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The amount of damage that modern day social justice warriors and feminists are causing today is astonishing. It shouldn't surprise any of us to see the kind of damage that these people would cause in the modern world. There was an article in the New York Times not too long ago called "What Feminists Can Do For Boys." I will tell any of you who have not wasted your time reading the New York Times article the words of feminists author Jessica Valenti are barely worthy of lining your bird cage with. Right underneath her name on the New York Times article you can see that she is the author of six books on feminism. Seeing that she has written six books on the topic of feminism and I never know when I'll need some extra toilet paper they might be a good investment, or perhaps I'll just pull out a hundred dollar bill and use a match to light it on fire.

I can only hope that not all feminists are as bad as the writer of the article, because if they are then someone really needs to encourage them to stop and think before they speak. In her article she tries to present the argument that feminists can help boys become good men, but lets be completely honest. Feminism is the cause of a lot of the problems that men have to deal with today. Feminists don't want to help boys become men. They want to dilute and weaken the next generation of men so that they can completely send everything that is considered traditional masculinity into a state of extinction. A large number of the modern feminists have declare war on men as much as social justice warriors have declared war on the statues and everything else that represents white history and culture.

In a Dana Carvey stand up comedy called "Squatting dogs tell no lies" while speaking about scientology he once asked what would it take to make a scientologist say, "whoa man, now, THAT Is whack?!" I personally found this question funny as hell at the moment when I heard it. In the year 2018 I have an answer for that question. Point them in the direction of Valenti and other feminists who share her thoughts. I believe that the women who share these views have got to be brain washed, because no woman worth any respect could really be this far out of her mind. I'm not speaking as a man who hates women, because I don't hate women. One of my publishers, Stefanie Nicholas is a woman who I hold a lot of respect for. I am also the father of a 16 year old daughter who is sometimes going on 30 and I honestly believe that my daughter can do anything that she sets her mind to. But for me to say that I respect feminists? I won't say that I could never respect a feminist. I will just say that I have not met one yet who I respect, but like the little kid in Angels in the Outfield once said, "it could happen."

Somehow these women have this insane notion that men in our natural state are prone to oppress women. They believe that our natural god given instincts to protect and provide is evidence of a desire that we as men feel to keep women pushed down and held under the weight of oppression. In her article Valenti wrote that while young women and girls have resources that they can turn to in order to seek support and an escape from restrictive cultural influences, boys do not have this escape. She feels that the lack of an "escape" makes young boys who will be tomorrows men more susceptible to misogynist hucksters peddling get manly quick platitudes and dangerous online extremist communities.

The words of Jessica Valenti completely blow my mind, because they make me ask myself was this woman thinking at all before she spoke? Instead of pointing to a weak man or a criminal with a bad history of spouse abuse for an example of the truth of her words she points her finger at the Canadian psychology professor, Jordan Peterson. There is just one major problem with trying to use Peterson as an example that supports her words. That problem is Jordan Peterson completely disproves everything that she claimed in her article. Peterson did not rise to fame by being a woman hating misogynist. He rose to fame because he is a prime example of what it means to be a good man while being someone who is responsible and strong enough to think for themselves. He is an example of what it means to be the kind of man who is committed to their family and kids. The kind of man I am willing to bet that Jessica Valenti has no experience in dealing with or she may have a different view when it comes to men.

There is only one reason for a feminist to believe that Jordan Peterson is a misogynist woman hater and that is because his very existence goes against everything that they wish to promote. No real feminist wants people, let alone other women to be strong enough to think for themselves. Instead feminist want to tell people what to think and feel and if you disagree with them then you must be a sexist misogynistic woman hater. Unless of course you're a woman. If you're a woman who disagrees with feminist then they see you as weak and an example of everything that they feel women shouldn't be. But if you are a woman who is weak enough to let a feminist tell you what to think and feel then they like you. Feminists do not believe in the power and advantage that comes from the traditional family unit. Instead they promote things like family and the institution of marriage as being oppressive to women.

There is only one thing that Jessica Valenti got right in her whole article. Young boys need someone. They need someone who cares enough to intervene and help mold them while teaching them how to grow up to be the men of tomorrow so that they can hopefully have families of their own and mold the next generation. But the person that today's boys need are not feminists. If we leave today's boys in the hands of feminists they are going to be worse off than they would be if they had been left to fend for themselves. What today's boys need is their father or a father figure. They need strong honorable men in their lives. It was a strong honorable man who inspired me to stay in high school and helped teach me lessons that I carry with me today. I am so grateful for everything that my ROTC instructor taught me. He taught me things like loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage. Seven values that I still carry with me nearly twenty years later. These are just some of the lessons that a good man can teach a boy and nowhere in these values are women oppressed. The problem is that when boys don't have that strong male presence in their life then they will turn anywhere that they can get what it is they are missing from not having a father. They will turn to things like drugs, they will turn to gangs, worse they will turn to these feminists who will ruin them for the rest of their life.

The true modern day feminists wants to promote the idea that the traditional family unit with traditional values is a toxic environment and something that should be seen as bad. The truth is that real feminists hate anything that is remotely traditional. They believe that the traditional family unit teaches boys to suppress their emotions and that this suppression of emotion is what leads todays boys to become tomorrows toxic men. I personally can not remember a time when I have ever told my son that it is wrong to cry. In fact when I have heard other family members get onto him about his crying I have been quick to come to his defense and let it be known that I will not allow my son to be taught that he shouldn't express how he feels placing myself between him and other members of my family. I don't know any parent who taught their son to play with guns. But crying and playing with guns are second nature to most boys. That is where the father figure comes in. A strong father figure can harness these natural instincts that boys are prone to have, train them, mold them, and teach boys that these natural instincts are okay while being dealt with in a proper healthy way.

So if the traditional family unit does not teach boys to become toxic woman haters and violent what does? The lack of a good father. Not every man who sticks around is a good father. A man who will call his wife a b*tch in front of their children and anywhere near where there is a chance that the children can hear him is not a good father. What that does is show an example that the woman is not worthy of respect. If a husband doesn't respect his wife, the children have no reason to either. The son will likely grow up and do the same in the future when he has a woman of his own. If you are a father who has a daughter what you are doing is teaching your daughter that this kind of toxic behavior is normal to expect in a man and you are setting her up to end up in a toxic relationship herself. Then when that little girl becomes a woman and finds herself in an abusive relationship or the boy grows up and abuses the woman who he ends up with, when it comes time to blame someone all you have to do is look in the mirror. It is important not to confuse a man who just chose not to leave and chose to pay the bills for being the same as a good father. They are not the same. That is why I am not saying that the lack of a mans presence in his life is what causes a boy to grow up and become violent. I am saying that the lack of a strong and good fatherly figure is what leads boys to become violent later on in life.

The modern day feminists contribute a lot to the fatherlessness in America. They have taken the good men in the world and demoted them from being seen as providers and protectors of the family that is worthy of the respect of their wife and kids to being nothing more than primitive. Feminists encourage todays girls and daughters across America to not depend upon men and to see the institution of marriage as something that is very much like a form of slavery. They have rejected everything that makes a good man, a good man, and continually encourage all of America to do the same. If feminists genuinely want to help today's boys become the good men of tomorrow then the best thing they can do is leave our sons alone.
Alex Roberts Writer for Halsey News. My political beliefs go to the right. I voted for Trump in the 2016 election. I will probably do so again in 2020 as long as there are no major changes between what he accomplishes and what he promised.