Radoslaw Sikorski
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Poland's Foreign Minister, Radoslaw Sikorski, said, "Russian President Vladimir Putin should fear a war with NATO." In a chest-thumping address before the Sejm, the lower house of his country's parliament, the former debating club champion predicted Russia's imminent defeat should Putin dare attack.

This is how we know NATO would not stand a chance. When former Washington think tank "generals" who are not soldiers predict victory, it usually means a strategic situation is desperate. Sikorski, whose genius is revealed in the scores of photos with him and Donald Rumsfeld, Hillary Clinton, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, and others, will be first on a plane for Tahiti if war does break out. The potential fallout of such a conflict is so severe that he and other members of the infamous Bilderberg Group will all jet to remote islands where the impact will be minimal. Let me explain.

Let's pretend that Poland's 500 dilapidated tanks were to toe the front line along with however many of Germany's 200-something rusty Leopards at the onset of WW3. With a few tens of thousands of US, French, reluctant Italians, and Romanians, and the stalwart Brits thrown in during the first days, the East of Poland and Romania would quickly resemble Dresden, Germany, at the end of WW2. NATO's biggest problem is putting American and UK boots on the ground on a front that would be over 2500 miles long. You see, it's not only the Russians who have a problem with long borders to defend. Russia has about 13,000 tanks and 4,500 aircraft, despite what Bloomberg experts may tell you.

The problem with Western propaganda is that the propagandists end up believing their own lies. The rationale for decades has been that the U.S.S.R. or later Russia, has not attacked because of NATO. If memory serves me, it has never been Russia on the offensive. Still, the fear is stoked for the obvious reasons. Money for guns and missiles that may or may not work. In Ukraine, I am told, all the amazing German tanks sent to help Zelensky are burned-out hulks now, and the air defence systems are virtually worthless against hordes of drones. Just because Mr. Putin has not called up another 2,000,000 reservists or made a killer thrust through Belarus into Northeastern Ukraine does not mean he cannot. The problem with Sikorski and those like him is that the rest of NATO (however unfit) IS NOT THERE! The Russians and Belarusians are.

The Germans have not defeated France and other wishy-washy nations, the best Western armies have not assembled 100 divisions for a new Operation Barbarossa, and even if the West had, Russia would still never lose. The best NATO could ever hope for would be a draw. And the world at the end of hostilities, in this no-win, would be some dystopian nightmare. As for Poland and Romania, even Turkey and other frontline nations? 6,000 nuclear warheads launched at as many targets would ensure Russia loses no more than NATO. This is what Radoslaw Sikorski doesn't seem to get. If Russia decided to invade NATO countries, then the decision to go nuclear (if need be) would have already been made.

Russia is not afraid of Poland or NATO. Vladimir Putin and his countrymen stand nothing to gain from all-out war. This is why the Russians will never attack in force. This is why Ukraine has not already been decimated. The holding action the Russian military has been in since Kherson was taken has been to preserve Russian lives, and the lives of civilians in Ukraine. Russians consider the Ukrainians as brothers and sisters. Only America's NATO push and re-indoctrination of the people in Ukraine are the main causes of this conflict. Western media does not tell citizens in Iowa, USA or Manchester, England, that Russia's military operation is a defensive one. All anyone reads, sees, or hears are broadcasts and subliminal messages painting Russians and Putin as barbarians.

Watch any Netflix series long enough, and some bad old Russians will pop up sooner or later. Ditto for Amazon Prime, cable, network TV, and every newspaper in the United States. Imagine the magnitude! As far as I can recall, the only times Russia has gone military have been when the United States tried to give them "their own Vietnam," as deceased Russia hater Zbigniew Brzezinski coined the Afghanistan affair.

The only thing Vladimir Putin fears about Poland or NATO is that imbeciles like Radoslaw Sikorski may finally stir their people to do the unthinkable. Putin fears, as I do, the false bravado and lies from the mouths of Bilderberg creeps.