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President Donald Trump
The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence has announced it is wrapping up its 'Russia collusion' probe, and that - shocker - they've found no evidence of collusion whatsoever.

Democrats immediately responded with typical hysterics. Adam Schiff claimed that the termination of the investigation 'leaves to others the important work of determining the full extent of Russian interference in the US election and Trump's role in obstructing the investigation.' The 'full extent' of 'Russian interference' seems to be a few Russians running a small social media campaign that could have had no impact whatsoever on the election. Trump's role in 'obstructing' the investigation amounts to him being sick and tired of Left-wing hysteria.

And now recent reports claims that Mueller is postponing his 'obstruction of justice' charges against Trump. Does this mean that the US will see a return to a semblance of sanity? Most definitely not. If anything it will only make the hysterical that much more agitated.

Rep. Mike Conaway spoke with candor regarding the GOP's decision to end the investigation, saying, "We found no evidence of any collusion of anything people were actually doing, other than taking a meeting they shouldn't have taken or just inadvertently being in the same building."

Of course, that is the version CNN reported. They left out the juiciest tidbit, where Conaway continues to say: "But only Tom Clancy or Vince Flynn or someone else like that could take this series of inadvertent contacts with each other, or meetings or whatever, and weave that into sort of a fiction page turner, spy thriller."

Conaway could be referring to the meeting between Trump Jr. and Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya - a set-up in which at least 3 of the 8 individuals present were Fusion GPS officials. Fusion GPS being the organization behind the scandalous Clinton-funded 'Steele dossier' used as the rationale for obtaining FISA court warrants to spy on members of the Trump campaign.

Or, Conaway could be referring to the sting at which George Papadopolous met with the fake 'niece of Putin' and was apparently offered 'dirt' on Hillary Clinton - by spooks posing as Russian agents. As Alexander Mercouris noted at the time, "In both cases the deception appears to have been focused on securing a high level meeting with someone at the top of the Trump campaign."

Either way Conaway is right - individuals within the intelligence community and the Democratic party have been hard at work to weave a scandalous, and fictional, spy thriller. For spooks who have made an entire career out of meddling in democracy around the world and lying about it, it is quite clear they know what they're doing.

So what was Robert Mueller's job in this sordid affair? His task was to put pressure on Trump and keep it high. Since there is no evidence of collusion, and any evidence of 'meddling' is restricted to a few Russians with Facebook ads, Mueller has had to resort to charges of obstruction.

Why? It's similar to charges of 'resisting arrest'. If you were assaulted by a police officer and, even accidentally, struck back, you could be charged with 'resisting arrest'. Since there's nothing more difficult for a conscientious and democratically elected leader than being constantly slandered as a 'Hitler' who must be 'resisted' while being threatened with prosecution for made-up crimes, a political newbie is bound to make mistakes. And, for the past year, Mueller has been on the hunt for any mistake Trump may have made. It's Kafka-esque mind torture at its finest.

According to official reports, Mueller's case rests primarily on three pillars - that Trump lied about the meeting between Trump Jr. and the Russian lawyer, that Trump fired Comey as retaliation for investigating Russian hacking, and that Trump even considered firing Mueller.

As we have seen, the first is a total red herring. If anything Trump was himself the victim of a plot. As for the second, Trump had every right to fire Comey - he admitted, under oath, to colluding with Hillary Clinton in hiding her email scandal, and leaking information in order to sabotage Trump.

However, Bloomberg reports that Mueller may be postponing the results of his obstruction investigation because, if he tries to bring charges now, "witnesses may become less cooperative in other parts of the probe, or the president may move to shut it down altogether." The report continues:
Any clear outcome of the obstruction inquiry could be used against Mueller: Filing charges against Trump or his family could prompt the president to take action to fire him. Publicly clearing Trump of obstruction charges - as the president's lawyers have requested - could be used by his allies to build pressure for the broader investigation to be shut down.
The idea that any Republican controlled House would move to impeach Trump is ridiculous - simple political survival instincts rule that out. But, interestingly, the 'intelligence community' has fielded an unprecedented number of agents as Democratic candidates in the 2018 midterm elections. The World Socialist Website (WSWS) reports that national security operatives outnumber all other professionals Democratic congressional nominations. WSWS also notes that, if Democrats win a majority of the House, these agents will comprise as much as half of the new members, and will hold a balance of power in the lower chamber. I hope everyone is happy about the idea of the CIA running the government, overtly this time.

This isn't to say that they are each part of a conscious 'conspiracy' but, rather, one does not run for Congress without an agenda. Since these individuals are running as Democrats in a time when the Democratic party is infected with a severe case of anti-Trump hysteria, it says much about their character and psychological make-up.

One wonders, naturally, if Mueller is waiting for these political changes to take place, hoping for a time when Democrats are expected to have the majority needed to initiate hearings. Impeachment proceedings against the POTUS may not mean his dismissal, but they would be yet another way to hamstring a man who has at least some intention of establishing peaceful relations with the world. Fox News reports:
Heading into election season, Democrats have a big advantage: they are fired up. As Wendy Davis, the 2014 Democratic nominee for governor of Texas told MSNBC, Dems are "chomping at the bit" to get out and vote. The GOP, as is usually the case for the party occupying the Oval Office, is less engaged, as was seen in the recent Texas primaries. While Democrat turnout surged 84 percent compared to the last midterm, Republicans upped their showing by only 14 percent.

That "enthusiasm gap" could cause Republicans to lose the House this fall, and possibly even the Senate. If Democrats win the House, they could, with a simple majority, pass articles of impeachment.
Since Trump's election, we have witnessed a complete schizophrenic break in American politics, and President Trump, the poor man, is at the center of it. For American society, polls hint that as many as eighty-three percent of Republicans believe this whole thing to be a witch hunt, while nearly 80 percent of Democrats think it's legitimate. This reflects a growing degree of pathological thinking along the Liberal segment that is horrendous in the extreme - it will condone any action, no matter how heinous, in the name of ideology and, with ideological thinking, sentence 'heretics' to whatever punishment deemed necessary. The fate of Trump may well be the fate of America.

In short, we continue to witness a colossal abuse of power by an intelligence community beholden to no one but shadowy Establishment networks. These fools' daggers are red with the blood of American democracy while they point across the ocean and scream at a nuclear-armed Russia that has long since grown sick and tired of threats.

Is it too much to hope that someone please lock these mad men and women up before it's too late?