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Fri, 24 Mar 2017
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High Strangeness

Black Cat

UK Family abandon their 'haunted' dream home

With a history dating back to the time of the Norman conquest, spectacular views over the Trent, 17 bedrooms, a private gym and its own cinema, Clifton Hall appeared to have everything for the discerning millionaire purchaser.

But for Anwar Rashid and his family, the Nottinghamshire pile went from home of their dreams to a house of nightmares as they came to believe it was haunted. After eight months of being plagued by unexplained screams in the long corridors, chilling ghostly visitations and mysterious blood spots, they began to fear they had strayed into a real life version of The Others, a horror film starring Nicole Kidman, released in 2001.


'They're out there:' Farmer remembers his close encounter

It was 34 years ago this month when Edwin Fuhr encountered five dome-shaped objects hovering about a half-metre above his canola field.


Millionaire spooked from mansion

A millionaire businessman from Nottinghamshire has said ghosts forced him to flee his 52-room mansion.

Clifton Hall was bought by Anwar Rashid for £3.6m in 2007, but he has now handed it back to the bank.

Mr Rashid claimed that during the eight months the family lived there they were haunted by mysterious figures and found unexplained blood stains on bedclothes.


UFO Sightings Stir Up Roswell

UFO sightings are rare around the world, but not uncommon in New Mexico. On Monday night, several Action 7 News viewers reported an alleged flying saucer on the northwest side of Roswell.


UFO sightings connected to Large Hadron Collider experiment?

An image of some UFOs photographed on the Yorkshire Wolds last week by an off-duty policeman

More responses to sightings of 'orange lights' UFOs near Louth have been pouring into the Leader - with some wondering if recent UFO activity is connected to the Large Hadron Collider experiment in Geneva.


Mexico:Possible UFO During Mexican Military Parade

A video taken by Lic. Daniel Sanchez Rosales over Mexico City on September 16 [2008] during the air show that conmemorated the 198th Anniversary of Mexico's independence from Spain.

©Daniel Sanchez Rosales


UK: Five fireballs 'dancing in the air' over Bristol

UFO researchers were yesterday investigating more than 100 reported sightings of mysterious bright orange lights in the night sky.

Five 'fireballs' reportedly danced in the air for ten minutes above Bristol before suddenly vanishing from sight on Sunday.

Black Cat

UK: More sightings of mysterious big cat

The Beast of Monklands is out there!

That's the chilling message from Advertiser readers who have seen what they believe to be a powerful big cat roaming the area.

Following the discovery of mysterious paw prints on a farm near Airdrie, which we reported earlier this month, members of the public called to tell us what they had witnessed.


California, US: Mysterious odor causes lock-down at Indio High School

Students at Indio High School have been released to go home early following a lock-down prompted by reports of an unknown odor in two math classrooms.

Bizarro Earth

Argentina: Mutilated Sow Report

Mutilated sow

In the Abadia District, the time being 07:00, a female member of Mr. Marcelo Nievas's family went to feed the family sow, as is her custom at that time of day. The animal had last been seen in perfect condition at 18:00 hours on the previous day.

The woman could not believe her eyes: the poor animal [had been mutilated] but remained alive, missing the outer ear, although the entire auditory system could be missing. It is not possible to ascertain this at this time given the sow's aggressive state as a result of suffering from the injury produced.