency which was hosting the event. Antifa militants were seen instigating motorists and attacking convention goers. Local police were nowhere to be seen at the time as citizens tried to defend themselves against the escalating mob.

In another video, an Antifa mob is seen attacking a middle-aged man on the side walk. Dozens of black-clad leftists carrying red flags and wearing masks to conceal their identities can be see converging on the man. Luckily, the man avoids being tackled to the ground and is able to escape. Police still had not responded to the scene or issued a statement on the incidents garnering national attention.

A third video shows a man in a suit being punched by Antifa as he attempts to enter the conference. The mob screams pejoratives at him as a young man with red hair is witnessed pursuing and threatening him.

One conference attendee tells Antifa to move along saying, "You guys have important stuff to do." The camera immediately pans to the same mob threatening and backing down to cars which are attempting to travel down the street.

The violent rally was publicized by the Denver Communists in flyers, calling the attendees of the event "Nazis" and prompting comrades to attempt to stop the conference by all means necessary. The flyer also invites all like-minded communists to join the group for weekly Zoom meetings.

There is no word of any arrests or citations issued against the rioters stationed outside the conference and so far there are no apparent reports of injuries.

The conference runs until Sunday night and there is consensus that similar behavior will be displayed by Antifa for the rest of the weekend's events.