Meteor Fireball
Lately we have been having a lot of meteor activity over the Iberian Peninsula, a phenomenon that causes great expectation.

As you will remember, on March 29 we had two bolides over the eastern part of Spain, which generated many comments.

Tonight, around 0:46 CET (23:46 Lisbon time), a bright fireball has illuminated the skies of Spain and Portugal. According to the Civil Protection of Portugal, the meteor would have fallen in the village of Pereira, in Castro Daire, northern Portugal, 60 km southwest of Porto. Portugal declared an alert and mobilized its firefighters in case there was any information.

Here we can see an impressive video recorded by @rvbzzx in Lisbon and slowed down by @jpunto88_ to make it look better:

Here is another video recorded in Portugal, near Aveiras de Cima, about 30 km northeast of Lisbon (via @88rafa88):

Another video from Aveleda, Portugal, published by @eupedrobranco and in which we can see how the night has lit up:

This has been seen over El Grove (Pontevedra), in Spain (via @hierro_17):

Here images of the Sierra Oeste de Madrid, a video published by @Marina_lobo36:

Below these lines, images of the car over Porto, Portugal, via @MeteoTrasMontPT :