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Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff talked with RT Spanish in her first exclusive interview since being suspended due to impeachment, which she calls a coup. Rousseff shared her surprise at the media bias in favor of those trying to remove her, who include her former political allies.

"The media here in Brazil have been highly critical when it comes to me, my government and our allies... But they suddenly tend to favor the interim government, and avoid criticizing it - despite the peculiar situation that has arisen," Rousseff told RT.

The liberalization of the media has been a hot topic of debate in Brazil, Rousseff said.

"We don't want to control anyone or influence anyone's position. We are against media oligopoly, which would keep all the power in the hands of the few families."

This kind of media rule would destabilize Brazil's democracy and "we are actually seeing that happen now," she said.

Rousseff compared the proceedings against her and her government to "blackmail," saying that the acting government is dominated by neoliberal policies and has ties with Brazilian oligarchs.

She also vowed to fight impeachment by all means available.