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Tue, 30 May 2017
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High Strangeness

Evil Rays

Mystery lights fly over Dereham

Mystery surrounds a series of lights that were seen moving across the sky in the Dereham area.

Aerial photographer Derek Edwards and two of his neighbours spotted them near their homes in Breton Close, Toftwood, on Sunday at about 7.30pm.

Mr Edwards said he had never seen any lights quite like them in the 27 years he worked as an aerial photographer.


US: Fitness Phantom Floating Amid Dumbbells Spooks Kansas Gym Owner

Security cameras at a Kansas gym caught a white ghostly image flitting amid the dumbbells in the middle of the night, spooking the facility's owner.

The possible fitness phantom floated around the nautilus and weight-lifting equipment for about two hours in the Overland Park Anytime Gym, which was empty, according to KMBC-TV in Kansas City. At one point, the orb lingered by the dumbbells.

The motion-sensitive camera was set off a total of about nine times between about 2:20 and 4:14 a.m. on Sept. 12.

Black Cat

UK: Another big cat sighting

Chatteris woman Jill Hawkins is the latest person to spot a big cat in the Fens.

Jill had a shock when she looked out of her bedroom window at about 9am on Friday and saw an animal which she said was as big as her Dalmatian dog, which died last year.

Jill and neighbours in Fairway have seen lots of pigeon feathers in the gardens recently and Jill is wondering if the black cat is to blame.


Venezuela: A UFO Destroyed by Lightning?

© Unknown
© Unknown
On September 17 of this year, Jairo Esparragoza managed to capture the flight of an alleged unidentified object that appeared to vanish after being struck by a bolt of lightning.

The event was recorded between 6 and 7 p.m. using the camera of a Motorola Motoraz V3 cellphone as the witness drove along the Guarenas-Guatire Expressway in the vicinity of the Buenaventura Shopping Mall in the state of Miranda in north-central Venezuela.


Mysterious light reported over Cleveland

A number of Cleveland residents e-mailed a local TV station Thursday morning to report a bright light shooting through the sky.


Newspaper Editors, UFOs, the Greatest Story Ever Untold and Just a Dash of Bobby Kennedy

"Those of us in public life often call upon the press to be more understanding, sometimes with justice. But we also know that the day you are unanimously joined in praise of officials or policies, when power is held in awe and skepticism disappears -- on that day democracy will begin to wither."

"Where the question is one of policy and national direction, the bias -- by government and press -- should be toward disclosure. . .There is always a tendency in government to confuse secrecy with security."

"We are long past the time when a few men could fully comprehend the operations of government."

(-- Remarks by Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, from his address to the American Society of Newspaper Editors in 1967.)


Kenya: Pupils living in fear as 'ghosts' invade school

Pupils at a school in Kirinyaga District are living in fear following what parents claim is an invasion by ghosts.

Headteacher Francis Njenga said pupils were exhibiting strange behaviour.


B.C. sees spike in Sasquatch sightings

VANCOUVER -- Tales of a giant, hairy ape-like creature tramping through the woods are running wild in a northern interior B.C. town after a rash of sasquatch sightings.


US: Scientists Interested In Large Fossilized Footprint Discovery

A retired Cookeville builder has discovered a mysterious set of large footprints on his property.

Harold Jackson is an amateur archaeologist who enjoys collecting arrowheads and other Native American artifacts. But the most extraordinary find of his life came on his property near the Caney Fork River.

For months he stepped on a rock near his house that caught his eye. Finally, he brought the unusual rock home and cleaned it up. After all of the mud was removed, a remarkable discovery was revealed.

Bizarro Earth

UK: Mysterious odour causes problems for residents

A foul smelling odour that was noticed from Townsend Way to the top end of Malvern Link had residents baffled last week. Some speculated it may have been blocked drains caused by the heavy rain experienced in the area, while others thought a reckless farmer's muck sprayer may have been to blame.

Adrian Beard and his wife Dawn, from Hampden Road, Malvern Link, called the Gazette on Friday afternoon (September 5) when they could not take the smell any longer.

Mr Beard said: "I smelt it last night about 11 or 12 o'clock just when we were taking the dogs out. This morning it was just horrible."