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Mon, 23 Apr 2018
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High Strangeness


UK: UFO Sightings Over Taunton

There have been some strange goings-on in the night sky over Priorswood in Taunton this week.

On Monday at about 6.30pm Jane Nadoll reported seeing an orange light as she left work at the St Augustine of Canterbury School.

She said: "I glanced up and noticed an object slowly moving along at what I believe to be the height at which a light aircraft or helicopter would be - the difference was that it seemed to be glowing/pulsing.


UK: PM Candidate pledges to reveal all on UFOs

David Cameron has vowed to publish any secret files that may exist on UFOs if he becomes prime minister.

He said he ''was convinced'' the Earth had been visited by aliens - and joked that Business Secretary Lord Mandelson was one of them.

Speaking at one of his regular Cameron Direct meetings, at which he takes questions from the public, the Conservative leader promised to be ''entirely open and frank'' about what the Government knows about close encounters.

Black Cat

England: Beast of Essex spotted by police officer

A policeman has become the latest person to encounter the elusive Beast of Essex.

The officer was on duty and returning to Wivenhoe police station when he spotted the creature which growled at him before disappearing down the side of the High Street building.


England: Video of strange light over Twickenham posted on YouTube

A Twickenham man has been left perplexed after spotting a mysterious object floating in the sky and has turned to YouTube in the hope of identifying it.

Vicarage Road resident Ed O'Toole captured the strange light above his home on video and posted it on the website to see if keen astrologers or UFO enthusiasts might be able to explain what it is.


England: More UFOs over Wimbledon?

Pink ufo
© Nicholas Fitter
More UFOs over Wimbledon?
This is the latest sign of alien activity in the skies above Merton.

The picture was taken by Nicholas Fitter, from his flat on the Broadway last week.

Mr Fitter said: "I was doing my laundry when I saw it.

"I thought it was a balloon at first, but it was as big as a house. I went out on the roof and took some pictures.

"It had tentacles that appeared squid like and even mimicked a squids movement at times. I am sure other people would have seen it too since this jellyfish appeared rather large in broad daylight."


UK: UFO Sighted Over Ravenglass

Strange orange lights in the sky have been reported off Ravenglass - and the North West UFO Research is investigating.

The unexplained lights were seen offshore from Ravenglass on Saturday night (Jan 24) at around 7pm. A man "who has extensive knowledge of the area'' said it wasn't flares and noted there was no noise.

Apparently there were two lights together, then one veered off to the north. He kept watching this light which then dipped down to sea level then up again, before heading off at speed northwards.


Mysterious creatures and UFO sightings baffle Pennsylvanians

During 2008, there were numerous reports of UFO sightings and other strange incidents reported from across the Keystone state. Reports of unusual incidents originated from 50 counties in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. That is an increase over 2007, when such reports were received from 37 counties. Some of the strange incidents reported included sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects, strange sky illuminations, Bigfoot, giant birds, mountain lions, strange sounds and mysterious footprints.

An example of some of the more interesting 2008 mysterious events from Pennsylvania.


St. Helens, Merseyside, England - Two Orange/Yellow Lights

Date: January 9, 2009
Time: 8:45 p.m.
Number of witnesses: 2
Number of objects: 2
Shape of objects: Indistinguishable, however, the light emanating from them was circular.
Weather Conditions: Clear skies, still.

Description: Tracking South West to North East in the sky 2 lights travelling at a constant speed. I caught sight of one as it travelled into the distance only for it to be followed by another light which was orange/yellow.


US: Christmas Valley, Oregon - Bright Round Object

Date: January 7, 2009
Time: 8:30 p.m.
Number of witnesses: At least 4 witnesses known.
Number of objects: Up to 15 objects seen.
Shape of objects: Round, like ten times the brightness of an Orion's Belt star.
Weather Conditions: Very clear, full moon, cold.

Description: I was driving east toward my home. At 8:30pm I noticed a bright, round light with a bluish hue appear about five miles ahead of my car in the sky just to the left of me. Not a flair, not a firework. It did not move. The light disappeared, as if it burned out. When I arrived home, my fiancé and I stood in our front yard facing east to observe more lights. This continued for about fifteen minutes. There were more this at this time. One lit up, which seemed to appear just across the highway in our neighbors field in the sky.


US: Tacoma, Washington - An Orange Bright Glowing Object

Date: January 19, 2009
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Number of witnesses: 5
Number of objects: 3
Shape of objects: Diamond shape/round.

Full Description of event/sighting: It was a normal evening for my mother, step brother, boyfriend and sister, as we were driving through Tacoma, Washington. My sister then told us to look up in the sky at a large bright object that was glowing a light orange, and changing colors that are not familiar to any aircraft we have ever seen before. We then pulled over at Allings Park and turned our focus to the western sky. As we began to watch intently, we noticed two other objects in a triangle formation with the abnormally bright object.