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Flood havoc across Trinidad after heavy rainfall

Taking a chance: Two boys ride their
© ISHMAEL SALANDYTaking a chance: Two boys ride their bicycles through flood waters along the Eastern Main Road, Port of Spain, yesterday.
Homes and streets were flooded, commuters stranded, and vehicles damaged all by early afternoon yesterday, as heavy rains from Wednesday night into yesterday morning wreaked havoc and exacerbated already flooded conditions in some parts of the country.

While yesterday morning's showers gave way by afternoon to sunnier skies, and drier conditions are expected into the weekend, forecasters have maintained cautions to the public that additional rainfall could impact saturated soils and cause further flooding, as well as landslides.

Heavy street flooding was widespread yesterday while some communities in South Trinidad, where homes were already under water, found floods rising by morning.

A number of areas in Central, North and East Trinidad were impacted by early yesterday morning into midday by severe street floods, as well some residential flooding.

In Port of Spain, street floods distressed motorists and commuters, with several reports of vehicles shutting down while navigating flood waters, including on the Eastern Main Road in the vicinity of Abattoir Road.


Man watches as his roof gets torn from his apartment during storm in Des Moines, Iowa on July 15

Evan Headley from Des Moines, Iowa, filmed how a tornado swept over his apartment in mid-July.

Parts of the roof suddenly flew off.


Waterspout spotted off Philippines coast

Social media users capture footage of a waterspout moving off the Philippine coast on Thursday.

The spout was spotted in the city of Opol, Misamis Oriental.

Waterspouts are similar to tornadoes, but they form over a body of water.

Local authorities said some homes in nearby villages lost their roofs, but no other significant damage was reported.


108-year-old woman mauled to death by stray dogs in Uttar Pradesh, India

Ram Kali, said to be over 108 years old, was mauled to death by a pack of stray dogs outside Friends Colony in Uttar Pradesh's Amroha district during her morning walk around 4am on Wednesday, reports Harveer Dabas.

Neighbours found her body lying outside the colony and alerted her family, who rushed her to a nearby hospital where the doctors declared her dead.

Speaking to TOI, Lakshmi, a relative, said, "My grandmother-in-law was 108 years old.

She was mentally ill and often left the house without informing us. Dogs had scratched her entire body and even separated one leg from the body."

The family has not filed a police complaint regarding the incident and she was cremated on Wednesday afternoon. Speaking on the stray menace, Amroha Nagarpalika executive officer Brijesh Kumar said, "Efforts to capture the stray dogs are under way."


6.0 magnitude earthquake off Amukta Island, Alaska

A very strong magnitude 6.0 earthquake occurred in the North Pacific Ocean near Amukta Island island, USA, in the afternoon of Thursday, Jul 18, 2024 at 5.13 pm local time (GMT -10).

The quake had a shallow depth of 42 km (26 mi) and was reported felt by some people near the epicenter.

No significant damage or impact is expected from this quake and no particular alert was issued.


Powerful 7.4-magnitude quake strikes north Chile near Argentine border - No reports of major damage

A magnitude 7.4 earthquake struck northern Chile near its border with Argentina late Thursday, the U.S. Geological Survey reported, shaking homes and causing power outages. There were no immediate reports of injuries or major damage.

The quake's epicenter was 45 kilometers (28 miles) southeast of San Pedro de Atacama, Chile, a tourist hub on the edge of the northern desert. The trembler had a depth of 117 kilometers (72 miles), according to the USGS, which likely lessened the intensity of the shaking. The deeper an earthquake when it strikes, the less destructive a jolt it will cause at the surface.

Chilean President Gabriel Boric said his government was closely examining the area but "so far there are no reports of injuries or major damage." The quake did not activate a tsunami alarm.

Footage spread online of rocks tumbling onto a highway connecting the cities of Calama to Tocopilla, east of the epicenter and local authorities reported road blocks in the area.

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38 fatal landslides in Nepal in 2024 to date with 135 people killed

Swollen Tatopani Jinchaur river.
Swollen Tatopani Jinchaur river.
As loyal readers of this blog are aware, I have long had a particular interest in landslides in Nepal. This is partly because of my long term research links to that country, and partly because of the heavy burden that mass movements impose there.

Nepal is very prone to landslides, in part because of its natural setting (steep terrain, monsoon rainfall, high levels of tectonic activity). This is being exacerbated by the impacts of both poorly planned development and climate change, most notably increases in peak rainfall intensity. Thus, Nepal is a poster child for a situation that is occurring more widely.

Landslides in Nepal are largely driven by monsoon rainfall, and of course at this time of year, the SW monsoon is at full strength. I've mapped below all of the fatal landslides that I've recorded in Nepal in 2024 to date - the final locations are not definitive, but this is an interesting first pass:-

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Floodwaters rage in Yellville, Arkansas amid Flash Flood Emergency after 11 inches of rain

In a still from a video filmed through the windshield of a car, flood water surges across a bridge in Yellville, Ark.
© FOX WeatherIn a still from a video filmed through the windshield of a car, flood water surges across a bridge in Yellville, Ark., early Wednesday.
A Flash Flood Emergency was declared in a northern Arkansas town Wednesday as torrential rains caused rushing waters to pour into homes and prompt urgent evacuations.

As much as 11 inches of rain fell near Yellville in central Marion County, leading to numerous washed-out bridges and ongoing water rescues by local law enforcement.

Marion County Sheriff Gregg Alexander confirmed to FOX Weather that 86 people were evacuated from the Creekside Nursing Home in Yellville. No deaths or injuries have been reported.


6 dead and cities left without electricity as storm sweeps through Belarus

The emergencies ministry in Belarus said Wednesday that six people died in a heavy weekend storm that swept through much of the country, and officials said that some cities are still experiencing problems with water and electricity.

The ministry reported that 330 cities and villages were damaged in Sunday's storm in the Brest, Gomel and Mogilev regions in the country's south. Video footage from the ministry shows fallen trees, wrecked cars and houses without roofs.

The worst-hit city, Mazyr, home to a major oil refinery, remains without electricity in some areas.

"We have never encountered anything like this, when the energy system lost all the power generating and supplying all lines in the Mazyr region and surrounding areas," said Deputy Prime Minister Anatoly Sivak.

"The wind was abnormally strong and this led to the destruction of high-voltage lines," Sivak added.

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Heavy rain batters South Korea's border city and parts of metropolitan areas

A car is partially submerged in flood waters by heavy rain in Paju, South Korea.
© AP/Lee Jin-manA car is partially submerged in flood waters by heavy rain in Paju, South Korea.
South Korea's border city of Paju and parts of the metropolitan area were battered by heavy rainfall on Thursday.

The rain caused floods in parts of Gyeonggi Province, causing the suspension of public transport, and rescue workers were dispatched to several areas in Paju to evacuate residents.

A park is flooded after heavy rain in Paju, South Korea.
© AP/Lee Jin-manA park is flooded after heavy rain in Paju, South Korea.