cube ufo

Comment: Though this story goes back to 6/15, it is interesting nonetheless. See another cube ufo sighting from a recent SOHO image at the end of the article.

A bizarre and sinister-looking perfect black cube has terrified residents of a Texas town after it appeared in the skies above White Sands - the USA's most secret military installation.

The terrifying black cube was snapped over El Paso on the Texas border just a few miles from White Sands - the infamous US military testing site where the world's first Atomic bomb was detonated.

Almost all the experimental weapons research carried out ay White Sands is highly classified. The results of the cutting edge research only become public decades later.

The famous Roswell UFO site where aliens are reported to have crash-landed on earth is also just a few miles away from El Paso over the border into New Mexico.

The black cube emerged in clouds over El Paso from what has been described as 'a black hole type portal'.

El Paso resident Walter C Lands, who captured the cube on his mobile phone said: "It began to get very windy out and I noticed a small portion of clouds begin to swirl and circle in on each other forming a portal shape - at which point the portal became jet black."

A second eye-witness, a woman accountant who did not wish to be named, also took a picture of the skies over El Paso.

She said: "I noticed a square-shaped figure. I was a giant solid thing with designs around it and a faint magnetic oscillation type humming."

Walter passed his video on to phenomenon investigators Secureteam10.

A spokesman said: "It can only be described as a massive three-dimensional cube-shaped UFO which in the first image can be seen shooting out at a pretty fair rate of speed from what looks like a massive black hole type portal.

"The fact that this craft arrived by suddenly appearing from a black hole in the sky leads us to believed this is not man made.

"We can rule out some Army grunt behind the wheel of this thing."

A third eye witness, who wouldn't give her name, said: "We know very strange things go on at White Sands - is it possible they are playing around with some sort of black hole technology?

"It sounds to bizarre to be true but if someone had told you in 1944 they were going to split the atom and create the most powerful force in nature you would never have believed that either.

cube ufo
"But even that doesn't explain the black cube. That is straight out of some sci-fi movie."

Others are not wholly convinced and think there is some much more straighforward explanation.

Nearby Roswell has been at the epicentre of UFO theory since 1947, when a "flying disc" crashed there.

UFO-logists have long believed that one or more alien spacecraft had crash-landed, and that the extraterrestrial occupants had been recovered by the military, who then engaged in a cover-up.

The nearby White Sands Missile Range is also being blamed for the cube by many El Paso residents.

White Sands is the largest military base in the United States of America covering almost 8300 square km.

The base is operated by the United States Army primarily to test weapons.

NASA used the site for a landing site during the Space Shuttle operation and hundreds of satellite tests before launching, flight tests and missile testing.

Most of the experimental weapon research is classified but it is well known that the USA's space laser programme was perfected there.

The Airborne Laser program has fitted large cargo aircraft with high energy lasers that can destroy battlefield ballistic missiles hundreds of miles away.