Big Crater Seen on Beach in French Riviera (PHOTOS)
The beach saw similar incidents at least three times over the last decade. Authorities plan to conduct a geological probe at the site.

A crater with a diameter of five and a depth of two meters appeared in Nice on Lido beach, French channel BFMTV reported.

Nice beach crater
nice beach crater
The hollow filled with thick white water appeared on January 31. According to the media outlet, the ground fell because of the erosion of soil by underground waters. Lido beach is man-made and for the last decade similar incidents occurred three times.

The city's mayor Christian Estrosi reassured the residents that this is a common natural phenomenon.

Translation: No worries, it is a natural phenomenon that occurs up to four times a year and specially for journalists I inform: no, this is not a tram, that made a detour.
A security perimeter was established on the beach. On February 2, authorities plan to refill the crater after a geological investigation on the site.

Comment: So the mayor thinks this happens four times a year and the article states it has been recorded to have happened three times in the last decade.