Irish Drill TV
A worrying new trend is spreading on social media page with many saying that an Instagram page called 'Irish Drill TV' us showing gangs of black youths attack Irish teenagers and then force them to pose for pictures with them..

The page promotes drill rap, which originated in Chicago and is a subgenre of rap that is particularly dark and violent.

The thuggery is similar to a phenomenon which was common in the United States in the last few years where black youths would randomly punch white people, often targeting women, elderly people or children in what was referred to as the "knockout game".

The so-called "knockout game" was promoted on social media sites and tragically resulted in some individuals suffering brain damage and even a number of deaths.

In recent months with the rise in popularity of Drill rap and since the Black Lives Matter riots in the US gangs of black youths in Ireland have been increasingly involved in attacks on Irish teenagers with disturbing footage circulating online of these brutal incidents.

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