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Sun, 22 Oct 2017
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'UFO' spotted over Oxford

Three people believe they spotted a UFO flying just outside Oxford in the early hours of Saturday morning.

The trio, who asked not to be named, reported the sighting to Wheatley based Contact International UFO Research.


Pennsylvania UFO Wave, 2008

There appears to be an ongoing series of UFO sightings, or wave, in the state of Pennsylvania. I have been in contact with one of MUFON's Field Investigators, Bob Gardner, about these sightings, and Bob is currently at work investigating these reports. Here is a brief history of what has been going on there.

The Bucks County Courier Times reported that MUFON was indeed going to send researchers into the Lower Bucks area following four separate reports of anomalous objects in the area. Earlier this year, on January 27, Falls police officer Jeffrey Omlor was sent to Don Pablo's on Route 1 in response to a 911 call about a strange craft that "hovered like an octopus." By the time the policeman arrived, the object was gone.

Also on that day, MUFON received a report from a pizza deliveryman, who described seeing an object over a line of trees in Vermillion Hills. The UFO was reported as "blinking red, white, and green lights.


Tlalnepantla, Mexico - Fourth UFO Orb

My friend and contact has filmed yet again a great orb UFO over Mexico. The fourth such film in a short amount of time. It appears this region of Tlalnepantla, Mexico is on the rise in regards to strange UFO orb activity of late.

The UFO orb is seen above a residential complex hovering above throughout the two minute twenty five second clip. Although the footage does become a little bit shaky you can get an idea of what he is filming , by continuing to watch the UFO orb footage. He even slows it down so you can get a closer look at the UFO orb


Alaska residents abuzz over object in sky

Was it a meteor falling from space?

Officials think that might be what residents saw shooting through the Alaska sky near Tok on Monday afternoon.

A tremendous explosion, like a sonic boom, drew some people outside, where they watched irregular contrails scribe a path in a clear sky.


NASA unmanned spaceship captures UFO in film, January 19, 1965

Bizarro Earth

Texas, US: Foul Smell at Middle School persists for 18 months

Something stinks at a West El Paso middle school, and the school district has spent 18 months trying to figure out what.

The odor began appearing in the boys' locker room last September, right after Brown Middle School opened. The smell then moved to other parts of the building. "It would come and go, that's what was so bad about it, it was hard to track, it was like a ghost," said principal Victoria York.

The El Paso Independent School district tried a number of ways to detect and remove the smell, from replacing toilets to hiring private contractors, but it wasn't until recently that they determined it was coming from outside.


More UFOs reported over Ohio, US

Recent reports of UFOs spotted in Ohio's skies may remind us of past incidents over the years in that state. For example, the 35th anniversary of the so-called "Coyne incident" over Mansfield, in central-northeastern Ohio, recently passed without much notice.

In that Oct. 18, 1973, case, four members of the Army Reserve were in their military helicopter flying from Columbus to Cleveland when a UFO flew in very close proximity to their chopper. At one critical point, the pilot, fearing a collision, quickly positioned the chopper's controls for a quick descent. Interestingly, the chopper's altimeter showed that it was actually gaining altitude.

This is a very well-documented case and crew members actually completed a formal report for the Army Reserve.

Grey Alien

Meet the man eager to get to the bottom of the ghost mysteries

While visiting a friend in hospital, a woman suddenly finds herself transported to a beautiful garden where she is surrounded by friendly people and the sound of happy laughter, in an apparent near-death experience.

A poltergeist takes up residence in a suburban home terrifying the family who move in there, while a man foresees the mortal danger facing his young son just in time to avert a terrible accident.

It all sounds like the stuff of Hollywood psychological horror films - the kind of thing most of us would probably scoff at if we were told it was happening next door. But these stories do not come from the imagination of a fiction writer, they are real cases which are being investigated at Edinburgh University.


Wales: Couples astonished by UFO sightings over Deeside

Two couples from Deeside were left amazed after they spotted an unidentified object in the sky on Boxing Day.

Kelly Dawson had stepped outside her home on Boxing Day with friend Leanne Newby when they spotted a "flaming orange ball" hurtling towards them in the sky.

Kelly, of Sandy Way in Connah's Quay, said she had never seen anything like it before and is appealing to anyone else in the area who may have seen the "phenomenal sight", to get in touch with the Evening Leader.


UK: UFO sighting spooks Carlisle couple

Carlisle couple claim to have had a close encounter after they saw strange lights in the sky over Houghton.

Heather Rayson, 52, and her husband Adrian, 53, had been enjoying a quiet night in at their home in Tribune Drive, Houghton, on Sunday.

But at 8.10pm Heather, who works at the city's McDonald's restaurant in Kingstown, recalled how her she and her husband had been watching TV.