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Tue, 06 Jun 2023
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Earth Changes

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New campaign takes cocaine impact to Europe

London - A picture campaign highlighting the devastation caused in Colombia by the production of cocaine for markets in Europe and America came to London on Wednesday before heading across Europe.

Shared Responsibility, a collection of photographs with captions showing the wholesale destruction of the rainforest for plantations of coca plants, aims to raise the guilt factor among cocaine users.


Snowstorms batter Mongolia killing 21 with 100 missing

At least 21 people are reported dead and 100 are missing after snowstorms battered Mongolia over the past two days, the Xinhua news agency cited the country's emergencies officials as saying Wednesday.

Seven provinces in west and central Mongolia were hit hardest, with wind speeds reported at up to 40 meters per second. Buildings and power transmission lines have also been damaged.


6,000 tons of salmon are moved from Chile volcano

First they saved the people. Then they rescued the dogs and cats. Finally they went in for the fish - 6,000 tons of them - threatened by a volcanic eruption in southern Chile.

Some 600,000 salmon were being moved by boats Tuesday from a fish farm just eight miles from the Chaiten volcano, according to Carlos Odebret, a spokesman for Salmon Chile, the association of private salmon industries.

He said that farm was the last of several to be evacuated because officials recently reduced the size of the prohibited-entry zone around the volcano, making it accessible again to workers.

Bizarro Earth

After Quake, Attention Grows On Early-Warning Systems

Early in May, NASA earth scientists monitoring infrared images of the earth noticed unusual patterns in southwestern China. One sent an email to colleagues, noting: Something is happening in Sichuan province.

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Study finds Indonesia 'mud volcano' collapsing

An Indonesian "mud volcano" that has oozed sludge for two years is collapsing under its own weight, worsening an environmental disaster that has displaced thousands, a study said Wednesday.

Sudden collapses of up to three metres (9.8 feet) have been recorded at the centre of the volcano in East Java, the study by Durham University and the Bandung Institute of Technology found.

"Such sudden collapses could be the beginning of a caldera -- a large basin-shaped volcanic depression," the institute said in a statement, adding that the caldera could be as much as 146 metres deep.

©AFP/File/Dwi Narwoko
Gas flows from the crater surrounded by hot mud in Porong, Sidoarjo district. An Indonesian "mud volcano" that has oozed sludge for two years is collapsing under its own weight, worsening an environmental disaster that has displaced thousands, a study said Wednesday.

Bizarro Earth

After the Quake: images show lake forming

Landslides caused by the Sichuan earthquake have blocked rivers and formed new, possibly unstable, lakes.

Satellite images taken by the Taiwan's National Space Organisation (NSPO) show one such lake forming in Beichuan County, one of the areas worst hit by the quake.

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US on track to break record for tornadoes

WASHINGTON - Another week, another rumbling train of tornadoes that obliterates entire city blocks, smashing homes to their foundations and killing people even as they cower in their basements.


Aftershocks demolish China homes

Two further aftershocks have destroyed more than 420,000 houses in the Chinese region hit by a massive earthquake two weeks ago, state-run media say.

Many of the homes appear to have been empty, but six people are said to have been critically injured in the tremors.

Cloud Lightning

Iowa State's Taylor thinks there could be an El Nino pattern

A report this week from Australia's Bureau of Meteorology says that weather in the Pacific Ocean is generally neutral, but there is a warming trend, which may signal the start of an El Nino pattern. Iowa State University Extension Climatologist Elwynn Taylor says that there is a change coming and that "there's not a La Nina with its risk of drought anymore."

Evil Rays

Magnitude 5.3 earthquake hits northwest Iran

A 5.3-magnitude earthquake hit the Zandjan province in northwest Iran on Tuesday, a seismological assessment center in Tehran reported.

The quake was registered at 10:48 local time (06.18 GMT). No reports of destruction or casualties have been released.