The card will show which coronavirus vaccine people have received, when they had it and allow them to report side effects
Police checkpoints, supermarkets sealing off shelves of "non-essential" goods, a police state the likes of which nobody in Wales has experienced since the 13th century.
Big Government Bans Supermarkets from Selling 'Non Essentials' in Lockdown Wales

Wales's First Minister Mark Drakeford has said that supermarkets will not be able to sell 'non-essential' goods like clothing during a 17-day lockdown.

From 6 pm on Friday to midnight on November 9th, Wales will see many retailers close, apart from shops which sell food like supermarkets, as well as pharmacies and off-licences.
There had been a complaint in the Welsh parliament that clothing shops and hardware stores had to close, while supermarkets were still open to sell similar products. The Welsh leader's solution was, instead of allowing those shops to remain open, to ban larger retailers from selling 'non-essentials' entirely.

Claiming the move would create a "level playing field" for small businesses, Mr Drakeford said on Thursday according to the BBC: "We will be making it clear to supermarkets that they are only able to open those parts of their business that provide essential goods to people."

Comment: As just one example of how ridiculous and draconian these 'level-playing' rules are, online retailers are still free to sell and deliver 'non-essential' goods - that includes clothes and books, but not alcohol - within Wales: Wales bans 'non-essential' goods during 2nd national lockdown, New York police crackdown on Jewish gatherings

Another example would be this recent exchange between a customer who needed to buy female sanitary products and was told by Tesco, a major UK supermarket, that they were deemed non-essential by the government. The supermarket later deleted the tweet when corrected by the Welsh governments twitter account.

Those hard borders;
No escaping from Wales: UK police to enforce travel ban

A police force in England says it will try to stop people from leaving Wales, which has started a 17-day lockdown to slow a surging rate of coronavirus infections

The Gloucestershire Constabulary will patrol routes from Wales and pull over drivers they believe are making long journeys. Travelers without a good excuse will be asked to turn around. If they don't comply, officers will inform their Welsh counterparts so they can take action because Gloucestershire police don't have the authority to fine people traveling from Wales, the department said.

The situation illustrates the patchwork of coronavirus restrictions imposed by authorities throughout the U.K., which has Europe's deadliest coronavirus numbers, with 44,661 confirmed virus deaths. Some 1,756 of those occurred in Wales, which has a population of about 3 million.
I have fond memories of Wales, a nation bursting with national pride and their rich history. Distinct from England, friendly and totally crazy at the same time. The Welsh dragon, an ancient call to freedom, is everywhere. Welsh people move to rhythms others can barely hear, the old magic always seems very close to the surface of modern life. Britain's strict pub closing time was frequently ignored. Life on the edge - two guys once tried to mug me in Cardiff, asked me what I had in the briefcase, so I said "coke", and they ran away. I had a can of coca-cola in my briefcase. The first time you visit a pub in Cardiff, you pick a fight with someone, after that nobody gives you any trouble. Some of the hottest women in Britain, and the best late night steak houses. Just walking down the street in Cardiff or Swansea is an adventure; love, lethal danger, breathtaking beauty, or the indescribably weird - you never know what you will encounter. Wales is truly a glorious living modern centre of ancient Celtic society.

Not a nation of rule followers.

Yet at the same time Wales endures a seemingly endless parade of some of the most unimaginative, repressive, and economically illiterate politicians in Britain.

I suspect if anyone in Britain finally gives the finger to the lockdown fascists, it will be the Welsh. One provocation too many will be all it takes.