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In 1988 there was this prediction via an article in the Canberra Times:
'Sea level is threatening to completely cover' Maldives' 1,196 islands within 30 years —
Well, it's 30 years later, and the Maldives is still there, all 1196 islands. Here's the article:

sea rise article
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Not only that, other Pacific islands similar to the Maldives, and also said to be threatened by sea level rise have been found to be GROWING in size.
Maldives airport
© Travel News OnlineMalé International Airport in the Maldives carried out an overall airport expansion in 2018.
Meanwhile, Maldives is expanding for more tourism. This article from last week says:
Malé International Airport carried out an overall airport expansion at the end of August this year, the expansion of Malé International Airport fully completed a waterproof project, which will soon meet the peak of tourism gold.

The Malé International Airport which is the gateway airport of Maldives is severely constrained by hardware facilities, with an annual throughput of only 4 million passengers.

The airport runway can only take off and land medium-sized passenger aircraft. Maldives Tourism Minister Moussa Zamil said: To achieve the upgrade of the Maldives tourism industry, the prerequisite is to upgrade the airport in Malé, and the airport upgrade construction is the most significant.
So much for them taking the threat of sea level rise seriously.