Yahweh's 'fiery chariot'
Think about it, he has to be. Anger, Jealousy, covetousness, vengeance, extreme bias towards his 'chosen people' in the Israel-Palestine conflict and against literally everyone else in creation; all these are hallmarks of the politics of a die hard Republican. Well, we should probably say were hallmarks of a die-hard Republican. Nowadays they are also the hallmarks of die-hard Democrats, the two-party system having long since given way to the unifying power of "Christo-Judaism" and the influence of their representatives on earth - the Washington Neocons and their Zionist friends.

If you're still not convinced of the far right-leanings of the almighty, consider the fact that the previous Republican president admitted that he enjoyed the benefits of a personal hot line to our lord and savior. By all accounts, Bush used his direct connection to the occupants of the flying, fiery metal chariot for consultations on the more difficult aspects of governance - like which country to invade next or how best to torture.

It was in 2004 that Bush revealed that God had told him to invade Iraq (for the sake of Israel of course). It was notable that he choose a meeting with then Palestinian Prime Minister Abbas to make his shocking declaration. The problem however was that he failed to tell Abbas who this "god" was. But perhaps it was better that he chose not to reveal to the Muslim Arab world that he was receiving instructions on Middle East policy directly from the Judahite tribal war god Jehovah. It probably wouldn't have gone down well.

All of this poses a slight problem for the 120 million avowed Christians in America and a really big problem for the other 40 million "fundie" Christians - the difference between those two being that an ordinary Christian is not 'overcome with the love of Jesus' quite as often as a fundie Christian.

The fact that Bush's God and mentor is obviously the same as the one that spoke from the 'pillar of cloud', coupled with the fact that the policies of the US government will most likely end up ushering in the "end times", tends to suggest that the 40 million fundie Christians in the US (and all others around the world) should be preparing themselves to be 'ruptured' (see 3.a) rather than 'raptured'.

That just leaves the Jews; were they right all along? Are they the 'Chosen People' that will lead the world into a new dawn of peace and joy? Well, "chosen" is a rather ambiguous term, and when your God is, by his own admission, jealous and violent, we have to wonder exactly what he has chosen the Jewish people for and what he means by "peace and joy". Currently, things do not look good or peaceful for anyone on the planet, least of all the Semitic peoples of the Middle East region - keeping in mind that the Palestinians are the descendants of the Jews that did NOT leave Israel in the alleged Diaspora. Furthermore, there is a strong case to support the idea that the 'Zionist' leaders that are shaping the future of the Jewish people are Jewish in name only, and their intentions towards their 'own people' , are somewhat less than wholesome.

When all is considered, we are left with the distinct impression that each of the major religions are right to assert that their god is "the one true god". Jehovah, Jesus, Mohammed, Barney, call him whatever you want. It doesn't really matter. When you look at that which has been wrought in the name of any of the "gods" over the past 5 thousand years, it is not hard to deduce that we are talking about the same violent and jealous identity who thrives on conflict and the pain and suffering of his "children".