Surprise Surprise! Yet another "Bin Laden tape" has surfaced wherein the Harry Houdini of the Islamic terror world and eternal straw man for American and Israeli demagogues reiterates his call to arms for the destruction of Western civilisation...

What is shocking in all of this is the unbelievable mendacity and wilfulness of the mainstream press in furthering this most vile and dangerous of myths that "Islamic terror" threatens Western countries and their populations. As with every previous such tape, we are told that the "authenticity could not be verified" but that unnamed "U.S. intelligence officials believe it to be from Bin Laden". Even the BBC, once a responsible news outlet (before its evisceration by the Blair government after the David Kelly "suicide" affair), irresponsibly parroted the details of the unverifiable recording as if there was no doubt about its origin or authenticity. In a sane world, it would not be standard policy for allegedly objective media corporations to publish such unverified claims as if they were fact. But there is nothing sane about global power politics and if a story involves "Bin Laden tapes" or otherwise supports American and Israeli war mongering and vicious anti-Islamic/Arab propaganda, then no questions are asked.

From the unreported details of events in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania on September 11th 2001 that point to a U.S. and Israeli government involvement in the attacks, to historical facts about the role of the CIA in the Russian/Afghan war in the 1980's that resulted in the creation of the modern-day al-Qaeda, to clear evidence of Israeli, American and British government campaigns of 'false flag' terrorist attacks, there is a wealth of evidence, freely available to all mainstream media outlets, that leads to one conclusion: the War on Terror, the idea of organised Islamic terror groups and the claim that Iran's nuclear program threatens the world, is one big, fat, collective lie. It is a Punch and Judy show with Israeli, British and American government hands on the puppet strings.

Am I the only one who finds it utterly incredible that Osama could have evaded capture for so long? That the entire intelligence and military apparati of America, Israel, Britain, Pakistan, Egypt, India and Indonesia are unable to find one man? For the past few years this phantom has allegedly been flitting from cave to cave in the mountainous area of the Pakistan side of the Afghan-Pakistani border. Confined to this desolate area, we are asked to believe (by U.S. ambassador in (not to) Iraq, Zalmay Khalilzad) that this modern day Scarlet Pimpernel, despite being cut off and hemmed in, still maintains the considerable infrastructure, connections, manpower and organisational capacity to mount a serious attack on Western countries, and all the while, the combined intelligence agencies of several world powers are unable to get a whiff of it, let alone pinpoint the turbaned devil himself. If there is one thing I would ask of the U.S. government, on behalf of the sane people of the world, it is for a little credit.

Thankfully, the cracks that are inherent in the fabric of such a dodgy production are not only beginning to show, but widen. In the most recent audio recording, "Osama's" calls for Islamic holy war in Sudan and other Muslim states have already been publicly disowned by the Sudanese government and Hamas. Not even Arab client states of the American government, it seems, are prepared to associate themselves with the 'B movie' that is the Osama and al-Qaeda dog and pony show. This public rejection of al-Qaeda's ideology of a 'clash of civilisations' (coincidentally also the ideology of the Neocons) by two of the U.S. government's most valuable whipping boys in the bogus War on Terror presents a serious problem for American foreign policy think tankers. How will they continue to justify the "War on Islamic Terror" when the core of the threat is an aging veteran of the Russian Afghan war, alone, isolated and hiding behind his dialysis machine in a cave in the Hindu-Kush mountains? Of course, I do not doubt that they will try their very best.

Any future "terror attacks on Western or Israeli targets notwithstanding; the simple and logical fact is that Bin Laden is today no more capable of waging a war on Western civilisation than he was capable of overcoming the American intelligence and military apparati with 19 Arab men armed with box cutters on 9/11. But things have progressed quite a bit since 9/11. While American and Israeli intelligence will probably continue to drag Osama onto the stage from time to time to provide the equivalent of a little emotional electroshock to Western populations, the real focus these days is the next stage in the conquest of the Middle East under the equally unbelievable banner of spreading 'Freedom and Democracy'.

It is no surprise therefore that, today, Israel has moved to capitalise on the Osama tape and the memories of 'that fateful day' that it provoked by ramping up the nonsensical rhetoric over Iran. As in a report today on that bastion of lies and disinformation, Fox News, Prime Minister Olmert stated: "Tehran's ambitions threaten not only Israel but all of Western civilization." To understand the ridiculous of this statement it is important to understand a few things about Iran's nuclear program. Both IAEA and American nuclear proliferation experts have asserted that it will take at least 10 years for Iran to develop one nuclear bomb. Despite this, we are being asked to believe that, today, right now, Iran poses a threat to all of Western civilisation!! Is one nuke in 10 years time sufficient to threaten all of Western civilisation today?! Such a pronouncement is therefore an obvious attempt to manipulate the world into accepting an attack on Iran that is in no way justified.

In a normal, sane world, the Osama tape would be laughed at, and Olmert's statement would be thoroughly exposed for the dangerous manipulation that it is. But we do not live in a normal, sane world it seems. We live in a world where murderous psychopaths in suits (for we can call them nothing else) have risen to positions of unchecked power in government and the media and are determined to subject the planet's population to a constant barrage of hate-filled, war-mongering propaganda in the hope of 'pyschopathising' every last one of us into supporting their genocidal plans. 'Bird Flu' is not the biggest pathological threat to the world today, it is the pathology espoused by the world's political elite and which is carried to the four corners of the earth and into every living room by the mainstream media. The only antidote to this disease, this infestation that is spreading through our minds like a cancer, is for every one of us, at every turn, to fully recognise and reject it for what it is:

Manipulation, Lies, Murder, Psychopathy, Genocide.