James Younger transgender

James Younger
James Younger, the 7-year-old at the center of the transgender custody battle, has decided to attend school as a boy.

Younger's father, Jeffrey Younger, was blocked by a Texas judge after refusing to cooperate with the child's mother, Anne Georgulas, as she allowed the child to transition from male to female.

Georgulas claimed James Younger identified as a woman and wanted to be called Luna, something Jeffery Younger refused to do.

Judge Kim Cooks placed both parents under a gag order and granted joint managing conservatorship to both parents in late October, meaning they must both consent to any medical treatments their children are given.

As part of the ruling, James Younger was allowed to decide which name he wanted to be called and how he wanted to present himself.

James decided to attend school as a boy and be called by his given name.

The custody battle over the 7-year-old sparked nationwide outrage as many believed both parents should have a say in a gender transition, especially when the child is so young.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott ordered an investigation into the case when Jeffrey Younger was first denied custody because of his refusal to participate in the gender transition.

Georgulas has requested Judge Cooks be recused from the case.

She also maintains that James wanted to transition. In a press release, her attorney wrote, "Gender identity issues were not presented in one day, or one week; it was over a year from when the first signs were presented and INSISTED upon by the child."

Jeffrey Younger and Georgulas are both subject to a gag order until both of their children reach age 18.