Gilad Erdan
Gilan Erdan, reprehensible human being.
Israeli Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan appeared to liken Palestinians killed in ongoing border protests to Nazi casualties in World War II when he tweeted about the death toll in Gaza.

Erdan said the number of Palestinians killed at Monday's protest "doesn't indicate anything - just as the number of Nazis who died in the world war doesn't make Nazism something you can explain or understand."

The sixth week of the Great Return March protests has been the most deadly, with 52 fatalities reported so far on Monday. Erdan placed the blame for the deaths solely on Hamas, which is in power in Gaza.

Comment: This is what happens when you give three-year-olds nuclear weapons: "But mommy, he MADE me murder him."

"All responsibility for the bloodshed lies with the leaders of Hamas, who, with Nazi anger, endlessly shed blood to erase from people's memories their own failures in the management of the Gaza Strip. Here it is, the truth." he said.

Comment: Erdan, everything you dislike isn't a Nazi. Seriously.

Erdan said that Israel "does not wish to escalate and doesn't want the death of residents of the Gaza Strip." He said that the people who do want this are "solely the leadership of the Hamas terrorist organization, which uses a cynical and malicious use of bloodshed."

His comments echo talking points of other Israeli politicians and army spokespeople who have made efforts to frame the Great Return mass protests at the Gaza border as a ploy masterminded by Hamas to attack Israel. Organizers of the march have denied this is the case.

Comment: That's because their talking points are pre-prepared. It's all a PR strategy. And it's never their fault. Israelis are the eternal victims, even when they're not.

The government minister previously called for anyone who sends a burning kite, molotov cocktail or camera to land in Israel to be "treated as a terrorist in the middle of a terror attack."