NYPD looting Floyd riots June 2020
We've watched police set their own cars on fire after knocking windows out and vandalizing them. Now we have this crew of police breaking into a jewelry store. You'll notice another cop standing guard. Looks like a routine occurrence.

There's a big crisis in the country that divides America across geographical lines. Heartland America is in the dark about police practices in the Big Cities. They encounter a generally responsible police force where they live. They project that experience onto the urban centers, where in reality it doesn't work that way.

Then there is a big public controversy over the nature of policing. In reality, the US has multiple policies, and the effect is dividing Americans over understanding the problems.

The police are trying to run interference, using fake sock-puppet accounts, and confusing social media 'responses.' There is an incoherent line being pushed that what we are seeing is cops going after a looter, which is why they are breaking in and not going in the same way the looter went in.