Beside the daily atrocities and ongoing Palestinian genocide, it seems that there are other curious things happening lately in the land of sour milk and poisoned honey. First we had a meteorite sighting that caused quite a stir, raising hysteria that Iranians are testing their missiles with the goal to finally eliminate the bravest sons and daughters of Yahweh. And this time we have a report about a mysterious 'simultaneous sighting' on a national scale.

Coincidently, there were quite a few similar mass sightings in other areas of the world recently. But considering the history of this particular cursed place, we have to wonder what's going on and what will happen next.

The following text is a translation of the Hebrew article in Ynet describing the event.
Strange lights were spotted in Israeli Sky

Our readers from the Center district and as far as Ashkelon in the South have noticed several bright trails in the sky. Witnesses reported that the "weird lights" were seen in the sky for more than 15 minutes.

Tal Rabinovski

Many residents that took a look at the sky yesterday (Saturday) noticed a couple of strange lights. The sighting was spotted from Ashkelon in the South, to Haifa in the North. The bright lights were also visible in the coast area and Jerusalem area in the East. IDF reported of no unusual recent activity.

At around 21:00 there were yellow lights shining in the Israeli sky. Matan, 19 years old from Lod told Ynet: "I saw a bright yellow light and then another one appearing near it. And they were clearly visible for 15-20 minutes. After that they started to dim and I entered the house thinking that the sighting was over. But after 5 minutes I saw that now there were 4 of them".

Matan further described the unfolding event: "The lights appeared stationary, but not like a star. They remained in the same place and therefore didn't look like a plane or a flare. It didn't look like anything I can think of".

©Yuval Tal
The picture was taken in Rehovot by another witness.

Igal Pat-El, chairman of the Israeli Astronomical Society and head of the Star Observatory, noted that the Society's observation post located in Kiriat-Gat spotted the same lights in the South. He added: "It is impossible to see the same flare from both locations that far away from each other. Therefore, we must assume that we are dealing with some kind of national event".

Only two weeks ago Israel was shocked by another 'heavenly' body that passed through the Israeli sky. Many residents in Sharon, Center, Krayot and Jerusalem districts saw the magnificent sight - two bright trails in the sky. Several witnesses reported hearing a whistling sound. Sharon Police Department also received many reports from citizens who were able to catch the event.
In an addition to the reported details, there were other very interesting witness accounts from readers who commented on the article. Many of them immediately dismissed any 'un-ordinary' explanation and pointed out that they are probably just flares. But there were also those who remarked that the lights didn't behave like a regular military flares. Standard issue flares usually don't remain stationary in the air for such a long time.

Here is a picture of flares used by the Israeli military, for comparison:


There were also testimonies from people who saw the lights for more than an hour while driving on the highway in Jerusalem area.

So what was it? You are welcome to speculate. But we are willing to take a guess and say that what ever those lights were, they clearly weren't early Christmas lights. Unless the present is a deadly booby-trap.