Crop Circle
Confused residents woke up on Friday morning to discover a mysterious crop circle had been created in a near by field and looks suspiciously like a recent children's craze.

The unusual design was spotted this week near Climping Beach in West Sussex and experts believe the mysterious markings appear to be a fidget spinner - because there are four circular 'arms' linked to a central hub.

Matthew Williams spotted the 200ft formation on Friday morning - and it is understood the mysterious shapes were carved out of the crops on Thursday.

The crop circle expert, from Avebury, Wilts, said: "This is a great formation. It certainly could be the world's largest fidget spinner, although I have no idea who created it.

"The circles are so precisely engineered, it's hard to fathom that they might not have been created by machines.
Fidget Spinner
© Getty Images North America
"I don't know who left it there, but whoever did definitely had some time on their hands.

"The crop circle reminded some of the popular gadget which has taken the world by storm."

Fidget spinners have been such a popular craze with children this year that some schools have even banned them.

Police recently warned an increase in crop circles was down to drone users, who share their footage online. Farmers were urged by to report any which appeared on their land.