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Revolutions, historically speaking, bubble up from the most oppressed sections of society - workers, peasants etc, with only the leader coming from the top echelon. The revolutionary type activism occurring in America for the last two months is different - it is taking place on the street, in elite institutions, corporate enterprises and at the international level. Let's look first at the Democrats' plan to win in November from the strategy emerging on the streets.

Information Operation

They say the long-term strategic objective is a more equitable society for all, but a key component of this would consist of denying the protection of certain norms and laws, all while subjecting you to norms and laws when it works to their benefit. It is materializing as an information operation from activists at the societal level coupled with a soft power effort from elites and international actors.

While there have been some tragic casualties in the protests, so far there is no actual warfare, but the protests are continuing. Mostly they are trying to affect perceptions, build a narrative, play on those perceptions and cause an action that will lead to the activists'/democrats' victory.

It is also a sustained 24/7 attack. There is media hype, bad journalism and false reporting. Movie and music stars releasing Public Service Announcements as to what they believe people should think. Staged attacks are waged on statues, corporate enterprises declare solidarity with particular causes, social media cancelling of those who dissent, and in Washington, Democrats kneel to affirm they are in line. It seems more pervasive because it is pushed by so many cultural influencers, and is fodder for media outlets who have found it lucrative to publish stories that get folks worked up.

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