GMO humans
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The acceleration of human progress and knowledge about health has reached a breakneck pace, and it appears as though there are two distinct camps emerging: people who believe natural health is the answer to a long and healthy life, and those who would rather side with modern medicine.

At the end of the day, both methods have their benefits and drawbacks, and have been instrumental in increasing human lifespan even at a time when chronic diseases are out-of-control.

But now, mainstream medicine is entering into unchartered territory, and it could change the future of our species for good. Whether or not it ends up being a positive development, however, remains to be seen.

First GMO Humans to Be Created in Europe

According to a new article posted on the website Technocracy News & Trends,the first-ever GMO humans will soon see the light of day in Europe after a new CRISPR DNA-splicing therapy was approved.

The therapy will be used in an attempt to treat the destructive blood disorder known as beta thalassaemia, which is designed to reduce the product of hemoglobin and could potentially cure this disorder.

The scientists petitioning to use it do not believe that they are capable of making mistakes or causing unintended consequences according to the website, but many people are nonetheless skeptical because of a recent study showing that that CRISPR is capable of causing "hundreds of unintended mutations" within the target organism.

That paper was later retracted, but the underlying concerns still remain, especially because of the complex nature of this therapy and the ability scientists will be given to "play God" with target organisms and foods, including human beings.

Early trials hold promise according to the article, but it remains to be seen how the human body itself will actually react over the long term to having its DNA spliced.

Are GMO Humans the Future of Medicine?

Already in China, similar experiments are being done without the same restrictions we see in Europe and the United States.

The potential for CRISPR to heal people is quite real, however the potential for misuse with this technology that allows virtually any scientist to "play God" by editing our genes, features and functions both animals and human beings is something we all need to be aware of going forward.

One of the co-creators of this technology, Jennifer Doudna, shared recently that she had a terrifying nightmare involving Adolf Hitler asking to use it for the purpose of eugenics. The Hitler-like character had the face of a pig, perhaps illustrating the vast potential for misuse with these science experiments.

Already, CRISPR is being used to create a new suite of GMO food like apples, potatoes and potentially even strawberries as part of a new $125 million Monsanto plan.

The very nature of nature itself is set to change, and the consequences are unknown. While this technology could have positive implications, it's important for all of us to educate ourselves, and to push for more safety testing and restrictions, in order to make sure it is not misused in the name of greed and supposed progress.