israel keyes
After being taken into police custody, interviewed and studied, FBI profilers called him the most terrifying subject they had ever encountered. With an 'efficiency' and preternatural cunning that was unusual among even the most well known serial killers, Israel Keyes brought this monstrous modus operandi to a whole new level of planning and malevolence. What did Keyes have in common with the well documented cases of psychopaths who murdered people for their own gratification and who came before him? And what set him apart? Who did he kill, and why? What was his "grand plan" - and what can the story of Israel Keyes tell us about what is perhaps a "newer breed" of serial killer that seeks to wreak havoc on the lives and souls of innocents? Join us this week on MindMatters as we come to terms with this case study in pure evil, and remind ourselves that monsters do, indeed, live among us.

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For more information on Keyes, see Maureen Callahan's book American Predator, the FBI's resource page, and 6 hours of Keyes's interrogations here.