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Heavy Rains, High Winds in Manitoba Damage Homes, Force Residents to Flee

© (CBC)A resident in Twin Lakes Beach, in the RM of St. Laurent, wades through high waters to save belongings during Tuesday's flood and storm.
Heavy rain and extreme wind have caused extensive flooding and wind damage around Lake Manitoba and in southwestern parts of the province.

The Manitoba government says 16 people had to be rescued Tuesday, including one person who had to be lifted out by helicopter in the Rural Municipality of St. Laurent.

So far, 238 people who evacuated from the area have registered with the Red Cross.

Several roads have been washed out or overtopped with water and the government says they will have to be inspected before evacuees can return.

More than 700 seasonal and permanent properties have been on mandatory evacuation notices around Lake Manitoba due to flooding.

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US Kansas: Quick Flooding Prompts Evacuations in Manhattan

© NBC Action News.comJUNE 2, 2011: Skytracker flies over Manhattan, Kansas, where flooding of the Wildcat Creek prompted the evacuation of hundreds of residents
Heavy rain that quickly pushed creeks out of their banks in north-central Kansas chased hundreds of people from their homes for several hours Thursday, turning parts of the region into a maze of closed roads.

In Riley County, police ordered about 200 people to evacuate houses and apartment complexes before dawn Thursday in a low-lying area along Wildcat Creek in Manhattan. Several inches of rain that began falling Wednesday night swelled the creek and raised the Kansas River.

Flooding along Wildcat Creek isn't unusual, but police Capt. Kurt Moldrup said Thursday's episode was "the worst flooding that we've seen in this area." The creek began receding by midday and most roads reopened, allowing residents to go home to their houses, apartments and vehicles, many of them damaged by water.

The American Red Cross opened a shelter at St. Thomas More Church, but it appeared unlikely that many people would need to stay there Thursday night.

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Rains, Snowfall Keep Mercury in Check in North India

© WikipediaStates in the North and North Central Zones of India, as defined by the Indian Government.
In Punjab, Patiala saw a heavy downpour of 53 mm, with the minimum settling at 19 deg C, down six notches. Amritsar received a rainfall of 13.8 mm and the minimum dropped to 18.2 deg C, down five degrees. Ludhiana received 18.8 mm of rains, and the minimum settled at 18.8 deg C, seven degrees below normal. Ambala was the wettest place in Haryana after being lashed by 47.4 mm of rains. The minimum there settled at 18.3 deg C, down seven degrees, while it recorded a high of 31.9 deg C, nine degrees below normal.

In Himachal Pradesh, the higher reaches received another spell of snowfall while the mid and lower hills were lashed by heavy rains, causing a sharp fall in minimum temperatures. Keylong in tribal Lahaul and Spiti district received 18 cm of snow while Rohtang, Kunzam, Saach and other mountain passes received moderate snowfall. The Rohtang Pass (13,050 feet), which opened for tourists yesterday, was blocked for a few hours but it was cleared as the snow melted. The hill state received widespread rains with Nadaun being the wettest in the region with 80 mm of rains. The minimum temperature dropped to 10 degree in Shimla.

Some parts of Rajasthan also witnessed moderate rainfall. Churu, Pilani and Bikaner received 19mm, 8 mm and 6 mm rains respectively. Kota was the hottest place in the desert state with a maximum temperature of 41.4 deg C, followed by Barmer (41.3), Bikaner (38.5), Ajmer (38.4). The state capital Jaipur recorded 36.2 deg C.

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US: Keene Valley Slide Accelerating, Driven by Rain

This home's foundation has been
wrecked by shifting earth
Scientists say the record-breaking landslide on Little Porter Mountain in Keene Valley is still on the move, driven by last weekend's heavy rains.

The disaster hasn't caused any injuries, but a half-dozen homes are threatened.

Martha Foley has an update.


Frequent Tornadoes a Symptom of Jet Stream Change

Tornado Destruction
© Wikimedia CommonsDestruction from a tornado in Joplin, Mo., May 23, 2011.
The unusually large number of severe tornadoes this year may be a sign of large scale changes in the jet stream.

John Harrington Jr., a professor of geography at Kansas State University, notes that severe tornadoes are not unheard of historically. But when the events happen frequently such as the the destruction of Joplin, Mo., the outbreak of multiple tornadoes in Alabama, and yesterday's northeast outbreak in Massachusetts, it becomes a warning that there are changes afoot in the jet stream.

"The fact that this is happening all in one year and in a relatively short time frame is unusual," Harrington said in a Kansas State press release.

The jet stream in the upper atmosphere flows from west to east and tends to meander over the southern states during the winter and the northern states in the summer. Tornadoes tend to strike most during the spring and fall shifts of the jet stream.

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US: Atlantic Disturbance Crossing Florida Today

© AccuWeatherThis radar snapshot was taken at 10:30 a.m. EDT Wednesday, June 1, 2011. The system in question is affecting Daytona Beach from the east.
"The system... may behave a bit like a tropical storm with a brief period of gusty winds and localized flooding downpours."

An area of disturbed weather in the Atlantic will bring heavy, gusty thunderstorms to part of the Florida Peninsula this afternoon and evening.

The feature, which started out as a cluster of thunderstorms over the Great Lakes this past weekend, blew off the mid-Atlantic coast Memorial Day morning.

That feature has now turned southwestward and will cross the Florida Peninsula from northeast to southwest this afternoon and evening.

Areas from Daytona Beach and Cape Canaveral will be impacted first. Next, Gainesville, Ocala and Orlando would be in the path of the stormy weather this afternoon. Finally, the Tampa, Sarasota and Fort Myers areas are fair game for some of the thunderstorms later today.

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Massachusetts, US: Tornadoes Kill 4, Damage Homes

Springfield sees worst of severe weather, nearby areas hit as well

Springfield - At least two tornadoes left at least four people dead, caused numerous injuries and damage Wednesday in this western Massachusetts city, scattering debris, toppling trees and frightening workers and residents before racing east.

Gov. Deval Patrick declared a state of emergency and the National Guard called up about 1,000 troops, NBC News reported.

Scott MacLeod, a spokesman for the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency, confirmed the four deaths Wednesday night but said there were no details about the circumstances.

He said two people died in Westfield, one in West Springfield and one in the town of Brimfield.

The first tornado touched down at about 4:30 p.m. local time in Springfield, the third largest city in the state, Chris Vaccaro, a spokesman for the National Weather Service, said.

"There was a tornado on the ground and reports of widespread damage in Hampden, Massachusetts, and also reports of damage in Springfield," Vaccaro said.

Much of the damage was in Springfield's South End neighborhood near Interstate 91 and the Connecticut River. Heavy winds could be seen churning the Connecticut River and hail, heavy rain and thunder hammered the area.

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US: Hawaii - Snow, rain and possible thunderstorms in forecast

© Unknown
Unstable air conditions are bringing snow to Big Island summits, rain to all Hawaiian islands and the possibility of thunderstorms. forecasters say.

The National Weather Service predicts wet and gusty weather as tradewinds blow rain over leeward areas from the windward side and afternoon heating creates the possibility of thunderstorms as cold, moist and unstable air moves over the state.

Forecasters say thunderstorms and lightning are possible, especially in the leeward areas of the Big Island.

A winter weather advisory is in effect for Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea summits, where 1 to 3 inches of snow is expected.

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Best of the Web: Amazing waterspout 'tornadoes' caught on camera off Australia

Dramatic footage filmed from a helicopter by Australia's Channel 7 shows a series of powerful waterspouts near the coastal suburb of Terrigal, on Australia's New South Wales coast. Several powerful columns of swirling air could be seen blasting along the water's surface near the coastline. Channel 7 claimed the spouts reached heights of up to 600 metres (nearly two thousand feet), but dissipated as they neared land. The natural wonders came as strong winds and heavy rain also lashed other parts of the state, causing flash flooding and traffic chaos in Sydney.

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US: More rain, snow, National Guard troops for Montana

Missouri river
© Associated PressRising water from the Missouri river laps up against sandbags placed around a home in Fort Pierre, S.D., on Sunday.
The governor of flood-plagued Montana ordered more National Guard troops to join the anti-flood effort, while states downstream along the bloated Missouri River strengthened levees and laid sandbags ahead of the release of waters from dams and reservoirs.

More rain fell Sunday on soaked Montana communities after more than a week of floods in the region, with the National Weather Service predicting up to 3 inches before it tapers off Monday. Previous storms brought as much as 8 inches to some areas of the state.

For the second straight weekend, forecasters blanketed much of the central and eastern regions of Montana with flood warnings.

Gov. Brian Schweitzer Sunday sent 36 National Guard soldiers to Roundup, a town northwest of Billings in central Montana that remained inundated by several feet of water for a fourth day.