What do the events of 9/11 represent to us and the world in which we live? Laura brings a unique perspective to the question that will have you viewing your own reaction to 9/11 in a whole new light.


9/11 in the most practical sense represents that moment in our history when the big lie was foisted upon all of humanity in a global way - and as I've already said, when you believe a lie, you give your power away to the liars.

There are many other lies that are being propagated in our world today that people are believing and giving their power away thereby, but 9/11 is the big one.

And it basically has amalgamated many human beings on the planet who are really decent, good people who want to have a good life, a peaceful life, they don't want wars, they don't want killing, they want a future for their children.

It has amalgamated them, joined them, subsumed them into the killing machine one way or another.

Because as long as you believe that lie, the killing goes on, and as long as you are part of it, you are part of the energy of attraction of negativity that is going to bring on disaster on this planet.