libtard parents
© Cut via YouTube
A video for "Cut," posted to YouTube last week, documents parents discussing with their young children "infinite" genders, non-binary gender pronouns, transgenderism, and surgical body mutilation. The children in the video appear to have not yet even hit their teen years.

In one exchange, a mother who identifies as "trans non-binary," informs her daughter that she is going to have her breasts removed. The young girl looks absolutely terrified and tells her mom that she still has "mixed feelings" on the surgery. "[It's] a lot scary," she timidly explains, adding, "You're gonna look different."

Another mother tells her two young boys that a "wiener" doesn't necessarily make you a boy; there are "infinite" genders, she claims, as her two sons look beyond confused.

"So, if a person with a wiener says, 'Hey, I'm a girl.' What is that person?" she asks. The younger boy says, "a girl;" whereas the old son, looking awfully confused, replies, "a boy."

"They used to think that the only favorite colors girls could have are pink and purple," says one young girl with a non-binary mother, clearly heavily indoctrinated already. "Right," her mother agrees.

She and her biological brother then speak of their gender-nonconforming pronouns; the little boy used to go by "she/her" but now goes by "they/them," the kids explain.

"Is this confusing?" asks one mother to her sons at the end of the video. "Yes," says the older son, before the younger son adds, "Very."