An orange ball and lights in the sky has left a Cheshunt man wondering if aliens really do exist.

©Paul Adams
UFO Over Cheshunt

Paul Adams, 52, snapped these strange shots and is now appealing for anyone else who saw or can identify the potentially paranormal activity to come forward.

His friends have suggested extraterrestrials could be behind the drama although Paul, of Pengelly Close, is slightly more sceptical.

Paul had been watching films at about 3am on Wednesday last week when he decided to go outside for a cigarette.

"I saw this orange ball that got bigger," he recounted.

"Within five seconds, it's right over the top of the house. Three lines went straight up but there was no noise. It lit the sky up.

"I've gone to take another photo on my phone and it's gone."

Paul added: "I did think this is gorgeous. It was beautiful, really nice.

"But it was very strange. I've never seen anything like that. It wasn't lightning and it wasn't fireworks."

So do these photos show an alien spacecraft looking to land in the Lee Valley?

"My mates had a good laugh and said it could be a UFO," said Paul.

"However I believe in my daughter and I believe in my wife and that's about it."