Since we launched our fundraiser several days ago, we've received generally positive responses from most of our readers. There are, however, a significant number of people who appear not to have grasped precisely WHAT it is that is and does, what goes on behind the scenes, and what the main point to our research is. While is, on the face of it, a news and commentary website, readers need to be aware that it this is merely the public face of our research organization: Quantum Future Group, Inc. The true role that plays is as the vehicle via which the results of our main projects research are distilled down and presented to our readers in the form of a daily picture of the world as it is and where it, and we as a species, are headed. This takes the form of the arrangement of articles, editorials and commentary that we publish every day, 365 days a year. There is also our forum where all the topics you see on are discussed and researched in much greater detail. In short, when you read an article or editorial or commentary on, you can be sure that the viewpoint or angle put forward is the result of rigorous research by highly qualified individuals and groups who hold the Truth above all other considerations.

One such 'behind the scenes' project (among many others), that has involved the work of dozens of our researchers, is the relaunch of the 'Evidence of Revision' documentary series. We have spent many months getting this astonishing documentary ready for re-release as a DVD set with subtitles in several different languages, and with new video and audio features and a new cover design. The new version, with English subtitles, (other languages to follow) will be available on Amazon in the very near future. Here is a clip that will give you an idea:

So our request for donations is not simply asking the public to support SOTT as a website, but that it supports RESEARCH that the Quantum Future Group sponsors and PUBLISHES for free. And we have a whole load of material that is being put together for publication that will NOT get out there in time if we are not able to concentrate on it. This material has to do with fundamental science: physics, cosmology, medicine, origins of life, and how the whole picture fits together. This information is EMPOWERING because it will demonstrate - with facts backing it up - how important Frequency Resonance Vibration WITHIN THE HUMAN SYSTEM is to every level of existence, from the individual, his relationships with others, his place in society, the place of society in the global scheme of things, and how humanity, in the global sense, affects the planet we live on, the solar system our planet is part of, and our Cosmic Future. Some of this material is explosive and if you read the last paragraph of Ark's interview where he reveals what he is working on, you'll have a small idea of the kinds of things I'm talking about. Just to make it easy, here is the extract from Ark's interview:
"...I can now devote myself to my beloved work nearly 100% of my time. And my dreams have not changed; they are still the same: to control gravity; to communicate with superluminal speed; to travel in time; to understand quantum physics; to understand consciousness. I can say that this is what I am working on, though it is nowhere explicitly stated in my scientific publications. I think I'm closer to the fulfillment..."
Do you, the reader, really understand what that level of research, undertaken by one of the world's living experts on hyperdimensional physics, on YOUR behalf, means? That is a big part of what supporting SOTT supports! SOTT is more than just a news website, and you are supporting a lot more than just getting your news fix!

Where does there exist another group of fully trained researchers who are devoting their time, intellects, energy, SOLELY to helping humanity, and are NOT controlled by power politics?

Nowhere. Period.

Everything we do, we do for humanity - the little people, because we are little people too - and we are only able to do it thanks to the support of other little people. If you, the people, want the answers - the TRUTH - you have to pitch in to help us get there. Otherwise, just let the government buy the researchers and own the answers, and they won't be giving them to you because you ain't a member of their Elite Club. Or donate to groups like or that, while purporting to represent freedom, democracy, civil rights etc., are merely phony opposition groups, who dare not touch even relatively 'tame' issues like 9/11 in any serious way, because their real goal is to keep people distracted with non-issues. Of course, such groups have no problem generating $millions from the public in their fundraising drives, which they use to further lull the people into a false sense of security and sleep.

Quantum Future Group researchers include physicists (more than just Ark), physicians of several specialties, astronomers, linguists, historians (more than just Laura), political scientists, engineers of various specialties, nurses, nutritionists, biologists, neuroscientists, chemists, and more. All with fully fledged "expert" credentials, all working together as a team and SOTT is just the public face of this work going on behind the scenes. Indeed, this work influences what is presented on SOTT, how it is interpreted, but most of all, it is in our own publications - some of it in mainstream scientific journals - that influences what we write and publish ourselves. THAT is what supporting SOTT supports, not just a rag-tag gang of citizen news collectors posting articles for no reason. So, you either agree that humanity ought to own science for its betterment, or not. We are trying to make it happen against incredible odds.

There are multiple payment options HERE. And remember, QFG Inc is a registered U.S. 501(c)(3) nonprofit and your donation is tax deductible in the USA*.

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