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Wed, 07 Jun 2023
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Extreme Temperatures

Snowflake Cold

Newfoundland blizzard traps drivers in their vehicles

© Submitted by Dave Sullivan
Heavy snow drifts in the St. John's metro area Monday morning meant some cars were better off than others. Dave Sullivan said his car was nearly buried in snow, while some neighbours were able to get out.
Snow delays airline, bus and ferry travel, St. John's cancels garbage collection, MUN closed for day

A March blizzard hammered most of Newfoundland Monday morning, on a day when most schools and many offices were already closed for the St. Patrick's Day holiday.

RCMP and the Department of Transportation and Works were advising drivers to stay off most of the province's roads and highways, with conditions deteriorating due to the heavy snow and strong winds.

In western Newfoundland, two vehicles were reported to be stranded on Route 480, also known as the Burgeo Road. RCMP said they tried to reach the drivers but had to turn back, given zero visibility and heavy blowing and drifting snow. Further attempts will be made when the weather improves.


Turkish ski resort of Uludağ hit with heavy snowstorm

Ongoing snowfall reached about 2 meters on Saturday on Uludağ Mountain, in what has been a suprise with spring right around the corner.


Uludağ Mountain
The 2,543-meter mountain, located in Turkey's western province of Bursa, has witnessed one of its best seasons in the year with the occupacy rate in hotels going at 100 percent.

The snowfall also hit the 2014 Uludağ Economic Summit featuring prominent members of the Turkish business world as well as Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan.

Snowflake Cold

Winter has been tough on waterfowl across America

© Chris Bosak
A male Hooded Merganser swims in a half-frozen Mill Pond in Norwalk.
What would you do if your refrigerator and kitchen cupboards were locked and you didn't have a key? The grocery stores were all boarded up, and it's the dead of winter so your garden has long stopped being productive. Oh, and you can't drive anywhere because of a natural instinct telling you to stay put.

That is what the last six weeks have been like for many birds, especially waterfowl. And it's been a deadly scenario.

I heard the other day that upwards of 70 ducks and geese were found dead at the Norwalk Wastewater Treatment Plant, most likely because of malnutrition. I also received a call from a Westport resident who had five dead Canada geese in her yard one morning. The number swelled to eight as the week went on. Mute Swans have been stranded on frozen water, too,
although some of those birds have been saved.

"It's been the most severe winter we've had in 30 years," said Min Huang, a waterfowl specialist with Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP). "We've seen a lot of mortality over the last three weeks up and down the coast, mostly geese and puddle ducks."

Snowflake Cold

A week before Spring: Nova Scotia blizzard forecast with 40 cm of snow

© Craig Paisley/CBC
CBC meteorologist Peter Coade expects "all forms of traffic" to be affected on Sunday, including flights, roads and ferries.
Environment Canada warns of snow squalls for some areas of Maritimes Friday morning

Just a week away from the official start of spring, the Maritimes are bracing for another winter storm.

CBC meteorologist Peter Coade says two weather systems — one from the northwest and another warm and moist disturbance out of the Gulf of Mexico — are forecast to collide and become one, just south of Nova Scotia on Sunday.

The system is expected to produce snow. Coade expects "all forms of traffic" to be affected on Sunday, including flights, roads and ferries.

"Although it is still early to come up with a solid snowfall amount forecast, I think it safe to say that blizzard conditions can be expected with the strong east-to-northeast wind blowing around some 10 to 20 centimetres — possibly as high as 30 to 40 centimetres — of fresh snow," said Coade.

Ice Cube

Unusual ice heave on Otter Tail County lakes, Minnesota


Ice damage on Otter Tail Lake mostly has been concentrated on the south shore of the lake, according to Dave Sethre, President of the Otter Tail County Coalition of Lake Associations
Ice is a normal part of winter along Minnesota's lakes. However, this year, some property owners on Otter Tail County lakes are dealing with more ice, and damage, than usual.

Dave Sethre, president of the Otter Tail County Coalition of Lake Associations, called the ice on one of the biggest lakes -- Otter Tail -- "pretty radical" this year.

"This is turning out to be the winter of the ice heave on many of our larger Otter Tail County lakes," Sethre wrote in a March newsletter. "Estimates are that expansion has been 150 to 200 percent at some locations."

According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, ice heaves and ridges are caused by caused by the pushing action of a lake's ice sheet against the shore.


Very unusual snowfall forces closure of Puebla, Mexico highway

© Mexico News Daily
Cold front delivers snow and hail to central Mexico

Snow closed some roads yesterday in Michoacán, but today the wintry conditions have moved to the State of Mexico and Puebla, closing the Mexico City-Puebla freeway early this morning.

Officials closed the highway about 4:30am between the San Marcos toll booth, on the outskirts of the Federal District, to Río Frío in the State of Mexico, near the Puebla border.

The Federal Highways and Bridges Agency, Capufe, issued a warning via Twitter at 7:51 to urge drivers to use alternate routes. The 5 de Mayo freeway has also been closed, according to another report.

As many as 18,000 residents of the communities of Río Frío, Llano Grande and Avila Camacho are reported to have been cut off by the closure of the highway.

Yesterday, Civil Protection officials in Michoacán described as very rare the sight of snow on various hills in the municipalities of Paracho, Nahuatzén, Cherán and Zacapu.

The Zacapu-Zamora highway was closed for a while due to a heavy hailstorm at about 1:00pm, blanketing the road with four centimeters of ice and causing at least four accidents.

Officials said that with the exception of the Pico de Tancítaro, with an altitude of 3,485 meters, the sight of snow on five hills in the region was uncommon.

The National Meteorological Service said the center of the country is being affected by cold front #41, and the combination of cold air and Pacific moisture are bringing about colder temperatures, rain and snow.

Sources: CNN, El Diario



Unseasonal heavy snowfall throws normal life out of gear in Kashmir, India

© Press Trust of India
Kashmiri guides pull sleighs carrying tourists after heavy snowfall in in Gulmarg on Sunday.
Jammu and Kashmir continues to experience heavy rainfall, throwing normal life out of gear. On Monday, a white blanket enveloped most parts of the state as mercury dipped further.

The state's main highway has been blocked affecting supply of foodgrains. The unseasonal snowfall with strong winds forced people to stay indoors.

According to the weather department, the wind confluence was continuing over northern India due to deepening of the westerly trough into central Arabian Sea. The Doda district remained cut off from rest of the state due to snowfall.

The Jammu-Srinagar national highway was shut due to heavy snowfall which has hit air and vehicular traffic heavily. Meanwhile, the snowfall has affected flora and fauna in Rajouri district. A resident Mukhtar said several people have been stranded.

Snowflake Cold

Map depicts how freezing weather cut U.S. in half as westerners baked while the east shivered


The satellite image produced by NASA records the land surface temperature. The places that experience below average conditions are coloured blue, normal appear white and those in red were warmer than average
This winter has been the season that literally divided America into two.

This stunning weather map shows how those in the west of the country enjoyed one of the warmest February's on record, while those in the east endured heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures.

The extreme contrast in temperatures has been put down to global warming and the melting sea ice in the Arctic by some experts, according to NASA's Earth Observatory.

Comment: Exactly so. To find out much more about the cause of such weather extremes and other seemingly unrelated and disparate global upheavals, then the book Earth Changes and the Human-Cosmic Connection would be a very good place to start!


Western Newfoundland continues to be buried in snow

The snowbanks in Corner Brook tower over the streets following a winter of intense snowfall.
Schools were closed and snowfall warnings were in effect for parts of western Newfoundland on Wednesday, with another 15 to 25 centimetres expected in the region throughout the day.

Environment Canada had snowfall warnings in effect for much of the west coast, and winter storm warnings were in effect for parts of the Northern Peninsula — saying conditions should continue well into Wednesday night.

Schools were closed for at least the morning in such communities as Stephenville, St. George's and Lark Harbour.

Ice Cube

Huge chunks of ice wash ashore on Cape Cod

© Dapixara Photography
Chunks of ice washed ashore in Wellfleet
The historic winter of 2015 has left giant chunks of ice on the Cape Cod National Seashore.

Cape Cod photographer Dapixara captured images of a person standing next to the massive pieces of ice that washed ashore in Wellfleet over the past few days.

WBZ-TV Chief Meteorologist Eric Fisher says this could be a "once-in-a-generation" event due to the extraordinary amount of ice on the Massachusetts Bay. Fisher says the ice won't be around for long.

There have been several remarkable images left from the record-setting winter, including the nearly frozen waves captured off the coast of Nantucket last month.

© Dapixara Photography
Chunks of ice washed ashore in Wellfleet