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Sun, 26 Mar 2023
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'You can't go to the beach': Florida's gulf coast lined with thousands of dead fish from red tide

Tens of thousands of dead fish are washing up on southwest Florida beaches due to red tide, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

A video posted to Facebook by Dawn Workman Lansing showed numerous dead fish washed up in Venice on Thursday. They ranged in size from very small to what appeared to be a goliath grouper, which can weigh up to 800 pounds.

Red tide is a type of harmful algal bloom that occurs when colonies of algae grow out of control and produce toxins that can kill marine life, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Red tide can also cause human illnesses or make the air near the water difficult to breathe.


Blizzard warnings issued as snow causes UK travel disruption

UK blizzard cars
Cars have become stuck in over two foot of snow in the Peak District as mountain rescue are sent to cut off roads to help stranded motorists.
Up to 40cm of snow expected in Peak District and Pennines, with warning of 'exceptionally cold night' on Friday.

Snow and rain are expected to bring further travel disruption across large areas of Britain on Friday.

Three amber warnings for blizzard conditions with up to 40cm (15.7in) of snow were issued by the Met Office on Thursday and remain in place until Friday morning.


Teenage girl has her arm torn off in shark attack - day after 14-year-old boy lost his leg at same Brazilian beach

Witnesses help teenager attacked by a shark out of the water in Piedade, Brazil (
Witnesses help teenager attacked by a shark out of the water in Piedade, Brazil.
A 15-year-old girl had her arm torn off in a shark attack at Piedade Beach in Brazil.

Horror footage shows the moment her bystanders pull Kaylane Timóteo Freitas onto the beach and set her down on the ground with a bloodied rag covering what remains of her arm.

The teenager had her arm amputated at a nearby hospital and is reported to be in a stable condition.

The attack came only a day after a 14-year-old boy was savaged by a shark on the same beach, requiring the amputation of his leg.

Both attacks took place within 1640ft (500m) of each other at Piedade Beach, Jaboatão dos Guararapes, Pernambuco State, Brazil.


Villagers record 'almost apocalyptic tornado' in central France

A tornado hits the Creuse

A tornado hits Pontarion
A tornado swept through a village in Creuse, central France, on Thursday (March 9), causing damage to infrastructure and buildings.

The violent weather left a number of houses in Pontarion with roofs and windows, while telephone lines were also damaged.

Despite the damage from the tornado, no one was injured in the village, confirmed its mayor on Friday (March 10).

The tornado was caused by the strong winds that led to weather warnings across France, with some regions seeing winds of up to 100km/h.

Cloud Precipitation

Mozambique: 117 dead in storms and floods - Cyclone Freddy dropped nearly 3 FEET of rain in 24 hours - returns to hit country again

Cyclone Freddy

Cyclone Freddy
The storms and floods that have hit Mozambique since February have taken the lives of 117 people, according to Prime Minister Adriano Maleiane.

Giving information on the floods on Wednesday to the country's parliament, the Assembly of the Republic, Maleiane said that, up to 5 March, 272,000 people had been affected.

Cyclone Freddy was responsible for much of the damage. When it hit parts of the southern provinces of Inhambane and Gaza in late February, it dropped between 300 and 900 millimetres of rain in 24 hours.

Instead of dissipating, this cyclone has returned to the Mozambique Channel and is now heading northwards towards Zambezia province, where it is expected to make landfall on Friday.


Father charged after 3-year-old child critically injured by pack of pit bulls in Memphis

Police say a child was attacked by a pack of pit bulls in Tennessee Monday night.

The Memphis Police Department reports officers were called to a neighborhood regarding a person being bitten by a dog around 5 p.m.

Police said they found that five pit bulls attacked a 3-year-old named Lorenzo, who suffered critical injuries.

WMC reports the child was taken to the hospital in critical condition where the staff was able to stabilize the toddler's vital signs.


First Nation mourns 5-year-old boy killed in dog attack in northern Alberta

dog attack
A First Nation in northern Alberta is mourning the death of a five-year-old boy who was killed by his family's dogs on Sunday.

The child died after being attacked by his family's dogs on Whitefish Lake First Nation on Sunday, Const. Kelsey Davidge said Thursday.

"He did die from a dog attack/mauling," she said. "They were family-owned pets. There is no public safety concerns or other concerns to the public."

Davidge said the family killed the dogs themselves following the attack. She was unable to say how many dogs were involved in the attack.

Cloud Precipitation

Brazil - 1 dead, homes and roads damaged after floods in Rio Grande Do Sul

Floods in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, March 2023.
© Luciano Boeira / Defesa Civil
Floods in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, March 2023.
Severe flooding struck in northern parts of Rio Grande do Sul State in Brazil after heavy rain that began around 05 March 2023.

The hardest hit municipalities were Maquiné, Três Forquilhas, Três Cachoeiras, Itati, Terra de Areia, Dom Pedro de Alcântara and Morrinhos do Sul. One person died after a vehicle was swept away by the flooding of the Três Forquilhas river in Terra de Areia.

Homes, roads and bridges were damaged or destroyed. Classes have been suspended. The Civil Defence has been operating in the region since 06 March in support of residents and to carry out full damage assessments. Civil Defence has distributed relief supplies such as clothing, food and hygiene items.


'Snownado' appears in Shetland Islands, Scotland

The snow devil is an rare sight,
© Michael Peterson.
The snow devil is an rare sight.
A Shetland farmer has captured a rare "snow devil' on video whilst out feeding his sheep.

Michael Peterson from Sandness on the west of Shetland's mainland spotted the weather phenomenon on Tuesday afternoon.

Despite usually appearing in mountainous areas, Mr Peterson sighted it while out in his van with his wife Frances.

Comment: Usually?! Or 'very rare'? Which is it?!

According to the World Meteorological Organisation a snow devil occurs when snow is raised from the group in a whirling column.

Comment: Raised from the what?? From the dead?!

It describes the phenomenon as "very rare", and explains it is otherwise known as a "snownado".

Comment: So much for the 'cyclonic-events-are-formed-when-hot-air-meets-cold' theory.

Chalk this up to more unusual electrical activity taking place in and on the planet.


Death toll rises in Southern California mountains after blizzards, at least 11 people dead

As mountain communities in Southern California gradually emerge from piles of snow, officials are starting the difficult task of assessing the damage and the number of people who have died.

At least four people were found dead in their homes in the Big Bear area of San Bernardino County, the first one on March 2, said Shannon Dicus, the county sheriff and coroner, on Wednesday.

But the total number of dead could climb. Sheriff Dicus said that at least 11 people had died in the region since Feb. 23, including those who were receiving care at Bear Valley Community Hospital. How many of those deaths are directly related to the snowstorms, however, is unclear because his office has not provided more information on the circumstances involved and is still reviewing the cases.

Sheriff Dicus's office so far has only attributed to the storm the death of a 39-year-old woman who was killed in a hit-and-run traffic collision on Feb. 26.