Since the terrorist attacks in Paris on November 13th, we have seen France declare a state of emergency, allowing the government to control its population more tightly, to order raids on any "suspicious" home (the security forces no longer requiring warrants for arrests and raids when investigating an "imminent threat") and to curtail freedom in the home of alleged "Liberté".

While the official story leaves much to be desired, has more holes than the walls of the raided apartment in St-Denis, and doesn't prove conclusively that the attackers where only "islamic" terrorists, one thing you don't hear much about in the media is how this has been affecting the Muslim population in France and other countries.

There are 5 million Muslims in France, about eight percent of the total population and they are suffering the consequences of attacks perpetrated by a handful of psychos, with no regard for the decades that they have been living peacefully in France like any ordinary "white" citizen.

Authorities, islamophobia and "mistakes"

More than 1000 raids have been conducted since France declared a state of emergency, on the evening of November 13th, and it is difficult to know how many were even remotely justified or "successful". Some of these operations have been so unprofessional, unjustified and violent that outraged citizens have launched a campaign on social networks with the hashtag #PerquisitionnezMoi (RaidMe), an attempt to mock the lack of criteria upon which the authorities base their decisions on who to raid. For example, we learn in this article (in French), that:
Last Thursday, in Nice, the RAID police entered an apartment shooting pump-action guns, inside a building located rue Marceau. Two children and their father were sleeping in the bedroom next to the entrance. One of his daughters, sleeping in front of the door, got shot by the police. Fortunately, the shots only hurt her slightly in the neck and in the ear. The father, first handcuffed and made to lay on the floor, finally received an apology from the police who tried to pay for the damage caused. The authorities were looking for his nextdoor neighbor.
This little girl was six years old. But the police apologized, so it's ok...

In the same article, we read the following:
In the Gard department, an intervention unit visited a house where a 56-year-old man of Muslim confession had been living for 14 years. The event [...] traumatised the family living in that house:
My wife, my 16- and 12-year-old children and I were awakened by a noise. [...] When I opened my window, I saw that it was the gendarmes. There were at least 50 gendarmes, some of them wore a mask, and some helmets. They had surrounded the entire neighborhood. The window in my daughter's bedroom received a bullet impact. I heard her say, "Daddy, daddy, I was shot at!" [...] They requested that my children and my wife lay down on their stomach. Then, approximately 30 gendarmes searched everywhere, making a giant mess. They treated me as if I was a terrorist. Several times I asked to be told what was going on, but nobody answered. They left at about 3.45 a.m. They must have been embarrassed, because they apologized. But it's too late, the damage is done.
A publishing company that publishes Islamic books was also raided on November 21st. The operation lasted 10 hours; books were scanned and even sniffed by security dogs. Once again, after not finding anything, the police and the town authorities apologized, claiming that the "orders had come from way up high".

A mosque in Aubervilliers was raided on the night of November 16th. The operation lasted from 12.30 am to 2.00 am, and was said to have been ordered by the town's Prefect. The members of the mosque expressed their shock at seeing the damage that had been caused: "shattered windows, broken doors, furniture turned upside down, religious books thrown on the floor, un-plugged electronics, broken ceiling... amounting to several thousand euros in damages." Once again (!!), it was a "mistake". The authorities promised to refund the victims, and Prefect Philippe Galli claimed to issue an order for the police to "respect places of worship" during future RAIDS. How about NOT raiding them to begin with?

A restaurant in Val d'Oise, with 50 people sitting at their tables and having a nice meal with their loved ones, was raided by 40 police officers. You can view some images of their "friendly visit" here:

The owner was extremely helpful and even offered to lend them his keys so that they could open any door they wanted, instead of continuing to wreck the restaurant, as you can see in the images, but he never received a reply. In the meantime, customers were told to keep silent, with their hands on the table. Unable to find anything, the police showed the restaurant's owner a Prefect warrant (better late than never!) and left.

These are just some of the examples. Are these cops, RAID agents and gendarmes really receiving "orders from way up high", conned into embarrassing themselves in this way, just in order to have the authorities pretend that they are meticulously searching every corner of France in an attempt to find evil terrorists hidden under tables or inside cupboards (just like the US "tried to find" Osama bin-Laden supposedly hidden comfortably in a cave in Afghanistan, only to then stage his "death")? It's possible. It is also possible that another goal is to use tax-payers' money to acclimatize the population to this kind of trauma, and in particular the Muslim population.

Islamophobia Rulz

I have stopped counting the attacks on Muslim citizens by other non-Muslim French citizens. The National Observatory of Islamophobia reported 32 anti-Muslim incidents during the week, as opposed to the "usual" 4-5 complaints per week. I suspect there have been more attacks than that, since another Muslim organization, the Collective against Islamophobia in France (CCIF), claims to be inundated with reports:
CCIF's spokesman Yasser Louati said his office was inundated with reports and complaints from Muslims as well as calls asking for advice on whether it was safe to send children to school.

"Muslims have become the enemy within," Louati said, adding that media attention to the incidents was uneven.
Indeed, it used to be enough to have an enemy "without" in order to justify the invasion, pillaging and conquering of other "evil" countries. But today, we have enemies running loose "within" as well, a perfect ground for sowing paranoia, fear and division.

Here you can read a summary of the most recent attacks perpetrated by non-Muslim French citizens against Muslim French citizens:

musulmane marseille
© France3
1. [...] a man punched a young veiled woman in Marseille on Wednesday and slashed her clothes with a box cutter, calling her a terrorist, in an incident that was widely publicised.

2. But another veiled woman who was rammed by a shopping cart and kicked by an assailant inside a grocery store in a suburb of Lyon the same day did not make the national news, he said.

3. One day after the Paris attacks, six protesters broke off from an anti-migrant rally in Pontivy, a town in Brittany in northwestern France, to beat up a passing young man of North African origin.

4. [...] another incident last Sunday morning in which a Turkish man standing near a kebab restaurant in Cambrai in northern France was reported shot in the back from a car flying a French flag, though his injuries were not serious.

"They're looking for brown people," Luoati said.

5. Anti-Muslim graffiti has also shown up in many places. In Evreux in northern France, the town hall and other buildings were daubed with graffiti saying "Death to Muslims" and "(with a) suitcase or (in a) coffin" - a reference to how the protesters wanted Muslims to leave town.

6. There were several reports of swastikas painted on outer walls of mosques, in the Paris area and in Pontarlier near the Swiss border. Social media also lit up with anti-Muslim and racist comments once Friday's attacks became known.
And there are more:
7. A mosque was tagged with "blood red crosses" in Sahaba de Créteil (Val-de-Marne)

8. Ham and lard were thrown in front of the Pontarlier mosque's door.

9. In Oloron-Sainte-Marie (Pyrénées-Atlantiques), both a praying center and a halal butcher shop were tagged with grafittis saying "France, wake up!" and "Long live a Free France".
10. A kebab shop in Barentin (Seine-Maritime), and its delivery vehicule parked in front, were hit with stones.

11. A woman was filmed in a Parisian RER train, insulting a veiled Muslim woman, and saying "your clothes offend me" [...] you can't wear that [...] Things will soon change [and you won't be able to offend us anymore by wearing a veil]".
The attacked victim tried her best to remain calm, and explained that she was a decent citizen, who worked for the State, and that she lived in a free country were she could wear whatever she wanted. A Muslim man (yes, beard and all! Run!) sitting close by had to jump in to her defense, and felt the need to explain that "we have nothing to do with the terrorist attacks". The fact that it is even necessary to say it is mind boggling.

And the list goes on... not just in France, but in other countries as well. And prominent puppets politicians like Donald Trump have made a spectacle of themselves in this regard. Of course, refugees have also become the new targets.

Fear, Panic and hatred

So, who benefits? We know that the weapons industry stocks are soaring, that the Middle-East is in chaos thanks to our dear Western warmongers who have trained, funded and created monsters. We know that the official story of the Paris attacks doesn't hold water. We know that European citizens are being deprived of their very basic rights. What comes next?

Louati, quoted above, has also said:
"France has declared a war on terrorism, but they chose the wrong enemy. Muslims are the first victims of terrorism throughout the world."

Along with the emergency provisions in place for three months, President Francois Hollande last week called for additional "constitutional amendments", saying France is in "a state of siege".

Among those amendments are measures which include revoking the citizenship of convicted "terrorists" who carry dual nationalities and expelling foreigners deemed a "threat" by intelligence services.
Dinah PoKempner, the General Counsel for Human Rights Watch, added:
"We look to our leaders not for fear-mongering but for cool-headed assessments of what measures are necessary and proportionate for protection. [...] In the coming weeks, [we] expect many proposals worldwide to curtail rights and expand surveillance in the name of counterterrorism."
I don't know about you, but I fear that the worst is still to come. Some politicians, like Nicolas Sarkozy, have tabled brilliant ideas like electronically tagging every "suspected terrorist". The laws being drafted involve the creation of concentration "retention" camps for suspects. How far will the authorities be allowed to go? How many "mistaken" detentions will take place? It may take a while, of course, but I cannot see much hope for things getting any better.

I cannot help but think that this is at least part of the sick agenda of those who control our society, or at the very least, a happy consequence for them to exploit.

We have seen this happen in the US after the 911 attacks, and more recently during the Ferguson drama. It is very easy to sow division, fear and panic in the population, so that people will be more controllable, and ignore the REAL division that exists. But that division has nothing to do with race, religion or ethnicity; it is the very deep difference between psychopaths - human beings who lack the capacity for empathy - and those who are able to feel for others.

You can be easily manipulated into internalizing a psychopathic world view if you don't realize what they are doing to your mind, and how they can rule you through your fears. You don't need to be a psychopath yourself. Passive submission and compliance, and basically NOT caring, can do the trick and serve their purpose. I hope you don't let that happen.