© Reuters / Amit Dave
A SpiceJet passenger Boeing 737-800 aircraft.
An Air India Express plane has veered of the runway at the at Mangalore International Airport in India, with a similar misfortune occurring to a SpiceJet flight in Surat just a few hours later. No injuries have been reported.

A Boeing 737-800 that had come from Dubai arrived on Sunday evening at Mangalore in the south-west of the country, but skidded off the runway during its taxi and got stuck in the grass.

None of the passengers were hurt and were safely evacuated from the aircraft. The runway was closed, pending an inquiry.

So far, it's believed that the incident was caused by a "tailwind [and] a wet runway, in addition to inadequate braking action."

Soon afterwards, reports of another passenger plane overshooting the runway came from Surat International Airport in the north-west. A regional SpiceJet flight from Bhopal also ended up in the grass shortly after landing, amid "heavy rain."

Deaths or injuries were reportedly avoided in the second instance as well, but the operations of the airport might be affected, authorities warned.