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Mon, 27 Feb 2017
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High Strangeness


UK: Second UFO alert in Derry

A Pennyburn man has contacted the Journal reporting to have seen an unidentified flying object over the River Foyle on Monday night.

He said he saw a saucer-shaped object "the size of a people carrier" flying above the river near the Fort George site at around 10.10pm.

"I was looking out my bedroom window when I noticed an object in the air. It seemed to be hovering over the Foyle River. It was about 80 feet in the air and it had a red orange glow from it.


RAF radar chief: I saw UFO fleet

An RAF expert yesterday revealed how he tracked a whole fleet of "spaceships" on military radar - but the Ministry of Defence told him to keep quiet.

Wing Commander Alan Turner, 64, said colleagues sat stunned when 35 super-fast vessels appeared on their screens.

Wing Cmdr Turner, who was a chief operator of the RAF's radar system for 29 years, said the craft were equally spaced and shot from 3,000ft to 60,000ft at almost 300mph.


US: Explosion sparks fires at plant

Utah recycling fire
©Steve Griffin/The Salt Lake Tribune
Salt Lake City Fire Department crews battle a blaze at Western Metals Recycling near 4400 west and 700 south Aug. 27, 2008. The fire burned wooden pallets and some old cars and no injuries were reported.

Utah - Several small fires at a metal recycling plant erupted into a huge cloud of thick black smoke on Salt Lake City's west side Thursday morning.

At about 9:45 a.m. an explosion caused power lines to arc and throw sparks onto the lot, igniting fires in old cars, garbage and pallets at Western Metal Recycling, 4221 W. 700 South, said Salt Lake City Fire Department spokesman Scott Freitag

Firefighters don't know what caused the initial explosion.


US: Blast kills elderly couple, destroys Frankfort home

Illinoise house explosion
©Carole Sharwarko/Sun-Times News Group
The aftermath of an explosion in Frankfort that killed an elderly couple.

An elderly couple died early Saturday in an explosion that destroyed their Frankfort home and scattered debris across two blocks.

The 5:30 a.m. blast was felt several miles away.

Natural gas may have built up inside the house, Frankfort Police Chief Rob Piscia said. Police and fire officials, the state fire marshal's office and local utility companies were investigating.


UK: More UFO sightings in orange lights 'mystery'

More sightings of orange light 'UFOs' over Louth have been witnessed recently - leading some to suggest the mystery is far from solved.

orange lights
©Gemma Gadd
An artist's impression of the orange lights being spotted over Louth

Bizarro Earth

Argentina: The Santa Rosa Pig Mutilation

Santa Rosa pig mutilation

In the morning hours of Monday, May 19, 2008, a small farm located some 15 kilometers northeast of the locality of Santa Rosa was in a stir as several nervous pigs and their piglets were being placed in a truck for an early morning transfer to another field.

At daybreak, the farm's occupants were stunned by the scene that confronted them: only a few meters away from the vehicle, they found one of the sows and her young, displaying deep incisions and with no apparent explanation as to how they managed to jump over the 1.80 meter tall siding that surrounded the truck.

Bizarro Earth

Argentina: Sheep Mutilation Report from the City of Rosario, Santa Fe Province

The case occurred on the premises of a marine company that does barge construction and repair work, located near the old facilities of the Swiff packing plant. The premises border on the north with a unit of the Naval Subprefecture, on the south with the Saladillo Creek and on the east with the Parana River.

The events took place on the evening of April 23, 2008 according to information furnished by Mr. Claudio Petri, watchman of the premises. Before leaving his shift at 20:00 hrs, he saw the sudden motion of what he defined as "a shadow" through his office window. When he went out to investigate, he saw nothing unusual. When the shifts changed, he turned over his post to his relief and went away.

Bizarro Earth

Argentina: Pig Mutilation in Victoria

Mutilated pig I

The animal was found with half of its face mutilated. There are no signs of violence in its pen, nor any bloodstains.


Australia: The UFO proof is out there

Stories about fleets of UFOs invading the Territory have flooded in to us in recent weeks but UFO hunter Keith Douglas says the NT has been a flying saucer hotspot for decades.

They're watching us: Keith Douglas runs UFO Research Alice Springs, a branch of the Australian UFO Research Network.


Texas Official Demands Answers About UFO

Dozens of Stephenville residents reported seeing UFOs in the area in January. At first, the military reported there were no aircraft in the area that night. Two weeks later, officials said they were conducting training exercises in the area.

Now some city officials want to know if a government exercise was being performed, why they weren't notified ahead of time.

"I want to know why public officials weren't notified of a large military operation in our area," said Stephenville City Councilmember Mark Murphy. He has filed a complaint with U. S. Air Force and the Federal Aviation Administration, demanding answers.

"My main concern is public safety," said Councilman Murphy. "I want to make sure that if anything like this is going on, people are alerted."