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Sat, 23 Jul 2016
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High Strangeness


UK: Strange object falls from sky

Flying Object Crashes at Malvern was the headline in the Gazette 50 years ago.

"Residents of Link Top, Malvern, thought part of a rocket, or even an earth satellite, had crashed in Malvern on Saturday evening.

"Just after 6pm, a whining noise overhead was accompanied by something flashing across their vision to bury itself in the ground a short distance away "They found wireless and other equipment strewn around and, partly buried in the earth, a canister to which was attached a basket container.


Maybe Chicken Little Wasn't Paranoid After All

The Earth is pockmarked with the evidence of ancient collisions - huge craters blasted into its surface by asteroids or comets. One such object, striking 65 million years ago in the Yucatán in Mexico, is believed by some experts to be linked to the demise of the dinosaurs.

For a decade, NASA has been busy trying to identify what else is headed this way, particularly those potential "civilization killers" of 1 kilometer (.62 miles) or more in diameter that have orbits coming within 30 million miles of the Earth's - too close for comfort by space standards.


Creature terrorizing Phillipino farmers

Terror is gripping residents of haciendas in Brgy. Sag-ang, La Castellana, Negros Occidental, following the reported existence of a man-sized creature, who recently attacked two residents and disemboweled animals in the area.

Elias Galvez and Salvador Aguilar reported to Mayor Alberto Nicor and the police that they were separately attacked by a "hairy creature with long nails", on Monday and Tuesday nights in Cabungbungan, Brgy. Sag-ang, La Castellana.

Cow Skull

Argentina: First Cattle Mutilation in Bs.As. 2008

(Inforcosta) As reported by a Pehuajo veterinarian. This would be the year's first case in the province of Buenos Aires. Sixe years after the Servicio Nacional de Sanidad y Calidad Agroalimentaria (SENASA) reported that the controversial and bizarre mutilations of cattle reported at the time throughout the country were the handiwork of the "Oxymycterus Rufus" rodent, better known as the red-muzzled mouse, a new case was reported on Monday in the Buenosairean locality of Mones Cazon, district of Pehuajo.

©Planeta UFO and Diario Inforcosta


Was rocket moments from striking Continental flight?

Probe of launch near Bush airport has stalled, FAA records indicate

A Continental airliner might have been only a minute away from colliding with what the pilot described as a model rocket that shot past his cockpit window, Federal Aviation Administration records obtained by the Houston Chronicle show.

On Memorial Day, the Continental pilot reported being startled by his encounter with this object that "went straight up" and left a long white vapor trail.

Yet the trail to identifying this object has appeared to run cold since the FAA and the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force launched their investigation into the episode.

For starters, the radar at George Bush Intercontinental Airport was unable to detect any unusual object in the sky when Flight 1544 took off. A video recording, acquired from the FAA through a Chronicle open record request, shows the radar detected nothing but dozens of airplanes.


US: 'UFO' Sightings Under Investigation In Pennsylvania

LANGHORNE ― Bucks County residents have their eyes on the sky after several reports of strange flying objects.

Witnesses said they saw a strange ball of light near a local mall Tuesday, reported CBS station KYW-TV in Philadelphia.

Bizarro Earth

Loch Ness Monster caught on tape?

Two tourists have captured in their camera what they believe is a dinosaur-like creature the Loch Ness Monster.

David Garside has revealed that he made the video while he and his father Graham were enjoying a tourist boat trip on the Loch in Scotland in April.


UK: UFO 'seen over M4 service area'

Police have confirmed they have received a report that a UFO was spotted in the skies above Berkshire.

Thames Valley Police were contacted by a concerned man who spotted the 'flying saucer' hovering above Chieveley services at junction 13 of the M4.


UK: Pilot's mystery sighting 'may be a UFO'

A pilot today claimed strange orange lights over south Shropshire could have been a UFO.

David Bemand said he was amazed to see the lights over Ludlow on Monday at about 10pm.


When pilots see UFO's

People have been seeing unidentified flying objects in the skies for years. But when the eyewitness is up there with the UFO, is the sighting more difficult to explain?