Venezuelan National Guard armored vehicle crash
© Twitter / Noticias Caracol
An armored vehicle, which appears to belong to the Venezuelan National Guard, has been filmed ramming into a crowd of rioters in Caracas. Clashes have broken out in the capital, amid an ongoing coup attempt.

Footage published on social media by several Latin American TV channels shows three armored military vehicles being confronted by a group of people on a highway in Caracas.

Some of them can be seen punching the vehicles, throwing stones and hitting cars with sticks. At one point, one of the official vehicles is seen ramming the crowd, appearing to run over several people.

It is unclear, though, if the incident resulted in any life-threatening casualties. At least one person can be seen being hit by the vehicle and another one is seemingly lying on the ground following the incident. It is also unclear, who exactly was behind the wheel of the car.

The incident occurred amid reports of clashes between rival groups of the Venezuelan National Guard in Caracas.

Earlier on Tuesday, the US-backed self-proclaimed 'interim president' Juan Guaido called for a decisive action against the elected government of President Nicolas Maduro, in what Caracas says is an attempt to stage an armed coup against the Venezuelan government.