Update: Dry weather, fires, spontaneous combustion? As it turns out the Taurid meteor event was not a complete bust, more like a combustion:
1st of July 2008 - Witnesses across Southern California say they saw an object 'moving very fast across the northern sky' and falling near the San Bernardino Mountains. Officials have no firm answers on what it was.

From Hollywood Hills to the Nevada state line, people reported seeing a fireball streaking across the sky and falling near the San Bernardino Mountains this morning. But explanations of the mysterious object were scarce.

San Bernardino County Fire Dispatch reported receiving dozens of calls related to what was described as fireball moving at high speed and falling in northwest sky around 10:40 a.m.

"We got quite a few reports. It started with a gentlemen in the Lake Arrowhead reporting a fireball in the Meadow Bay area and then we started getting calls from all over," said San Bernardino County dispatch supervisor Tom Barnes. "Fire crews in Barstow and on I-15 near Stateline came up on the radio and reported an object in the sky moving very fast across the northern sky and described it as yellowish green in color with streaks of debris. It looked like it burned up before it hit the ground."
Now isn't it a "coincidence" that California became engulfed, at its peak, in 1,783 fires across the state, scorching over 527,000 acres, including one in the San Bernardino mountains. Firefighters are still battling over 300 fires. Yet, all the fires are being blamed on "unusual early-summer lightning storms".


An interesting sequence of events unfolds around the Axis of Evil:

- Signs appear of escalating agendas in the higher echelons of power, as heads of state slink around the globe to confer, accompanied by 'random' shootings and mysterious missiles.

- Big Brother cracks down in cyberspace - even SOTT comes under the crosshairs of mysterious hackers.

- The food crisis continues, and more vegetable species become endangered (banana, wheat, tomatoes).

- Technology goes berzerk, with serial collapsing cranes, and mysterious resurrecting WWII bombs.

- Floods and droughts abound.

- The sun loses its spots and the fireballs associated with the Taurids are nowhere to be found.

All the while, the public is kept ever more distracted by the growing media circus of Obama vs McCain.

The chain of command hands out its orders

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has been in domestic political trouble with accusations of corruption. Maybe he is in need of support from outside, or in need of a distraction for the public; but the fact is that his troubles do not divert him from more important plans for the Zionist agenda. So he pays back a visit to Bush, who has just been in Israel for the country's anniversary. It was not really a secret that they were discussing an attack on Iran. Nor does it take a genius to see that the often used phrase "stopping Iran by all possible means" is a euphemism for war. But what other details can we learn about the topics keeping the most prominent Axis of Evil members so busy in meetings and private discussions? We can infer a little from the context and sequence of events.

In a move which echoes General Fallon's resignation (the man who would not allow an attack on Iran while in charge of the Middle East military operations), the US Air Force leadership quit. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates picked Gen. Norton Schwartz as Air Force chief. As 'Les Visible' rightly comments:
Now they've put CFR member, General Norton Schwartz in charge of the Air Force. Since he's the first non-fighter pilot put into that position in a long time it makes you wonder about dissension in military ranks over the ongoing neo-con worldwide murder spree. It might cause you to give thought to that missing nuke and the killing of Tony Carnaby by the Houston Police. Of course you could also flashback to other replacements in the military, notably the one that led to General Petraeus.
It appears that these changes have stimulated the development of the Axis of Evil plans, as the US Joint Chiefs of Staff decided to pay a surprise visit to Israel at the end of the month (we hope you are keeping count of how many public figures 'checked in' with the Zionists in the last two months or so - see below for more examples!).

As Olmert's feet touched ground back home in Israel, he announced that "the pendulum" was "much closer to tough military action" in Gaza, and that he was considering launching "operations that would be much harder and more aggressive". We wonder if he got a blessing from Bush, or if it was the other way around and he went to hand his orders to Bush before continuing his plans for genocide in the local area.

In any case, it was to be expected that Palestine would heat up - not that the area was not hot enough already, as the occupied land suffers crimes and abuse on a daily basis. A few days after Olmert's declaration, an explosion destroyed a Hamas commander's house. The Israeli Offensive Forces denied any involvement and CNN even blamed the victim by calling it a "work accident". Hamas, on the other hand, affirmed that the explosion was caused by an Israeli F-16 aircraft bombing the house. Whatever the cause, the fact is that twelve people died - including a baby - and the only beneficiary, as always, is Israel.

As usually happens in this conflict, there was an apparent appeasement; the fantasy of Israel as a democracy interested in peace needs to be sustained somehow. Much was said about the 'hope' that a truce with Hamas represents, but nothing positive should be expected as a couple of days after the truce, Israel closed Gaza's borders alleging that it was responding to a rocket attack. Again, only Israel benefits.

The meetings continued. Rice visited Tel Aviv just a week after Olmert's return. Ostensibly, the subject of discussion was Israeli settlements in the West Bank. However, we can surmise that this was rather a distraction: Rice called the settlements "a problem" (terribly harsh words for Israel coming from the US Secretary of State), and Israel responded by accelerating the construction of Jewish houses in the West Bank. Clearly this topic of discussion was not 'on the table', despite any comments made by Rice. So what was the real discussion about?


Then it was Bush's turn to go to Europe, and again we see the pattern of the chain of command handing its orders out across the globe. Apparently, the purpose of his "farewell trip" was to dictate his stance on Iran to Europe - and to force it on the UK. Judging by the way in which Prime Minister Gordon Brown was so eager to please Bush, the UK government didn't need any encouragement.

Another result of Bush's 'friendly' farewell visit was a pledge by both Germany and the UK to increase the number of young men and women they will be sending to their deaths in Afghanistan. The trigger for that request was a suspicious prison break-out that enabled 700 'militants' to escape - funny that US troops were stationed just northeast of the prison and chose not to intervene while Afghan security forces and militants fought for hours. This dragged Pakistan further into the conflict, by putting pressure on their borders and enabling continued killing of civilians in Kandahar using 'vacuum' bombs. The big-wigs of the oil business must be very pleased; not only have they agreed how to divide Iraq's oil among themselves, they now have more cannon-fodder to guard their new oil pipeline. It's not about the oil at all - honest!

In the meantime, the propaganda against Iran has been increasing as usual, with talk about war being 'inevitable' now. The message was sent loud and clear as Israel was seen rehearsing an Iran attack. The arch neo-cons John Bolton and Bill Kristol are now talking about Israel attacking Iran either right before or after the US elections. Bolton in particular predicted the attack for after November but before Bush left the White House. Though they are engaging in propaganda as usual, the schedule may have been actually revealed through Bolton, as it does make sense that they would rather not disturb the electoral theatre, but would not want to miss the opportunity that the remaining Bush administration represents. Don't plan your holidays according to these dates, though - one can never be sure with psychopaths, who may even try surprises to have their war ahead of time and cancel the elections. Do, however, expect an increase in anti-Iran propaganda in the ensuing months.

This month, a series of curious incidents took place in the background which suggest that there may have been attempts of, or preparations for, terrorist attacks (and no, we are not talking about Al Qaeda™ here). A month ago, a Continental Airlines pilot reported seeing "an object with a flaming tail and a trail of smoke" flying in front of the aeroplane; other people saw it too. The official 'plausible' explanation is that this was a model rocket (i.e. a toy); however, we can't help but think of all the propaganda talk about terrorists trying to knock down passenger planes with shoulder missiles within US territory. A few days later, explosive materials were found in a stolen car near Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland - including military grade explosives. One week later, Washington experienced a widespread electric power outage and a subway fire which darkened downtown for nearly three hours. The fire and the outage did not seem to be related, and both the Treasury Department and the White House were affected. All of the above happens in the context of a public simultaneously being socially engineered through anti-terror and war exercises in Denver and Washington State, with the cooperation of Canada on the latter.

Likewise, let's remember that in Britain there was, in Exeter, a failed bombing attempt in May, and this month the UK government has developed its nasty habit of 'losing' secret documents and laptops which the media happens to recover, miraculously containing information about terrorism and Iran.

These leaks appear to have been intended to stimulate some 'shocking headlines' in the media in preparation of Bush's visit. But the runaway UK laptops appear to be almost epidemic as one with information on 20,000 British health patients was also lost.

Even more interesting was French president Nicolas Sarkozy's recent visit to Israel. Before the Knesset, he did his best to make it clear that he is on the side of the Zionists, pledging to "block" Iran from developing nuclear weapons and even offering France's soldiers and resources to aid Israel. During the farewell ceremony at Ben Gurion airport, a guard tasked with perimeter security died of a gunshot wound to the head. The official story is that he decided to commit suicide right there and then (perhaps we are meant to believe that this man didn't take goodbyes very well). This is strange enough to raise severe suspicions, especially because his family believes he had no reason to commit suicide; he was standing on a rooftop just 100 meters from Sarkozy, Olmert and Shimon Peres; and a police spokesman initially said that it was being investigated whether the man had "accidentally discharged his weapon", an unlikely scenario given that he was shot in the head.

Raeed Ghanem
Raeed Ghanem. Suicide, failed assassination attempt, or something else?

It almost looks like a failed assassination attempt. Of course, we do not have enough data to confirm this hypothesis, nor can we claim that Sarkozy himself was the target, as there were enough important people on the tarmac to provide several viable targets. Perhaps it is a mere coincidence, but a day and a half after the 'suicide', Ben Gurion airport held a disaster drill testing readiness to handle a large crash - the sort of exercise that may be useful to destroy evidence and cover the tracks of any wrongdoing.

An alternative explanation is that this was no failed attempt but a message meant to intimidate Sarkozy. If this is the case, it is reminiscent of the event more than a month ago, in which Tony Blair was threatened by Israeli fighter jets while flying over the country.

So much for the US and Western Europe, all on the side of the Zionist plan to "obliterate" Iran, in Hillary's infamous words. In contrast, Russia moved closer to Iran by signing a $2.5 billion deal to build airliners. Furthermore, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov observed during a conference that Russia and the US had more trust and respect for one another during the Cold War than they do now. The prospects for a peaceful world do not look very promising, do they?

A circus ...

Oh, how much time and energy the mainstream media has spent on the race for the democratic candidacy in the US; how much will they spend now on the campaigns; and how much have they ignored the fact that Obama is not going to make any difference if he wins? What does all this hype around Barack Obama do to empower the average American? We received a letter from a correspondent that is somewhat disturbing in its implications:
I work closely with a colleague who is an African American woman. We had some heated discussions during the Clinton vs Obama battle. She couldn't decide whether being black or being a woman was more important. I just thought voting was futile when all the presidential runners are in the pockets of the CFR, AIPAC and corporate lobbyists.

She would enthusiastically ask me, "Would you vote for Hilary or Obama?" I would tell her it was a circus designed to keep Americans entranced and distracted from the real issues that they should be concerned about. Like the trillions of dollars spent on illegal wars; GMO food giants decimating the food industry with toxic crops and biofuels; economic collapse, and uncontrollable inflation.

Not surprisingly, it wasn't quite the answer she was looking for.

Towards the end of the 17 month Democratic 'race', she was beginning to think that maybe there was some truth to what I said. I could see the telltale signs of someone slowly awakening from their slumber; beginning to question the lies that have been culturally programmed into us from birth by our family, friends, leaders and the complicit media.

When it was announced that Obama would be the presidential nomination, all those questions she was about to ask stopped in an instant. She was no longer identifying with being a woman anymore, Instead she was at one with her ethnic roots. A hypnotic trance seemed to have engulfed her. She had spent the evening telling her boys that they too could achieve whatever they wanted. If a black man can run for president, then they can rise up any corporate ladder they wanted to.

I didn't know what to say. But the truth is she couldn't hear anything I said. She was lost, glazed eyes looking into the heavens of hope and the utopic change that Obama would bring to the world.

obama saviour

The dream-like look immediately reminded of a time I caught up with a friend I hadn't seen in a long while. In our time apart he had given up his drug, alcohol and partying addictions and become a 'born again' Christian. At his house he put some popular Christian music on. In an instant he was off. A glazed carefree expression engulfed his face as he swayed and hummed along to 'Shine Jesus Shine'. He was hypnotised by his new found faith, and lost like a leaf blowing in the wind, to what ever direction his 'church' would lead him.

The same level of hypnosis had taken my colleague. I realised she is one of millions of people who will have experienced the same detachment from reality. Obama the saviour will bring about change. Belief that there is hope after the tyrannical Neocon regime.
Given Bush's standing in the opinion polls it seems quite likely that this situation is the rule, rather than the exception, in America at the moment. Barack Obama has become a savior figure that has the dreams of a desperate nation invested in him - and this is not by coincidence. On the announcement of Obama's candidacy, newspapers and magazines around the world were quick to propagate and capitalise on the news of a new presidential messiah. Rupert Murdoch likened Obama to a rock star who would win the presidency, and his tabloids in the UK used the headline "Obama has a dream" - associating Obama with civil rights leader Martin Luther King. And there was 'that' cover of Rolling Stone magazine which used the tagline "A New Hope" - a reference to the hero Luke Skywalker of the Star Wars movies:

obama frontpage rollingstone
©Rollingstone magazine

The public relations machine has certainly done its job effectively. America and the world are now mesmerized and distracted into believing that this new presidential messiah is Martin Luther King and JFK revisited. Behind the scenes however, Obama has been more than adequately 'prepared' for the role the Powers That Be may yet allow him to play.

Recently, Obama's campaign staff duped the press in order to allow him to attend 'private meetings', at which we can only speculate about what dealings occurred. Obama may be good-looking and charismatic, but he has also made no secret about his commitment to the Corporate State. In his own words: "Look. I am a pro-growth, free-market guy. I love the market". Nor has he shied away from his role as a hawk. In the annual AIPAC conference and wearing both an American flag pin and an Israeli flag pin, Obama declared Jerusalem indivisible - and it's not hard to see which side of the 'conflict' (read: occupation) should get the whole cake for itself in the candidate's view. Hillary Clinton made a quite explicit comment in this regard:
"Let me be very clear, I know that Senator Obama will be a good friend to Israel"
To be fair, no candidate would have any chance of being elected if they didn't go through these grotesque rituals of selling their souls (if they have any) to the elite in the first place. The structure of power would not allow it, and that is why it is most reasonable to regard the 'Obama Hope' as mere wishful thinking. As Dennis Loo writes:
If Obama really were a solution, then why should we expect him to have an awakening upon taking office if he's been slumbering, morally and legally, all of these years?

If Obama really were a solution, and did have such an awakening in the White House, why would the same system and same individuals who cooperated all these years with the monsters running our country let Obama do an about-face in the White House? [...]
Sure, there is a remote possibility that Obama is cleverly playing the game in order to get himself into the White House, hoping that he can make a difference once in there the way Kennedy tried. On that train of thought, some people have been speculating hard about a scenario in which Obama gets the same treatment as the Kennedys. Even Libya's Gadhafi suspects that Obama fears a bullet from Mossad if he doesn't support Israel enough (and who could blame him? Mossad does not believe in fair play, as Sarkozy may have learned at Ben Gurion airport).

But if he has any real intentions for change, the democratic candidate would have to prove himself to the people, and so far we haven't seen any of that. Quite the contrary, besides his discouraging declarations quoted above, the fact that people like Rupert Murdoch think he's a rock star is a disturbing sign that the status quo has nothing to fear from Obama - in fact they welcome him. Thus, his campaign is reduced to a side show - whether the rock star is a pawn of the elite, or the elections turn out to be irrelevant anyway because some shocking event (like a terrorist attack or a war with Iran) interrupts the process.

...But no bread

It is looking more likely that false hope is the only thing that people will have to eat in the future. On top of the global food crisis, the economic crisis (have you felt the rise in the cost of living already? we have!) and the deaths of key animal species, such as bats and bees, we now have enough species of fruits and vegetables in danger to start making a list:

- Bananas are dying of Panama Disease.
- One fourth of the world's wheat is at risk from a new fungus.
- Tomatoes infected with salmonella have been discovered in the US. Although this does not affect the species itself, the fact is that the fruit ends up being destroyed out of fear of the disease.

This list doesn't even take into consideration the harvests affected by floods and droughts (see below).

The noose tightens around the Internet

Meanwhile, the noose is increasingly tightening around the Internet, one of the last places where there is still some semblance of free speech. Under the guise of protecting copyrighted materials, many countries around the world are getting tough on the 'illegal' downloaders, with penalties ranging from barring broadband access to heavy fines. The irony is that the artists, the very people those Orwellian measures purported to protect, are quick to criticize the Orwellian measures. In another more extreme, if not ridiculous, example, AP news agency goes after a little known blogger for publishing fragments of their news articles and reports. It seems that their lies and propaganda get exposed so often by the army of bloggers that they have now chosen to resort to such blatant intimidations - the move of a liar protecting his lies.

Alongside the intimidations, major ISPs are throttling users with high bandwidth usage. Some ISPs even hire a company to monitor and hijack websites that these users visit. All those measures serve to do one thing: discourage users from accessing the Internet. And where will they turn for news if not from the web? The TV with 'fair and balanced' Fox News, of course!

In the background, the wiretapping measures continue to be enacted. The US Congress has just passed the new surveillance bill, which combines the worst of all alternative bills. It both allows retroactive immunity to the telecoms and gives sweeping surveillance power to the government. Even Sweden, the country that hosts controversial sites such as Wikileaks and The Pirate Bay, has passed a bill that allows wiretapping, cross-border, of all telephone and Internet communications.

The weather and the eternal shine of the spotless sun

Our notes of the climate and geological events and disasters of the last month or so include a bit of everything:

- Tropical storms: Alma and Arthur hit Central America; Alma being the first Costa Rica born tropical storm ever. Typhoon Fengshen kills more than a dozen people in southern China.

- Floods: Midwest US, India, China and Mexico.

- Droughts: Texas and California. Australia suffers the driest May on record.

- Volcanoes in the process of waking up or already awake:Cerro Azul in the Galapagos islands, Etna in Sicily, Llaima in southern Chile, Semeru in Indonesia.

- Earthquakes: Powerful earthquake in Japan. Moderate earthquake in Panama and Costa Rica. Two earthquakes in Greece, and a few days later another three. Israel and Lebanon.

Al Gore and his followers would argue that man-made global warming is to blame for storms, floods and droughts and that geology should be ignored. We, however, would like to think outside the box - or rather, outside the planet. So maybe it is time to consider the weather and tremors of Earth in the context of cosmic weather - and more specifically, solar system weather?

You may have heard that the cycle of sunspots, usually quite regular, has slowed down as the sun has refused to produce its usual eruptions for a couple of years now (with a couple of exceptions in April-March). Solar physicists are puzzled, as they were expecting an increase in activity earlier this year. Well, of course the sun could decide it is time to get back to work any time now, but if it doesn't, the most immediate consequence, based on historical record, is an ice age - an effect that would dramatically stress the importance of the weather of the solar system on our little blue marble.

Indeed, a US Army researcher claims that it is the sun, and not man, who is to blame for climate change. Is there a relationship with Jupiter's recent new storms and its own climate change? How about Mars?

The Ulysses spacecraft concluded a mission studying the sun with some interesting results:
Ulysses ends its career after revealing that the magnetic field emanating from the sun's poles is much weaker than previously observed. This could mean the upcoming solar maximum period will be less intense than in recent history.
It sounds a little too serious to us, as the sun seems to be taking a long holiday. Even more serious is this:
Ulysses also studied dust flowing into our solar system from deep space, and showed it was 30 times more abundant than astronomers suspected.
You see, with dust come pebbles, stones, rocks, comet fragments and comets; all of which seem to have the unhealthy habit of smashing our planet once in a while according to historical cycles.

The Taurid shower that did not happen

As you probably know, for the past several years SOTT has closely monitored the news for reports of meteorite and fireball sightings. Not an easy task when major news agencies have a non existent interest in covering them. In fact, extensive research indicates a possible 'deliberate avoidance' factor that plays a significant part in this rather peculiar media silence.

But still, there are times when many scientific magazines and mass media publications present the public with colorful and detailed articles about our uninvited and fiery guests from space. And those moments of publicity usually coincide with periods of major meteor showers. It is also the time when many fascinated eyes are directed toward the sky with an expectation to catch the sight of 'falling stars'.


And what meteor stream is more famous than Taurids stream, the same stream that brought us Tunguska, and the one that produces two annual meteor showers, during June 5 to July 18 and October to November?

So with that knowledge in mind and based on data indicating an increasing number of sightings, mysterious booms, overhead explosions, etc. eager SOTT staff searched the net, anticipating news feeds flooded with reports.

But there were none.

Yes, it is well known that Beta Taurids shower is visible only during the daylight hours, so everything seems to be in order, right? Sorry, no fallen stars this season, folks... The problem with this explanation is that until this month, and during periods when there were no meteorite showers, we were able to collect a significant number of news items on those topics. But not this month. Oh yes, as was mentioned above, all kinds of magazines and news sites were packed with publications on the mystery of Tunguska and graphic doom scenarios. But real time encounters with those doom harbingers were nowhere to be found.

So we are forced to ask - what is going on? And how we are going to deal with this situation when apparently we reached the level of even deeper suppression of 'something wicked' on its way here. Maybe the solution hides between the dusty pages of history: in the testimonies of those who experienced great calamities brought by fire and pestilence:
The summer of 1871 had been excessively dry; the moisture seemed to be evaporated out of the air; and on the Sunday above named the atmospheric conditions all through the Northwest were of the most peculiar character...It was weird and unnatural. I have never seen nor felt anything like it before or since. Those who experienced it will bear me out in these statements.

At that hour, half past nine o'clock in the evening, at apparently the same moment, at points hundreds of miles apart, in three different States, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Illinois, fires of the most peculiar and devastating kind broke out, so far as we know, by spontaneous combustion.
Dry weather, fires, spontaneous combustion? Well, in fact there was one report of a fireball seen - in California.

Perhaps the key is to look for something other than the obvious signs; like descriptions of out of ordinary precipitations or 'natural phenomena' and see if it can be interpreted in a different context. And thanks to the media preoccupation with Tunguska, we were offered at least one handy clue.
International researchers investigating the Tunguska Event, an explosion exactly 100 years ago in central Siberia, say acid rain traces in the region back up the theory that the blast was caused by a meteorite...

"Extremely high temperatures occurred as the meteorite entered the atmosphere, during which the oxygen in the atmosphere reacted with nitrogen causing a build up of nitrogen oxides," one of the authors of the joint research, Natalia Kolesnikova, told RIA Novosti.
That reminds us of another interesting event that happened in Siberia at the beginning of 2007.
There is nothing unusual about snow in the towns and endless forests of Siberia. But when locals in the small village of Pudinskoye woke up on Wednesday they immediately noticed something rather strange: the snow falling from the sky was orange...

Russia's environmental watchdog said the snow contained four times higher than normal quantities of iron as well as acids and nitrates.
Curiously enough, there was a sighting of a volleyball size meteorite in a neighboring region two week prior to the orange snow event. And if the meteorite exploded high up in the atmosphere, its very fine particles could easily float around for a couple of weeks or longer. On the other hand, thanks to Victor Clube's work we now know that meteorites are often accompanied by the phenomenon of dust suspended in the atmosphere, so it didn't have to be just an overhead explosion to cause such peculiar precipitation.

All in all, it offers many hints on how to read the news in a different way. And we encourage you, the reader, to help us to collect the clues and send us any such curious articles you may find while surfing the web.

Meanwhile, here are several examples of 'mysterious' events that happened this month and have a high probability of being an exact match and proof that traces of Taurids activity were found after all.

Mystery explosion in China causes earthquake
Bangladesh: Mysterious booms rock city
Romanian airplane hit by an UFO
Australia: Plane, meteor or just a UFO?
Blast but "no bomb" in Pakistani cities

Haunted skies: Towards disclosure?

One could say that the mysterious lights and crafts that haunt our skies are also part of the 'cosmic weather'. Whatever they are, they have been present for quite some time, so in a sense they are not really news. What is becoming noteworthy however, is that slowly but steadily, they seem to be grabbing more attention in the mainstream media. The reports are not ridiculed as often as before. A man claims that he has a home video showing an alien peeking through a window, and the media actually listen. Furthermore, some governments are doing their part in letting the cat out of the bag. For example, let us recall that the UK Ministry of Defence recently opened its UFO case files in a tacit admission that there is something strange going on that needs to be recorded by the authorities. Does this trend indicate that we are being prepared for disclosure?


UFOs appear all over the globe. But we noticed that lately they have been attracted to Wales. The police admitted engaging in a helicopter UFO chase in Cardiff, while in a separate incident, locals reported the sighting of orange circular objects. Similar lights were later spotted over Bala.

Curious people as we are, we wonder what those UFOs might be doing in Wales. What else has been on the news about that part of the UK lately? Could there be a relationship with the strange suicides in Brigdend and the double murder and suicide on Father's Day, again in Wales? Perhaps. Perhaps not, but it certainly warrants at least a moment's consideration.

Something is rotten in the Kingdom of Colorado, WWII Redux and Cranes attempting to fly?

In our last article we mentioned the idea of paying attention to emerging patterns that may signal something about the nature of events that are likely to take place soon. And as we were able to see, all the signs pointed toward the impending collapse or crash of reality as we know it. Unfortunately, we have a similar undeniable trend this month, with an emphasis on history repeating itself.

But first, we'll take a trip down the rabbit hole, straight to the new headquarters of NORAD in Colorado Springs, US.

As some of you may know, NORAD (the control center that is responsible for detecting attacks on North America) moved in May from its longtime location in the Cheyenne Mountain to a new and shiny location at Peterson AFB. The move was announced as the necessary step toward better and quicker response to crises or attacks. But as it turns out, the outcome of this particular relocation is going to be quite the opposite.
"On March 3, military leaders reported to Congress that an assessment of a building at the air base that serves as the nation's homeland security nerve center found "several physical security problems."

But The Gazette of Colorado Springs said it obtained a classified document that was even more critical. According to the document, the assessment found "the existing security system at Peterson AFB ... would fail if attacked by even a low level threat."[...]

Peterson Air Force Base is adjacent to Colorado Springs Airport. One security expert, Christopher Hellman of the Center for Arms Control and Nonproliferation in Washington, said he was troubled by a failure to assess the risk posed by the civilian airport's proximity.

"There's going to be lots of air traffic and that's going to make it difficult to identify whether there's hostile aircraft until the last minute, if at all," Hellman told the newspaper after being briefed on the contents of the assessment. "You won't know its intention until it's too late."
We must admit it would be a shame to question the mental abilities of those whose duties are to be on the front line protecting American people and calculating the outcome of any possible scenarios. So it leaves us no choice but to conclude that the above described grave security negligence was deliberate. And if so, for what purpose? Is it possible that there is a connection between that and recent 'terror drills' in Denver, or McCain's aide's remark that a terrorist attack in the United States would benefit the Republican nominee politically?

And if that wasn't enough, there was yet another 'burning' issue occupying the minds of Colorado Springs residents:
There was no fire, but the ground was hot enough in a Colorado Springs park to burn through an eight year old boy's shoes and cause at least second degree burns on his feet. The boy went the hospital. His Crocs style shoes that were left behind have big holes with burned edges.

After the boy was treated and sent to the hospital firefighters took surface readings that showed hard to believe temperatures. According to Chief Matthews, "The highest temperature we got at the surface of the soil with the sun shining on it was 800 degrees, which is pretty darn significant. Radiant heat from the sun will get it up around 150, 160 degrees, but not to that level."
And evidently that was only the beginning. Three days later, firefighters had to fight a wildfire near NORAD no less, which was supposedly sparked by a lightning.

Interestingly enough, Golden Hills Park is very close to the Air Force Academy, and on the same line as the Cheyenne Mountain, now second home of NORAD.

Truly shades of X-files, and no less intriguing than the following chain of events. Apparently two old WWII bombs were found on the same day near two different airports: in London and in Amsterdam. The discovery was followed by closing both of the airports.

Now, even if we are trying to stay as rational as possible, we can't deny the peculiarity of this coincidence and inquire about reasons for shutting down both heavily active airports at the same time. There are indeed many possibilities, like transporting something from one location to another unobserved, installing various systems or performing a test run. Anything is possible, so use your imagination!

And as we are going to utilize just that, we will speculate about the meaning of those WWII ammunitions popping up all over the world during the last two months. In Hungary, Japan, Malasya, Germany, Iceland, Austria and France.

There is a well known saying: Those who do not learn from history are bound to repeat it. And we think it is pretty clear by now that humanity is on the verge of taking a deep dive, and entering into a loop of events similar to WWII. Does this mean it is too late to try and break free from this merry-go-round?

Speaking of breaking, it seems as though the past month's collapse trend took a rather intensive curve, resulting in series of serial crane collapses all over the world, but especially in the US. As cranes aren't supposed to break, bend or collapse so easily, we wonder if there is something in the atmosphere that's affecting them. Or perhaps, as it may seem reasonable to assume under our crazy circumstances, it is due to the general 'atmosphere' of total collapse as well. The Universe is continuing to send out messages in order to get our attention. Unfortunately, only a handful are able to decipher it and scream it from the rooftops to the sleeping masses walking down the street.

It started with three sequential collapses last month in New York, Iowa and Kansas. It then continued with June crane collapses in Maryland, Colorado, Texas, Miami, and again New York.

The last news item is of particular interest - we could not ignore several curious details of the event:
Firefighters say the flatbed truck was carrying the crane in the Flatbush neighborhood on Wednesday when it fell several inches into a sink hole.
A flat-back truck was carrying the crane in the 'Flat-Bush' neighborhood! Sometimes the Universe just can't be clearer than that.

Hope, when bold, is Strength!

This month, like so many countless months before it, has presented us with a glimpse of the chaos that lurks behind the self-certainty of our worldly leaders. Their certainty, whether it be in their often ludicrous explanations of world events or 'science' that merely serves to cover up real science, offers many a sense of respite. We look to others for the comfort of certainty. And yet, the only voices of certainty to which we can turn are pathological imitations: the self-assured certainty, even if it brings us to oblivion, of a psychopath.

We are so full of self-doubt that, rather than trusting our voice of conscience, and speaking with the certainty of the truth and objectivity of conscience, we look to others to find that impulse expressed. Without this 'social proof', without an external ideal with which to identify, without this magnetic 'pole' that counters the spellbinder's pull, the moral impulse never gets expressed. We repress our conscience, and the only voice heard is that which signals our own destruction. It is this all-too-real cowardice that plays a role in ponerogenesis equal to that of psychopathy. Like a note never sung, thus never heard, the sound of conscience will not resonate in the hearts of others if there is no one capable of producing its tone.

So what does this mean? It means that we must become those voices of conscience. We must be that voice of reason and conscience that speaks for those who cannot speak. We must present a view of the world that is solid, and that solidity must reflect an inner solidity. This world "as it is" is not the only possibility for life. There is another possibility. But for people to see this, the state of this world must be condemned for what it is. Lack of conscience must be called out in public, and the sound of conscience must be produced for all those capable of hearing. SOTT exists for this purpose.

If we don't do it there are few, if any, on this planet who will. It is easy to lose hope. How can we do anything of good on this planet when the side that seeks only its own ends gives an image of perfect certainty, and the media pander to this image? In a world that treats psychopaths with no critical distance, and even idolizes them, it is easy to stifle the voice of your conscience. We have so far to go before we even acquire the necessary state from which to be poles of conscience for this planet. But the only other option we have is to give up and fall back asleep. And we at SOTT would rather work our entire lives, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds, than resign ourselves and the world to that fate.

Looking at the events of a whole month on this troubled planet and thinking about where they might lead is an overwhelming task, both intellectually and emotionally. All these different threads seem to be pulling us down. But what for? What is the meaning of our lives in this intricate cosmic drama? Is this all one big joke on us?

We at SOTT do not think that we live in a sea of existential nonsense. We prefer to accept the invitation of the Universe to find out what is worth fighting for and fighting for it. Having been born in a world of lies, we believe that the Truth is what is worth seeking and defending, and the only chance that anything creative has to survive. The Spanish writer Miguel de Unamuno wrote something that gives us some hope, when all hope seems lost:
What, then, is the new mission of Don Quixote, today, in this world? To cry aloud, to cry aloud in the wilderness. But though men hear not, the wilderness hears, and one day it will be transformed into a resounding forest, and this solitary voice that goes scattering in to the wilderness like seed, will fructify into a gigantic cedar, which with its hundred thousand tongues will sing an eternal hosanna to the lord of life and death.
What is at first a note shyly sung, and scarcely heard, grows into a symphony. Even if our voice goes unnoticed, the universe does hear, and we would be foolish to presume to deduce the unprecedented from the precedents, as Hannah Arendt put it.

The spice of wonder: It's crop circle season!

In fact, in spite of often feeling crushed by the daily bad news on this planet, we try to retain a sense of wonder and joy in the task of understanding this mysterious world. On this hopeful note, we celebrate that it is crop circle season again! Crop circles: a wonderful mystery like no other. Oh, what a stimulating idea to think that crop circles are neither the product of teenagers with wooden planks nor of 'flying saucers'... indeed, perhaps the universe not only hears our call, but responds as well? A voice of truth and beauty in the wilderness of a humanity so lost, so backwards, and yet imbued with such potential.

We leave you with two beautiful examples of such mysteries.
Pi in a crop circle:

Crop circle
©Alex Pictures
The circle is a coded representation of pi to the 10th significant figure

And a gigantic circle in South Korea; the first one to be documented in the country:

Crop circle Korea 1