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© Pool via REUTERS / Ben Stansall
Britain's Prime Minister and Conservative party leader Boris Johnson poses with a sledgehammer, after hammering a "Get Brexit Done" sign into the garden of a supporter, in South Benfleet, Britain December 11, 2019.
Boris Johnson's promise to finally deliver Brexit resulted in a blowout victory at the polls, analysts told RT, noting that the Labour Party failed to recognize that it was a one-issue election.

Parliament's foot-dragging over leaving the EU propelled the Tories past their political rivals during Thursday's snap election, argued Alastair Donald, associate director of the Academy of Ideas.
The people have stood up to a huge amount of pressure over the past three or four years to either overturn the results or to have a second referendum. They've stood up to that pressure and they've said 'we want Brexit to be done'.

Comment: Whether they'll actually get it or not is another question. It's unlikely they'll get anything but Brexit in name only.

He pointed out that even "democratically-minded Remainers" voted for Johnson, amid growing anger at Labour and the Liberal Democrats for trying to stonewall Brexit.

Poor policy choices by the opposition bolstered Johnson's popularity at the polls, Journalist Neil Clark said.
Labour made a huge error by not supporting Boris Johnson's Brexit deal in Parliament... and then, the election which came after that would not be about Brexit, because Brexit would have been achieved.
With votes still being counted, the Tories passed the majority threshold on Friday morning.