Cat poising
© Shum Gary / Getty Images
You know those parents who seem completely oblivious to the screaming child they're carting around in a crowded supermarket? We have just found the cat owner equivalent.

A Polish political scientist and historian was appearing on Dutch TV to discuss the forced removal of Polish judge Malgorza Gersdorf by the ruling PiS party when his ginger cat decided to make a rather dramatic appearance.

The cat, reportedly named Lisio, stole the limelight when he climbed Jerzy Targalski, sat on his shoulders and proceeded to sniff his ear.

Completely unfazed, Targalski calmly continued the interview and only acknowledged the feline's bizarre presence to pull its tail away from his face.

A tweet showing the footage, shared by the NTR interviewer Rudy Bouma, has racked up more than 340,000 views from cat lovers and bemused netizens alike.

Targalski said Lisio is just one of his five cats and he hopes the sweet encounter will happen next time too. "The cat does not change, wherever I am, it always climbs on my shoulders, five times a day," Targalski told Dutch news outlet NOS. "It's his way of saying 'good morning' or 'I love you', I think."