life after death
The man was rescued by lifeguards and resuscitated after nearly drowning.

It's a subject of eternal fascination and perhaps, in spite of all of mankind's scientific advancements, one of life's greatest mysteries.

What happens after death is a topic everyone has an opinion on - and it's an experience which a few people claim they've had.

One man has explained how by being medically "dead" for a few moments, he not only saw there was an afterlife, but also what happened to "good" and "bad" people.

The man revealed on Reddit how he had drowned a year and a half ago, and experienced a sensation like he was travelling in the moments before he was resuscitated by lifeguards.

Here's what happened.

Describing his "travel" he says: "I was gifted knowledge of where it is good souls go to and where the doomed souls are sent to.

"When you die, you'll know you're dead because one of two things will happen, you'll either be traveling through what will look like a tunnel of light shooting all around you or you'll be in a place that comes with nothing but fear and darkness all around."

The man goes into a lot of detail about the "dark place" (which sounds absolutely terrifying) saying he was "lead" there.

"This place has no light, in this place you'll know you're in hell and that you'll be there for all eternity.

"No thoughts except for one's knowing you are a bad person haunt your mind. The darkness leaves you in a terrified paralysis where you can't see anything except for the vast dark emptiness of a hellish universe with no stars, no light, no anything, not even thought.

"I wouldn't wish my worse enemy to go to this place."

Happily, the man was also shown where the good guys supposedly go.

"Now, as for the tunnel, it's not really a tunnel, from the outside it looks like a glowing cord that is being slowly whipped around in space and all the light shooting around inside are good souls going in all the same direction to a better place.

"I saw this glowing cord because I was guided to it and I was fortunate enough to see something so amazing."

Of course, one recurring counter-argument to people's "afterlife" stories - especially in the case of drowning - cite the fact that the brain hallucinates when starved of oxygen.

Many people still believe these accounts though, and the majority of responses to the man's story said how comforting and reassuring they found his words.