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SOTT Focus: The 2012 Collective Shift & the Secret History of End-Times Prophecies

With the advent of the internet came the Information Age, where it has become possible to spread and find information about almost anything with unparalleled ease and convenience - information that, as little as a couple decades ago, would have been extremely difficult if not impossible for most people to obtain. More data than any one of us could ever assimilate is now at our fingertips, and news of most global events is available practically instantaneously. Where information is suppressed, it finds its way to the surface, sooner rather than later. We carry the internet around with us in super-powerful laptop computers and handheld devices, and culturally, in our everyday lives, we now spend more time online than not, whether for work or leisure.

Everything is plugged in! In a relatively short time-frame, our global society has become a vast network of information movers, like a giant brain network, processing and sharing data with our counterparts within this greater body of humanity. It's no wonder our collective paradigm is shifting and it's no wonder the deepest patterns of our subconscious/archetypal makeup - understood as ancient mystery teachings and prophecies, tales of power and spiritual allegories, epic adventure stories and legends of old - have emerged in the forefront of our consciousness, becoming compelling topics of interest.

Star of David

SOTT Focus: Netanyahu at the U.N. or -- Monumental Warmongering Bullshit

For all those who may, despite Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu's compelling argument at the UN yesterday, feel themselves teetering on the brink of falling for the foul-smelling propaganda about Iran and its "nuclear threat" to the world, there are a few things I'd like you to consider.

In the last 6 years or so, there have been literally dozens of official reports and comments about Iran's nuclear program, and virtually all of them have stated that there is no evidence that Iran is planning to develop a nuclear weapon. The International Atomic Energy Agency has repeatedly stated that there is no evidence that Iran has diverted uranium to a weapons program. In addition, the true power in Iran, the Ayatollah Khamenei, issued a Fatwa against nuclear weapons in 2005.

What Iran is doing is attempting to achieve a 'nuclear capability' involving nuclear power plants, medical reactors, etc. The problem for Israel (or so Netanyahu claims on behalf of all Israelis), is that once Iran achieves this 'nuclear capability' there is little to stop them from using that capability to ultimately produce a nuclear weapon, if they choose to do so.


SOTT Focus: Order Through Chaos: Who Wants to Set the World on Fire?

Recent global events give me the distinct impression that those at the top of the pyramid of political and economic power want to see as much trouble in the world as possible. Assuming that to be the case, I find it very strange and counter-intuitive. I mean, you would think that self-interested leaders would prefer to maintain a status quo that provides them with so many privileges and luxuries that the rest of us only dream of. For them to act in ways that appear to stimulate revolutions, economic collapse and regional or global wars is extraordinary, at least to me, because it jeopardizes their position. But maybe it's my fault for forgetting that most at the top think and feel very differently than "the 99%", and that they have trouble with emotions that come naturally to the rest of us. When you're motivated by thrill-seeking and a thirst for power that knows no bounds, empathy and aversion to conflict don't exactly play a part in your worldview. Granted, they have their own psychopathic standards, but, nevertheless, something about their schemes does not sit right with me.

By now you are aware of the American-made trailer of a mysterious movie called The Innocence of Muslims that appeared on YouTube and depicted the prophet Muhammad as a murderous paedophile, and that is said to be the reason for recent riots and demonstrations across the Muslim world against the United States which resulted in the death, among others, of Chris Stevens, the US ambassador in Libya. Let us point out, first of all, that this simplistic explanation overlooks decades of imperialistic intervention of the US in the Middle East, either indirectly or directly through military involvement in Iraq, Libya and currently Syria; its support for dictators and regimes in the region notorious for the abuse of human rights, such as Israel and Saudi Arabia; and its demonization of Arabs and Muslims in general. It also ignores the very low economic and social standards of living that are common in the Middle East - and much of the world - that are a direct result of the US 'management' of its areas of influence. By sweeping all this history and social context under the rug, the Western audience is left to conclude that Muslims are irrational extremists.


SOTT Focus: Incoming! Meteor or Comet Fragment Explodes Above Southwestern US, Prompting US Army 'Missiles' Cover-up

© Trish Van HousenPhoto taken near Phoenix, Arizona of the trail left behind by an incoming meteor/comet fragment that exploded above southwestern US on September 13th 2012.
On Thursday morning, 13th September 2012, early risers from all over the southwestern United States - California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico - were stunned by the appearance of a vivid luminescent trail high up in the atmosphere. Photos taken by residents reminded me of the glowing trail seen across the Caucasus on the 7th June 2012 (which I have written about here). My suspicion that we were looking at the arrival and overhead explosion of yet another meteor or cometary fragment (MoCF) solidified when I read some of the ridiculous claims of the US Army that they had test-fired a rocket/missile at 5.30am local time on the 13th of September.

Folks contacted law enforcement in northern New Mexico and southern Colorado to report "a crash". A sheriff's deputy in northern New Mexico said he witnessed "an explosion" and part of the object breaking apart from the main body. No one reported a trail moving from the ground upwards, just a very fast-moving dot in the sky that produced a very bright trail mid-atmosphere, indicating that nothing was launched from the ground.

Damage control quickly went into operation, with Associated Press reporting that:
The "explosion" was a normal separation of the first and second stages of the unarmed Juno ballistic missile that was fired at 6:30 a.m. MT from Fort Wingate near Gallup, N.M., said Drew Hamilton, a spokesman for the U.S. Army's White Sands Missile Range. The expended first stage landed in a designated area of U.S. Forest Service land.


SOTT Focus: 8 Shocking Truths the 'War on Terror' and the 'Global Financial War' Have in Common

sinking liberty
© unknown
The 11th Anniversary of September 11th, 2001 passed in all its political jingoistic sympathy-eliciting glory. With a patriotic backdrop, Romney and Obama used the solemn opportunity occasion to advance their election campaigns. Squeezing out tried-and-tested drops of advantage-taking from the 9/11 attacks, which continue to gift politicians' macabre and twisted vote-winning opportunities.

We are approaching the 13th anniversary of a far less publicized event, yet arguably more significant in causing loss of life, suffering and misery to millions of innocent victims over the past decade.

On November 12, 1999 a $300 million lobbying effort by the banking and financial services industries lead to the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act. The repeal separated commercial banks and investment banks thus freeing banks to expand into unsustainable speculative positions - prime examples being the devastating experiment with derivatives and subprime asset-backed securities. These high-risk, fraudulent ventures have resulted in the current financial crisis, global economic instability and what amounts to a 'Global Financial War' on innocent citizens taxed directly and by stealth-inflation to pay for the mistakes of the criminal banking mafia.

On the surface these events are not connected, but what similarities do they share?


SOTT Focus: Presentation: The Living System, Evolution, the Purpose of Life and the Sixth Extinction

In this first part of her fascinating presentation at the World Trade Center, Barcelona on October 15th 2011, Laura Knight-Jadczyk gives an overview of the Cassiopaean experiment and introduces the science behind the origins of life on planet earth and the theory of "rational design".

Watch parts 2 and 3 at the links below.

Part 2

Part 3


SOTT Focus: The Cs Hit List 09: DNA, Rational Design and the Origins of Life

A controversial paper questioning the 'Out of Africa' theory of human origins was recently published in the journal Advances in Anthropology. There are quite a lot of references to the origins of humanity in the Cs transcripts, so that's what I want to discuss in this installment of the Hit List series. I'll get to the paper in question a bit further on, but before I do, there's a bunch of background material to cover. The references from the Cs are given in a certain context and concern ideas and possibilities that probably won't make much sense without covering certain ground first. That said, there's way too much material to cover in one article, so I suggest checking out the books I'll be referencing and reading them in full if anything here strikes the reader's interest.

Pop culture has conveniently provided a starting point from which to take off on these topics. In June, Ridley Scott released the much-anticipated prequel of sorts to his blockbuster film, Alien, titled Prometheus. Leaving aside any discussion of the artistic merits of the film, it does cover some themes relevant to the subject at hand. The plot revolves around the idea that life on planet earth, and presumably other planets in the galaxy, was not a chance happening. In the film, a race of pale-skinned, muscular and hairless humanoids 'seeds' life on planets through acts of sacrifice. An 'engineer', as they're called in the film, gives his body to be broken down into its constituent parts, providing the source DNA from which life will take root. The human characters in the film fund a space mission to 'meet their makers' at a location indicated in ancient artwork found all over the world.

The film leaves the question of the ultimate origins of life open, allowing conventional evolutionary theories (i.e., neo-Darwinism) and so-called 'intelligent design' (or biogenetic engineering) to coexist as compatible options. In other words, the engineers 'intelligently' seeded life on earth, after which evolution took its natural course (with a possible 'tweak' here and there over the course of history), resulting in the wealth of DNA-based life forms that characterize our planet. The origin of the engineers is left untouched - a further mystery to be pondered.

Back in the real world, the fact of the matter is that no one knows how life actually started on planet earth. Let me repeat that: no one knows. All we have are various theories, none of which has been scientifically demonstrated to have actually occurred. At best, most scientists will say it must have occurred a certain way, simply because they have excluded other options as not worth considering. In fact, we may have a pretty good idea of some of the evolutionary mechanisms that have been in effect since the hypothetical first single-celled organism, but how that organism got there in the first place is a mystery, and open to speculation. Historically, there have been five or so categories under which various theories have been proposed. First, of course, there's creationism: the idea that 'God' created all the forms of life in one way or another. Then there are the various theories of 'spontaneous abiogenesis'. This is the idea that somehow ordinary chemistry spontaneously resulted in the formation of primitive biological materials, which somehow acquired the ability to self-replicate and evolve all on their own, whether on crystals, or by some other mathematically improbable and as-yet-unobserved natural process. Panspermia, popularized by scientists Sir Fred Hoyle and Chandra Wickramasinghe, is another option whereby organic materials are said to exist throughout the universe and are carried by cosmic wanderers like asteroids and meteoroids, to then be deposited on some lucky planet, et voila! The fourth option, directed panspermia, promoted by Francis Crick (co-discoverer of the DNA molecule), posits that life was deliberately seeded by an already existing intelligent race somewhere in the galaxy. As in Prometheus, that leaves open the question as to their own origin.

Better Earth

SOTT Focus: Social Harmony in Times of Global Dischord

The times they are a-changing
Everything is broken
It's not dark yet, but it's getting there
~Bob Dylan

burning earth
It's like this:

Imagine you're at a house party.

The house is on fire and everyone keeps dancing. Oblivious to the rise in room temperature, the smoke crawling up the walls and the flames behind the door, they keep dancing, singing, drinking and partying.

Imagine there are a few people who notice the smoke, take a peek behind the door, see the flames and are going about the room trying to alert people to the danger. While a few may sit up and take notice, most of the revelers ignore the warnings and turn back to the party.

Well, consider me as one of these people sounding the alarm, and this essay as my warning. How much longer can you afford to continue dancing?

Alarm Clock

SOTT Focus: 'Free Syrian Army' aka 'al-Qaeda' aka US, Israeli and British Mercenaries, Use Syrian Man as 'Suicide Bomber'

Watch the following short BBC News report. It reveals a truth that has been kept hidden for many years now: that many of the 'suicide bombings' around the world in the last 15 years (or more) have been carried out by third parties in the way described in this video - forcing or duping a person into becoming an unwitting 'suicide bomber'.


SOTT Focus: From Internet Troll to Psychopathy Expert: The Con-Artistry of Thomas Sheridan

Thomas Sheridan - New Age Grifter, Internet Troll, Con Artist?
Compared to, say, ten years ago, a lot of people today are aware of and talking about psychopaths. On the one hand this is encouraging, but on the other, it's a little troubling. It is heartening to see awareness of psychopathy breach the mainstream frequency fence here and there, but the signal-to-noise ratio, as with all knowledge relevant to the growth and survival of decent human beings, remains high on the 'noise' side. We see ridiculous studies in the news portraying psychopaths as curable and articles making the rounds about how not having a Facebook account may indicate that someone is a psychopath. We've also seen Twitter being touted as a tool for 'spotting psychopaths' and, just today, news that the US justice system is considering acceptance of biological evidence that someone is a genetic psychopath in court with a view to using it to mitigate the sentences of criminal offenders. The reasoning being that psychopaths can't help being psychopaths, that they lack free will and therefore they bear diminished responsibility for their crimes.

Well, yeah, that's exactly why they need to be held under lock and key permanently.

Perhaps we shouldn't be so surprised that the burgeoning awareness of psychopathy has been vectored away from the truth of the matter in this way. This is an information war after all, so if the psychopaths in positions of power gauge that the 'psychopath awareness train' has left the station, they would naturally be working around the clock to load it with nuclear capabilities in the hope of derailing it, or at least sending it down the wrong track. The name of their game is to misinform people about what psychopaths are really like by trivialising and obscuring the issue: hence the proliferation of junk science that claims psychopaths can be cured, that psychopathology is a harmless evolutionary adaptation, or that psychopaths can be spotted based on analyses of their Twitter feed and Facebook page (or the lack thereof).