trump putin hysteria
Not since the days of McCarthyism have we seen the US media push the anti-Russia narrative like it does today. This time, however, they're even accusing their president - who legitimately won the election - of 'siding with the enemy'. We expected the CIA-controlled press and like-minded types to go on the attack over the Trump-Putin Summit in Helsinki, but the manner in which they went into frenzied meltdown mode is astonishing.

Every lie about Russia over the last few years has recently resurfaced and been repeated ad nauseam. Official bodies representing both the left and the right have joined together to attack Trump from all sides. Mass hysteria has gripped the US - at least, it has gripped a portion of Americans, and they appear to have completely lost their grip on reality.

Anyone whose brain hasn't been turned to mush by the endless lies pumped out by the 'deep state' or 'permanent government' naturally wonders: how can a meeting between the leaders of two powerful countries be perceived as a 'Treason Summit'? Russia-US summits have happened before - including in the recent past - and there was no problem. Why is a president who actually did something to improve US-Russia relations someone who should be impeached? Why is the potential for nuclear war preferred over dialogue?

How twisted must someone be to believe that this is the "the darkest hour in the history of the American presidency"?

Senator John McCain (yes, he's still kicking) called it, "one of the most disgraceful performances by an American president in memory."

The Representative from Tennessee isn't calling for a military coup, is he? Now that's treason.

George Orwell wrote about the distortion of words. What we're witnessing here amounts to a 'war against peace' (and common sense) by the 'Intelligence Community'. Dialog and peaceful relations between 'partners' or 'competitors' have been distorted into a declaration of war by an 'evil enemy'.

Russia is the enemy in part because it represents an economic and military threat, but more importantly it embodies cultural/humanitarian values almost diametrically opposed to those held by the neo-liberal/neo-con elites in the US, UK and elsewhere. They vilify Trump because - to the extent that he shares those cultural/humanitarian values - they identify him as a 'Trojan horse bringing those values' to the USA.

The prospect of any sort of alliance with Russia is kryptonite to the Deep State because it threatens the hegemonic status quo. They've got all their media lackeys working overtime to shift public opinion into thinking Trump meeting Putin was a bad thing for the US and the world because, for them, it spells catastrophe - not actual catastrophe, but merely the end of their unchallenged power to impose their values.

Ignominious Indignation

Yottabytes of anti-Trump propaganda have been catapulted out there since 2015, not least concerning the immigration 'scandal', the gun control furor following the Parkland massacre, or equating him with Hitler - all of it to amplify the desire to have Trump removed from office - but in this particular episode, the focus has been on 'treason'. This is insidious since an accusation of treason hits one of the moral values foundational to conservatives: the sanctity of the nation. By painting Trump as a 'traitor' the Establishment is hitting the right emotional note to get his base to turn on him.

When Trump was asked during the summit about election interference, he responded by saying,
"[Intelligence agencies] said they think it is Russia. I have President Putin - he just said it is not Russia. I will say this: I do not see any reason why it would be."
This set off a Twitter-storm of faux indignation where his statement was twisted to make it sound like Trump said he would trust Putin more than "every intelligence agency in the US":

Dan Rather, an Establishment mouthpiece for decades, betrayed his ignorance by choosing the lie:
  1. the 'tons of facts' he speaks of don't exist;
  2. it wasn't every intelligence agency (the DIA and INR were left out, and then it magically shrunk from 17 agencies to just 4)
  3. the 'consensus' of the intelligence agencies amounted to signing a dodgy report drafted by cherry-picked analysts, and it can't be considered credible because its claims are unsubstantiated and unverifiable.
People are quick to forget that these are the very same intelligence agencies which are staffed by people who are trained to lie, commit extrajudicial killings abroad and at home, illegally spy on them, and basically function as the actual totalitarian/authoritarian regime they claim to fear so much.

It's the 'Red Scare' all over again, and if you support Trump, then you're a 'commie'. Never mind that Special Counsel Mueller has already said there was NO collusion between Team Trump and the Russian government, or that the Democrats' committee (DNC) has yet to turn over to the FBI for forensic investigation the very servers the Russians are supposed to have 'hacked'.

Putin's words at the summit have, of course, been lost in the uproar. He was very clear when giving his opinion about Americans going against their own democracy by believing the lie-makers:
I consider Russia to be a democratic state. I hope you do not deny this to your country, the United States of America, either. Is the United States a democratic state? If so, then the final ruling in a dispute of this kind can only be made in court, not by an intelligence service.
Fortunately, not everyone in the US mainstream has been lured into The Swamp:

Hostages to the Devil

So just how many people believe the Intelligence Community's lie that Trump is 'a traitor'? Political topics trending on social media won't be able to tell us. That Comey, Brennan et al can attract a quarter million Retweets and Likes in the space of a few hours doesn't mean that that many real people believe and support their lie.

Although the eruption of sky-screaming mania we've seen this week comes from just a noisy minority that believes the lies of the 'intelligence community', the problem is that they, via the corporate media, have a dulling effect that warps people's perception. They may not believe that Trump is a 'traitor', but... "there's no smoke without fire, so the Russians probably did something to hurt our country..."

Propaganda comprising emotional triggers is designed to bypass your thinking and seed itself in your subconscious. The mind job the CIA and Newscorp lackeys have done on the body politic is of such scale that many are essentially hostage to them - like bots in a hive mind. It's similar to Stockholm Syndrome, whereby a hostage develops emotional ties with a captor.

Although there has been nothing like it in modern US politics, the deranged reaction to Trump's diplomacy with Russia last week has psycho-sociological similarities with events in bygone eras. We know that a group of psychologists working in eastern Europe during Nazi occupation (and later Soviet domination) saw all this before us because the one surviving member of their network (Andrew Lobaczewski) imparted a distillation of their hard-earned knowledge into Political Ponerology.

Describing in great detail the psychological processes that both the lie-makers and the lie-believers undergo, Lobaczewski at one point says:
[...] Unconscious psychological processes outstrip conscious reasoning, both in time and in scope, which makes many psychological phenomena possible: including those generally described as conversive, such as subconscious blocking out of conclusions, the selection, and, also, substitution of seemingly uncomfortable premises.

We speak of blocking out conclusions if the inferential process was proper in principle and has almost arrived at a conclusion and final comprehension within the act of internal projection, but becomes stymied by a preceding directive from the subconscious, which considers it inexpedient or disturbing. This is primitive prevention of personality disintegration, which may seem advantageous; however, it also prevents all the advantages which could be derived from consciously elaborated conclusion and reintegration. A conclusion thus rejected remains in our subconscious and in a more unconscious way causes the next blocking and selection of this kind. This can be extremely harmful, progressively enslaving a person to his own subconscious, and is often accompanied by a feeling of tension and bitterness.
It's clear that the lie-believers have abandoned conscious reasoning, but how on earth did they do so in a world with such tremendous access to accurate information? The "seemingly uncomfortable premise" Americans are currently dealing with is that 'the Intelligence Community' is truthful. The conclusion they should of course arrive at is that the IC lies: about JFK's murder; about Vietnam; about Soviet Russia; about al-Qaeda; about ISIS; and now about democratic Russia and president Trump.

Alas, a "preceding directive" in their subconscious stymies or blocks out this proper conclusion: a portion - perhaps even a large one - of Americans are unconsciously programmed to equate the IC with 'the country'. That's why the shrieking about Trump being a 'traitor' finds fertile ground in some minds; Americans (and, with them, lie-believers in countries throughout the world) have been brainwashed into believing that the IC, which is really a network of pathological individuals, intercedes on their behalf with the transcendent, the unknown, with God. And thus to disobey or upset the IC is to be 'unpatriotic' and to do wrong by God.

The subconscious dynamic is well-depicted in this cartoon, which a New York daily carried on its front-page last Tuesday:

new york daily cartoon trump putin
© New York Daily News
The message it conveys is that Trump, with Putin's active support, attacked (executed) 'Uncle Sam', i.e. United States. In actual fact, Trump, with Putin's passive or tacit support, by challenging the lie pushed by 'the IC', is defending the United States from the real enemy within.

By their very protest, the lie-believers are implicitly acknowledging that there is in fact a 'deep state', that is has hitherto ruled the US from the shadows, and that the president is only supposed to wield ceremonial power - irrespective of what is legally defined by the US constitution and articulated in past practice.

The Natural Course of History: Return to Reality

The epic proportions that this mass hysteria has reached, and where it ultimately leads, certainly doesn't suggest a rosy future. The lie-makers are desperate to prevent Reality 'from getting in', so we probably have much more manufactured hysteria ahead of us. They stand no chance against history taking its natural course, but they can do a lot of damage during this transition. Russian Foreign Affairs minister Sergei Lavrov cleverly illustrated this point when he remarked:
"I think that we are in the post-West world order," Lavrov told the British Channel 4 in an interview on Friday. "It is a historical epoch, if you want. Certainly, after five or so centuries of domination of the collective West, as it were, it is not very easy to adjust to new realities that there are other powerhouses economically, financially and politically."
Or as editor Joe Quinn said recently on Sputnik:
Ultimately I think this campaign that's been waged is not going to be successful. The problem for them is that history is NOT on their side. They're not really fighting against Russia but against reality itself. The world has changed radically in the last 20 years - and it's only just begun. The time is obviously ripe for a new global order based on multi-polarity rather than the sole dominance of a superpower, but the stewards of the empire are VERY reluctant, shall we say, to accept these necessary and inevitable changes, and unfortunately, we have to deal with chaos that they are causing as they try to forestall those changes.
Remember: their story about 'the world' is not your story. The Deep State-controlled media has neither the country's nor the world's best interests at heart. It doesn't care whether you are Democrat or Republican, straight or gay, religious or agnostic, black or white. For all its loud talk of 'multiculturalism', 'diversity' and 'equality', it will brook none but its own nihilistic anti-culture of spiritual death, no God but its Jealous One.

Do you really want to be on the side of those who entertain even the possibility of nuclear war? Trump or no Trump, is that what you truly prefer, for your children, your family?

If you allow yourself to get caught in this hysteria, you are only helping the process of bringing humanity one step closer to extinction. Don't be that person. Don't ignore reality - history is not on your side if you do. We've already been down that road before.

What we need to do is expose their narrative against Reality for what it is: a pathological ideology that only empowers the elites, who are more than willing to sacrifice countless numbers in their pointless power games for total dominance and control. We can acquire some freedom and plenty of meaning in our lives if we work alongside reality instead of fighting against it. Impose some measure of order on the chaos by shining the light of truth on it. Then, perhaps, we might restore collective sanity to our community, our nation, our world.