judy a mikovitz
Dr. Mikovitz
In late April we reported on the little known story is how Dr. Fauci ruined the career of a brilliant young doctor who blew the whistle on the harmful consequences attributed to vaccines.

Dr. Judy Mikovits was a brilliant young doctor with a promising career, until she discovered what she considered to be harmful consequences with vaccines. After she came out with her warnings, she was jailed for identifying the link between vaccines and chronic diseases.

In the first part of the video below, Dr. Mikovits explains how she was jailed for speaking out about her concerns.

Bobby Kennedy Jr. was on a podcast recently where he dropped some bombs about the perils of vaccinations. In his interview he also discussed Dr. Mikovits in depth and how her boss Tony Fauci had her fired and destroyed her. At the 109:00 minute mark, Kennedy shares the following:

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But now YouTube is deleting the video of Dr. Mikovits attacking Dr. Tony Fauci.
The original video was taken down.

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** Plandemic movie is still available online: https://plandemicmovie.com/

YouTube CEO Susan Wojkicki recently told CNN the social media giant would not allow information that goes against the World Health Organization. Far left YouTube wants to control what you can see and read.

Obviously, this video attacking Dr. Fauci is not approved by the elites controlling the information to the masses.