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The Roswell Legacy

In 1986, on his death bed, retired Major Jesse Marcel told his son; "You must tell the world the truth about Roswell. When the military no longer has a hold over you and your family, please set the record straight!"


Major Jesse Marcel was the head of intelligence at an Army Air Field located at Roswell, Nevada. On July 7, 1947 Major Marcel was sent to inspect what was being reported as the crash of an unidentified object on a ranch seventy-five miles northwest of the base. After inspecting the crash site, Marcel stopped by his home to show his family what he had discovered. Jesse Jr. was only eleven years old at the time, but vividly remembers his father's excitement, and seeing and handling a foil-like material that his father said was scattered around the wreckage. It was shiny and paper thin, but could not be torn or cut. It also retained a memory, mysteriously unfolding each time his father tried to fold it. And then there was that beam of metal several feet long, which was covered with hieroglyphic-type writing and markings. It was indeed something that was not of this world.

Comment: If the US government, military, intelligence agencies kept the truth about Roswell secret for so many years, what makes them now allow this information to come out?


US: Sarasota, Florida UFO challenges its witness

A few more UFO sightings over Arcadia, Port Charlotte, and Sarasota have been added to NUFORC's database this spring. Since they're all anonymously posted, it's hard to tell what, if any, impact these events have on witnesses.

But every now and then, someone like Cathy Mills will step up and volunteer some life-altering details.

On the evening of Feb. 28, around 8:30, Mills and her husband were driving north along McIntosh Road, leaving Sarasota Square Mall when, off the passenger side to the east, a row of four whitish lights in the sky flashed on so brightly they illuminated low clouds nearby. They stayed that way for maybe three seconds, according to Mills, revealing the doughnut-shaped contours of a round, hovering object, before blinking off.

Mills' husband, the driver, said, "Did you see that?" but he kept his voice low, not wanting to alarm their three preoccupied kids in the back of the van. The lights flashed once more, for another three seconds or so, before going black. And that was that. Event duration - maybe 10 seconds.


Hunt continues to look for Linkou's mysterious beast

Taipei County officials, police, and veterinarians are continuing their search for a mystery animal that killed ten goats in a farm in Linkou, Taipei County.

The owner of the farm, surnamed Hung, had reported to police on Friday that ten of his goats were killed on his farm by an unknown animal. An Indonesian laborer working for Hung who witnessed the attacks said that a tiger was the culprit.

However, veterinarians from the Taipei Zoo said that bite marks left on the goats and the animal's footprints near the scene indicate that it is not a tiger. The veterinarians said that the footprints left by the mystery animal is eight-centimeters long while a Tiger's footprint is usually between 10 to 11 centimeters long. They added that felines usually do not extend their claws when they walk, and thus will not leave claw marks on the ground.


Meghalaya looks to mystery monster to boost tourism

After North America's "Bigfoot" and the Yeti of Nepal and Tibet, India is now claiming its own mystery monster, which tour operators say will help boost tourism in the country's remote northeast.

The "eight-foot", hairy ape-like creature is believed to be stomping around in the deep, thick forests of Meghalaya.

"Since 1997, we have been documenting Mande Burung sightings and telltale signs such as giant footprints," Dipu N. Marak of A'chik Tourism Society, an adventure tourism group, told the Hindustan Times.


Ufos were just paper lanterns from wedding - or were they?

The Mystery surrounding strange lights seen hovering above Tunbridge Wells was solved this week when the objects were identified as Chinese lanterns.

Sightings of the orange spheres flooded into the Kent and Sussex Courier offices after it reported the phenomenon on Friday.

The bright lights seen in the sky over the bank holiday baffled residents, leading some to question whether we are alone in the universe.

But the Salomons centre this week said that paper lanterns released at a wedding celebration had sparked the UFO rumours.

Conference and events administrator Katy Webster said: "A couple got married here and had some Chinese paper sky lanterns. Basically the company comes in and light them and the heat makes them rise and fly off and away."


Spontaneous Human Combustion

In August 1999, BBC TV broadcast in prime time a film in its prestigious science series 'QED', entitled Spontaneous Human Combustion.

The film was ambitious both as science and as reporting, for it set out to debunk once and for all the centuries-old belief that, under some mysterious circumstances, humans can catch fire and be almost entirely consumed, even in the security of their own homes.

Most impressive of all, the film set out to debunk the idea not merely with argument and theories, but with an actual experimental demonstration on camera in which the carcass of a pig was substituted for that of a human body.


Sea monster - or a load of old barnacles?

©KAY BLUNDELL/Dominion Post
Waikanae's 14-metre tentacle-covered mass has fascinated beachgoers north of Wellington this week.

Nightmarish sea monster or natural wonder?
A 14-metre, tentacle-covered mass has horrified and fascinated Waikanae beachgoers this week.

However, Conservation Department community relations programme manager Stacy Moore said it was actually a lot of goose barnacles (Lepas anatifera), each about 30 centimetres long with a shell attached to each long pinkish tube. They were stuck to a piece of wood or rope.


Spontaneous Human Combustion: Eye-witness cases in more detail

The case of Robert Francis Bailey

Early in the morning of 13 September 1967, some people walking to work in Lambeth, South London, noticed a bright light inside a derelict house at 49 Auckland Street.

At 5:19 AM, one of them telephoned the emergency services. At 5:24, the Lambeth Fire Brigade arrived with Brigade Commander John Stacey.

The crew entered the building and discovered the bright light was the burning body of a local alcoholic, Robert Bailey, who had sought shelter in the abandoned house overnight. Strangely, though, neither the fabric of the house itself, nor its internal fittings was damaged. The only thing on fire was Bailey himself.


Flashback Explanation for 13 cracked airplane windscreens doesn't fly!

"We have nothing at the impact sites to say this is definitively what it is." Maybe the NTSB should look again - over and through the Denver dilemma. It may not be as nitty gritty and transparent a solution as flying grit.

A Convenient but non-Credible Sleuthing?

In Air Safety Week dated 26 February ("Thirteen plus One") we reported upon some of the likely causes of the 22 windshields cracking on 14 aircraft during a 90 minute period at Denver International Airport on 16th February last. The Denver-based NTSB lead investigator Jennifer Kaiser has now come up with an FOD explanation that she thinks "flies". It's a natural phenomenon according to Jennifer. "The only commonality across aircraft type, operator, location, time and phase of flight was the wind and weather," Kaiser claimed. Despite aircraft being parked in different orientations, fine particles of grit were being swept along by gusts as high (at one stage) as 48 mph claims Kyle Fredin of the National Weather Service. On one parked aircraft, a CRJ 700, all four cockpit windows were cracked. Either the grit, or the wind, was turning corners.

Comment: The analysis mentioned above is very doubtful. 13 planes with cracked wind screens within a 90minute period and with no other damage. Nor were they facing the same direction.

If it was such a common thing, then it is strange that they were puzzled in the first place. A google search will tell you that this is not very common.

If we can have inconvenient truths, it appears that we can also have convenient lies.


Skeleton spotted in floating iceberg

St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador - Marine scientists in Canada and abroad are puzzled by bizarre photographs that appear to show the skeleton of a large mammal jutting out of an iceberg that recently drifted past Newfoundland's east coast.


The six pictures show what looks like a brown rib cage and spinal column, slightly bent, sticking out of a crust of ice.

But researchers throughout Canada, Greenland and Norway are unable to determine the origin of the skeleton, said Garry Stenson, a marine mammal scientist with the federal Fisheries Department.