Comment: Just as most Syrians - particularly the 3 million Christians living in the major cities in the country's east - were enjoying their first, real peaceful Christmas in 8 years...

...along comes the Zionist entity claiming to represent world Jewry to remind the world that it's still here, and that it still sets itself apart from the rest of humanity, by saying 'Merry Christmas' to their Christian neighbors in a distinctly unfriendly manner...

Israel strikes Syria
Missile defense systems have been activated against targets over Damascus, according to Syrian state agency. It added that incoming missiles came from Lebanese airspace, which reportedly was earlier violated by Israeli aircraft.

Comment: Syria badly needs to 'retake' Lebanon as a buffer zone against the crazy ones.

First videos of interceptor missiles were uploaded late on Tuesday, with media reports across the region suggesting that Israel was behind strikes, which was said to have targeted Iranian weapons caches west of the Syrian capital.

An Israel warplane was spotted flying at low altitude over Lebanon, according to the Lebanese National News Agency. Israel is known to illegally use the airspace of the country, whose border is much nearer to Damascus than its own, to avoid detection and interception.

Shortly after news broke of the strike on Damascus, IDF tweeted that Israel's air defenses intercepted a Syria anti-aircraft missile. There were no casualties of damage, it stated.

Comment: This is probably fake news, but boy, is it high time Syria strikes back.

Half an hour after the first wave of attacks, a second engagement appeared to be unfolding over the Syrian skies.

Though it does not, as a rule, confirm or deny its attributed actions, Israel has launched scores of air raids on targets inside Syria during the past half-decade.

The strikes are usually focused on equipment, weapons caches and facilities belonging to either Iran or to Hezbollah militia, two allies of Syrian president Bashar Assad.