naked man face mask genitals
© REUTERSA man wearing a surgical mask struts down the street.
Shoppers were amused after a man stepped out in central London on Friday wearing only a mask.

Perhaps incorrectly interpreting the Government's latest coronavirus advice, he made sure to wear a blue covering but positioned it in the wrong place while walking along Oxford Street.

Some pedestrians stopped in their tracks to take photos of the man while others gaped in shock.

It was unclear what prompted the stunt but his walk was captured by a Reuters photographer from an office above the street.

naked mask man
© REUTERSIt is not known why a man chose to walk down Oxford Street with only a mask covering his private regions.
It comes as face masks were made compulsory in shops, takeaways and banks from today, in addition to on public transport, to battle the spread of Covid-19.

People buying a takeaway coffee are among those required by law to wear a face-covering.

However, some high street chains have said they will not penalise customers who fail to do so.

Police can hand out £100 fines to people in shops, shopping centres, banks, takeaway outlets, post offices, sandwich shops and supermarkets who flout the rules.

However, the College of Policing has said officers "should only be required as a last resort".